HTC U23 Pro review

23 August 2023

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  • 7tv
  • 01 May 2024

I still miss it when HTC was peaking with its captivating brushed aluminum finish.

*Nothing* will be the next HTC.

    From what I can see, the HTC U23 Pro's camera is way better than the competition.

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      • Anonymous
      • GTp
      • 03 Mar 2024

      OpposedScroll75, 27 Aug 2023still better than the A54Actually, it half true.
      Soc in a54 kind of suck.
      But samsung got good software updates

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        • Hk{
        • 22 Feb 2024

        Well, far from perfect but my u23 pro(From Taiwan)
        Little bit better because charger included.
        While camera quite suck(Sorry htc you did great in u12+ but this time you suck) other thing are reasonable good.
        The real problem is where is "sense ui"?
        I mean the device quite good but too boring.
        Bring they should bring htc sense back and then it will be modern
        "Htc butterfly"

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          • Crystal
          • r23
          • 12 Jan 2024

          I have been using HTC phone for 10 years now and I only buy HTC. They are cheaper on eBay and work well for me.

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            • K8%
            • 06 Jan 2024

            Anonymous, 25 Aug 2023Dont buy any phone thenTotally agreed.

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              • Ben Dover
              • nyX
              • 08 Dec 2023

              Best phone in the world right now, by far.

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                • 3Ib
                • 22 Sep 2023

                headphone jack, sd card, 3 cameras

                Here's the Xperia 7 everyone was speculating 😂

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                  • Thomas
                  • nEy
                  • 18 Sep 2023

                  I loved my M8 with it's stylish one piece metal case and I believe first phone to have stereo speaks (?) which HTC boasted about. My U12 plus is fine, although there are some features I miss from the old phone, and I can't play any of the music I had saved on my old phone.

                  However, I am very disappointed to hear what a pile of number two the HTC seems to be, no reason to buy one. But like the previous poster said, I do not want to buy from Taiwan, and I also hate the idea of buying a phone tied to Google, they already have enough of my life detailed.

                  What to do when I need to replace my current phone?

                    NormanOz, 25 Aug 2023You must've bought it at a much later date, and probab... moreExactly. I have used hTC cor quite sometime since 2009. They were very good.i bought a M8 for my wife and it was an awesome phone. The only issue was the battery life, just mediocre. Everything else was top notch.

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                      • ErfZ
                      • qCf
                      • 28 Aug 2023

                      Engineer in HTC : I have a great idea for a great comeback to mobile world!
                      Others in HTC : What is it ?
                      Engineer in HTC : Diagonal Font ^_^
                      Others in HTC : WooooW super inteligence .Workers just do this ! Mastermind enlighten our way.

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                        • m62
                        • 28 Aug 2023

                        OpposedScroll75, 27 Aug 2023still better than the A54Dude, you have to be trolling.

                          fran6325, 23 Aug 2023I expected it to be bad, but not that terrible. I thought H... morestill better than the A54

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                            • peekAdroid
                            • 8wd
                            • 27 Aug 2023

                            Never understood how you can compare different phones. The pixel series was always under phones with expandable storage, vivo hasn't made a decent phone ever, F5 is probably gonna get wrecked for a random hardware issue and why compare to an oppo when you have a oneplus? Review for children.

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                              • 0xU
                              • 25 Aug 2023

                              As usuall HTC is a bit overpriced, the current economic currents and trends are not in any favour but looking over the reviem i'm glad it's a solid phone. Hopefully expandable storage, Mr. Jack and microLED(maybe nanoLED?) displays will be making a coming to phones in the upcoming years.

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                                • pWD
                                • 25 Aug 2023

                                NormanOz, 25 Aug 2023You must've bought it at a much later date, and probab... moreNo, it was a brand new unit. It just cost waaaay too much for what it offered, there's not really much else to say about that one. Major purchase regret.

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                                  • Minu
                                  • IWS
                                  • 25 Aug 2023

                                  If it wasn't for the typical HTC clock widget font, I would've easily mistaken it for a low-end Motorola-branded phone or a Samsung-branded phone running a custom ROM from Wingtech

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • mv8
                                    • 25 Aug 2023

                                    how can htc still be alive ? so bad endurance wow

                                      Anonymous, 25 Aug 2023I had a One M8, pretty much the worst tech-related purchase... moreYou must've bought it at a much later date, and probably a refurbished one. Otherwise the M8 i remember was a stellar phone for it's time. A FHD display, premium metallic finish, stereo speakers, the latest SOC, moderately good battery life. It was near perfect.

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                                        • Ugm
                                        • 25 Aug 2023

                                        Kuba, 25 Aug 2023I will consider HTC once it's made in Taiwan only. Spe... moreDont buy any phone then