Samsung U800 Soul b review: As busy as a "b" can be

20 June 2008
Inspiration is one thing you canít deny the Samsung Soul lineup. Well, that goes to the Ultra too, though all of them thin and sexy handsets are pretty much doomed to oblivion by their own offspring. Back in the day, we said the original U900 Soul was to crown the Ultra lineup...

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  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

in this fone there is not an option to delete recent recipients.if there is any option than do tell me plz

  • onikoiho

hello everyone i bought a samsung u800 today but i dont if it is a good phone or worst.. but i think it is good.!! LOL.

  • Anonymous

You can't cancel a message you're trying to send - which would've been especially useful when you realized you're sending the wrong message or sending a message to the wrong recipient.

So think before you press send

  • Online23

but i cant install games

  • Online23

but i cant install games of apps

  • scoobydoo

I love the phone. It has been with me since November 2008. Great features for what I need it for. My only comment, the soul gray colored brush metal casing tarnished easily. After a week of using, the keys became discolored. I simply hate that. I wish I have gotten the metallic black instead. No metal polish for home use can clean it. I had to bring it to the Service Center for them to bring back its luster. They would not disclose how they did it. They just told me to wipe it every time with eyeglass cloth. What a hassle.

  • Anonymous

buying sony ericsson phones has always been a smarter and better decision. why? simply because the phones might be slightly over-priced but the company is more honest than the bigshot korean manufacturer. at least SE voluntarily offers to disclose the differences in specs for the different variants of the same model.

- C902i HSDPA/850/900/1800/1900 MHz
- C902c 850/900/1800/1900 MHz for ChinaMainland
- C902a 850/900/1800/1900 MHz for America

see what i mean like?

  • woodoo alien

i will buy

  • Anonymous

Got the phone earlier and everything seems great so far except for one blasted thing.... not been able to change name look-up order, therefore having to go by surname (or in my case some random word I associated with that person at time of entering number). So migration wise thats the only down side to me. Its still very sleek looking and has NONE of that annoying touch screen malarky that most of the new samsungs have.

  • Anonymous

Who the hell is dexter ? :P

  • Nee

well despite the copy paste thing , Soul looks vary much a close competitor To Nokia 6500 .

  • z

oh my goddress, the BEST 3mp camera photo i ever SEEN!!! really nice, damn nice...........

  • Anonymous

How do you know Samsung isn't a SHE? Hmm? Lol.

I don't like the looks of this phone. Samsung already makes enough sliders (they've overdone it in my opinion), and then they go and make a candy-bar which LOOKS LIKE A SLIDER?! Seriously, I thought it was a slider for several minutes.

Oh well, the rest of it is ok, other than the video recording which is pants.

  • Anonymous

Samsung is No1, the King, and he will be even biger.

  • CSingh

jezz gsmarena you dont have to be queer and delete my comment.....anyway great site.....also this is a good phone and it looks like this phone will be second to none build quality wise

  • Shou Ji

Good build quality,must be comparing with Nokia 6500 Classic or Sony Ericsson W890.
But,I'm just wait for Samsung SGH-L870 Soul. The 1'st Symbian S60 in Samsung Soul family.

  • Jason Malik

Come on Samsung, just pack it in already. To add insult to injury they put a 2.0" screen on this very uninspiring mobile. For shame.

  • SE + Nokia Fans

I once own Samsung phone and it froze up for a few hours that I missed a few important calls... Never again...

  • Anonymous

very very nice .

i love it .

samsung is the best