nubia Red Magic 8S Pro review

31 July 2023

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  • 14 Feb 2024

Yousef, 25 Nov 2023Well so if i want to buy a phone , i should buy rog 7 ultim... moreIt depends whether or not you're used to playing PC games, since ROG ally is basically a handheld PC, you'll be playing games made for PC, and if you have a pretty good internet speed then that's good, but maybe consider other PC handhelds, there are much better options than ally, and if you have fairly average internet speed, just go with whatever gaming phone you like, most android games don't exceed 5gb so you're good, you can also get emulated games for much better battery life, but then again, I'm just speaking from experience, prioritize getting the most of what you have right

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    • 11 Jan 2024

    Why is there no case on my redamgic 8s pro ?

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      • Yousef
      • mJS
      • 25 Nov 2023

      Kangal, 04 Aug 2023I think you're letting your personal biases get in you... moreWell so if i want to buy a phone , i should buy rog 7 ultimate or rog ally . Not red magic 8spro ,well look i want a phone to use it for long time , and play some online games , camera are not important mush ,

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        • nG5
        • 16 Nov 2023

        Mine came with 80 watt charger redmagic 8s pro purchsed direct from UK redmagic website!

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          • 25 Sep 2023

          Super nice model Exalent

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            • 20 Sep 2023

            Just purchased this phone as my Samsung Z fold 4 has a couple of faults so had to send it off for repair and I'm very impressed. It does lack wireless charging and dust / water resistance, but apart from that the phone is very capable. It does have NFC. The phone seems to work perfectly with my existing Bluetooth accessories and sync'd up to the car without any issues. The display is excellent and I really like the gaming mode switch so that gaming is kept completely separate to the rest of the phone.
            It is quite a heavy device, but I'm not too worried about that and it performs really well. Call quality has been very good and the speakers seem as good as any other phone I've owned.
            I hope Red Magic keep the software up to the moment they are a little behind with the security patches.
            For the price this is really excellent value.
            I was intending selling my Samsung so will be keeping the Red Magic.

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              • 17 Sep 2023

              Abdo, 02 Sep 2023I have problem in my 8s mobile...the fan stops during calli... moreit probably does that so that it doesn't pick up audio of the fan from onboard microphones. don't know if you can force it on

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                • Abdo
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                • 02 Sep 2023

                Anonymous, 10 Aug 2023why is the gfx bench frame rate result only 60fps? is it ca... moreI have problem in my 8s mobile...the fan stops during calling and opening mic on games

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                  • 10 Aug 2023

                  why is the gfx bench frame rate result only 60fps? is it capped? it's 97fps on the 8 Pro one

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                    • 08 Aug 2023

                    Anonymous, 06 Aug 2023Well said, I agree completely. Looking at the reviews f... moreMajority off users will root this overclock it the gpu too 1200mhz at 120 fps and 3.9gjz cpu having all 8 cores running, this will become 40% faster than standard and super fast transitions zippy

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                      • 06 Aug 2023

                      Kangal, 06 Aug 2023You need to buy one, get it in your hands, feel it, and sli... moreWell said, I agree completely.

                      Looking at the reviews for a few of the flagship phones out right now. The performance of this phone is only slightly better than any other flagship phone on the market. The slight overclock on this SD8Gen 2 is not going to suddenly double your fps. At best you're only going to get a few fps more or just a little bit more stable framerate. You 100% will get way better gaming performance out of a Steam Deck and by Feb of 2024 the processor will be replaced by the SD8 Gen 3 which will always be better performance. However, the Steam Deck will still be better performance than the SD8Gen3. I don't expect the current Steam Deck to lose to a mobile processor until maybe the SD8Gen4? SD8Gen5?

                      As a phone the RM8s Pro fails, poor cameras, horrible update track record, Red Magic devices have been notorious for mediocre wifi/lte/5g connectivity, and It's not even that cheap coming in at a starting price of ~$700.

                      As a gaming device it also fails to beat the much cheaper Steam Deck and absolutely gets destroyed by the ROG Ally, although the ROG Ally is quite expensive.

                      You're probably better off getting like a cheap Realme or Oneplus flagship and then buying the Steam Deck. I've seen the OP11 on sale for like $400/$500 and the SD8Gen2 in the OP11 is still a very capable chip. You'll get way better cameras from the OP11 and OnePlus at least has a decent track record for updates. Not to mention you get the IP rating and the better trade in value when you upgrade.

                        77, 04 Aug 2023I want this with S23ultra camera and 8k recording and 18gb ... moreI was going to buy this phone but if goes wrong has to be sent back to China so no way will buy get ps5 instead.

                          Anonymous, 04 Aug 2023You do have pointer in your posts. Not defending Redmagic... moreYou need to buy one, get it in your hands, feel it, and slide it into your pocket.
                          The RP3+ really isn't bad, and fits decently in your pocket. The shoulder buttons and joysticks don't poke in your pocket. I say this, as someone who has the Razer JungleCat who can daily-carry it.

                          Buying "multiple devices" sometimes is the better strategy. You would NOT want to have a single tool, a Swiss Army Knife, to do multiple tasks just because it has those functions. No that tool may have quantity of uses, but each use lacks quality. A professional labourer will instead come onto a worksite with his tool box, and use a specific tool for each specific task.
                          So have a "regular" phone and a "gaming" handheld is going to be superior.

                          A simple Gamesir X2 Pro or Kishi V2 actually makes for a WORSE experience. You can fit the ZTE Nubia RedMagic 8S Pro into your pocket, but those controllers can't. You would have to put them in your purse or backpack. And that defeats the point. If I'm going to bring a backpack, I may as well just throw a Valve SteamDeck in there instead.

                          And there is no point arguing about controls.
                          Someone with a professional keyboard/mouse (eg Logitech G-series), is going to win against someone with an ergonomic gamepad (eg Sony DS5), who is going to win against someone with a miniature gamepad (eg Razer JungleCat), who is going to absolutely decimate anyone trying to use touchscreen and touch sensors.
                 if you used RedMagic 8S Pro, versus me on the Retroid Pocket 3+, I'm going to win 9/10 that it no longer becomes fun for either of us.

                          Also your priorities for a phone is weird. It's not balanced. I prefer a good overall experience. Even if a device has the best screen, audio, and battery life... if it has the worst/buggiest software I am going to skip on it. I prefer a device that has slightly worse screen, audio, battery life, if it means I'm getting really stable software with longterm support. But you do you.

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                            • 04 Aug 2023

                            Kangal, 04 Aug 2023I think you're letting your personal biases get in you... moreYou do have pointer in your posts.
                            Not defending Redmagic but looking the redmagic 8 as an phone that has gaming and other features simplifies gaming and while retroid is considered as pocketable in size it has all the controls poking your pocket....nitpicking and YES i would prefer physical buttons and pad's to play games.
                            But in my phone use i respect the screen, audio and battery life first and camera(s) comes 4th or fifth and the selfie for me is bottom on the list and couldnt care less if it's bad or completely absent.

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                              • 04 Aug 2023

                              Kangal, 04 Aug 2023I think you're letting your personal biases get in you... moreWhy would anybody buy multiple devices when a simple Gamesir X2 Pro or Kishi V2 makes this phone better than your whole combo you mentioned?

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                                • 04 Aug 2023

                                The camera in general on this phone is laughably bad. Ultrawide is just void of colour, but even the normal camera looks mid at best

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                                  • mE0
                                  • 04 Aug 2023

                                  Anonymous, 03 Aug 2023I don't even care if the phone is rounded, but can eve... moreAbsolutely agree

                                  They belive in ugly curve design

                                  Only ZTE Samsung Note series make boxy rectangular sharp edges monolithic trendy oldskoo retro design.

                                  They belive in ergonomics which feels nice in hand but ugly as Hell

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                                    • dSV
                                    • 04 Aug 2023

                                    I want this with S23ultra camera and 8k recording and 18gb Ram

                                    Or else no buy

                                      Anonymous, 03 Aug 2023The point of this device is an all rounder device that focu... moreI think you're letting your personal biases get in your view.
                                      The Retroid Pocket 3+ dimensions are 184 x 81 x 17mm (24mm at thickest point). A lot of users claim that this device is in the "pocketable" category, I largely agree. Remember the Sony PS Vita Slim is close in size with 184 x 85 x 15mm dimensions.

                                      With the iPhone 12 Pro suggestion, it's a good phone, and a good recommendation. Choosing that you get the benefit of having access to its ecosystem and those exclusive iOS Apps. With that said, my comment was to illustrate that the "phone aspect" could be outsourced to a different device, and not necessarily an iPhone. I think you missed that nuance. So instead of buying an iPhone 12 Pro for USD $450 on the Used Market you could buy something else, anywhere from the Samsung A52-S, to the ASUS Zenfone 9, or anything you prefer.

                                      Does my point make sense to you now?
                                      If you are serious about gaming, do NOT buy the ZTE Nubia RedMagic 8S Pro. Get a competent phone by itself, then get a dedicated gaming device. Sometimes you may have to save up money for it (eg ASUS ROG Ally) but it is worth doing so, because the overall experience is that much better that you get better return for your money (ie Value or Cheaper).

                                      Now, if you look at the RM 8S Pro as a "flagship" phone and not a "gaming" phone, then you may have a point. It is really nice. But as pointed out in the review it has a few major flaws. Which make it a downgrade from true flagships. So do what you like to, I am only trying to inform people of options, and help them make better choices : )

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                                        • Mr Jeff
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                                        • 03 Aug 2023

                                        It's got a great design,well built and a good finishing...i would want to lay my hands on one to get the feel of it