Xiaomi Redmi 12 5G hands-on review

06 September 2023

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  • 10 Sep 2023

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    ashrobb, 09 Sep 2023Good video, I'm not subscribed to their chinese channe... moreYeah, Samsung foundry just sucks.
    Remember the Apple A9 in the iphone 6S? There were 2 versions, one by Samsung with smaller fabrication, and one by TSMC with actually larger fabrication. Guess which one is worse in efficiency, the Samsung one with smaller fabrication. I think by then Apple realized that Samsung sucks and they moved on to TSMC exclusively.

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      • 09 Sep 2023

      How to buy this in Europe? I want 256 gb Version. Tell them I want it nao! Best phone ever! Only problem I will confuse it with my redmi note 12 5g. Why they not call it redmi 12b or something -.-

        Sym3, 08 Sep 2023Some conclusive test results and good comparison to other s... moreGood video, I'm not subscribed to their chinese channel so I missed that. Jesus, even the CPU energy efficiency is worse than 4 Gen 1, confirming not even a "4" nm process from Samsung is better than the older 6nm from TSMC. Samsung needs to improve their foundries asap.

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          • 08 Sep 2023

          Some conclusive test results and good comparison to other soc. https://youtu.be/XgRP9zPbego?si=mbTKS0JkO7pwfCU6 GPU seems to be the weakest point. CPU is decent. If not used for gaming everything should be fine, but disappointing to see downgrade GPU nonetheless.

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            • 08 Sep 2023

            No buy if they still make bared , naked , rounded display edges . i love what samsung did with a54, a34 . no need of gorilla glass either . this is chinese bs to make fragile phones

              Hemedans, 08 Sep 2023At highend gpu dont starve compare to lowend, just take Exa... moreBut Adreno 619 has several improvements under the hood, Qualcomm itself said it was over 30% faster than its predecessor. The 619L had less ALU than the 619, so it was expectedly a bit slower. Also the Adreno 618 was supposed to be slower as well than those two but it can match the same performance in the real world, which as you said it can be quite different from benchmarks.
              The 613 is more akin to Adreno 610-612 so I hardly see it coming close to the numbers from the more recent, faster gpus even with the faster memory.

                ashrobb, 08 Sep 2023For 3dmark I found this video comparing the iPhone 13 Pro v... moreAt highend gpu dont starve compare to lowend, just take Example of Adreno 619 vs 619L difference in perfomance can be as high as 50% from almost equal GPU. In Gfxbench you wont see much but at 3dmark you see.

                  Hemedans, 08 Sep 2023Fair enough but this is Gfxbench (Gsmarena used) which is c... moreFor 3dmark I found this video comparing the iPhone 13 Pro vs 14 Pro, the improvements were again around 20% in performance for the lpddr5 enabled A16 https://youtu.be/Q2gCV_6BNLU?t=173

                  But well, if someone ever releases a 4g2 with lpddr5 we'll see then.

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                    • 08 Sep 2023

                    SShreyas, 08 Sep 2023I don't believe some random ayurvedic foolery either. ... moreYes they should take more care of our eyes, at same time people are fussying all day long for more hdr2048++ color contrast brightness so.... What to do ?

                    At least they should put a safe mode, lowering UV, nits, PWM. And not that cheating with hidden PWM variations or software mask or color, all those very bad tricks for hiding problems under the hood.

                    For sure, the current race over nits, uv displays, PWM flickering, and even future mini leds seems not a safe path for eyes at all. Why no eye doctors and serious labs involved into that.

                    Then those German certifications tüv or whatever, it's a joke. No eye doctor into that, only paperwork people paid by their big brands customers.

                      ashrobb, 08 Sep 2023Well of course an RX 6400 can be able to outperform the 780... moreFair enough but this is Gfxbench (Gsmarena used) which is computational based rather than Bandwidth limited benchmark, lets wait reviews for proper 3dmark and real life reviews and i hope someone make sd 4 gen 2 device with lpddr5.

                        Hemedans, 08 Sep 2023It can compensate, Rx 6400 is 2ghz and has 12CU of rdna2 wh... moreWell of course an RX 6400 can be able to outperform the 780M. One is a desktop GPU with a TDP of 53W and much faster, dedicated GDDR6 memory. The other is an iGPU with 15W and depends entirely on shared system memory.

                        A more accurate comparison would the the Apple A15 vs A16. Basically same GPU configuration, but A16 supports faster LPDDR5 with around 50% more bandwidth. Yet most benchmarks suggest around 25% GPU performance improvements at best, while GFX Bench shows similar scores in on and offscreen benchmarks. You can check the reviews on this site for the iPhone 14 Pro models to confirm this.

                        Best case scenario, a Snapdragon 695/4 Gen 1 is still about 30-50% faster in GPU bound scenarios than a fully fledged LPDDR5X Snapdragon 4 gen 2. It is a massive downgrade.

                          S, 06 Sep 2023What is india frequency license? First time hearing such thing.soc can handle frequencies worldwide, but in some countries are limited for pay less royalties

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                            • 08 Sep 2023

                            SShreyas, 08 Sep 2023I don't believe some random ayurvedic foolery either. ... moreDid you even read the papers you posted? The first one is about blue light which has nothing to do with 1000 nits and the 2nd paper says high brightness can cause visual fatigue in a low light environment. In other words they prove nothing you said, it said fatigue and not damage. Besides no sane person is going to use 1000 nits in the dark anyway, it is used when ambient lighting is very strong either due to sunlight or bright indoor lighting.

                              Dan, 08 Sep 2023Galaxy A24 is a 4G phone right?Yes, with g99 soc.

                                SShreyas, 08 Sep 2023"probably if they decide to shrink profit by 50%"... moreProperly answer to you. Dont cry now.

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                                  • 08 Sep 2023

                                  Alex 94, 06 Sep 2023Why someone would pick this instead of Redmi note 12, which... moreGalaxy A24 is a 4G phone right?

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                                    • 08 Sep 2023

                                    SShreyas, 08 Sep 2023"its not meant to be used like that in dark room all t... moreWhen you don't have much knowledge but still have to bark everywhere!

                                      ashrobb, 07 Sep 2023I have seen the specs, and sorry but supporting faster ram ... moreIt can compensate, Rx 6400 is 2ghz and has 12CU of rdna2 whiile Radeon 780M has 2.8ghz with 12CU of rdna3 on paper Radeon 780M is better but in real life 6400 can be as fast as 70%, thats because 780M is highly limited by Bandwidth, Even wekaer Gpu like 760M perform almost same as 780M due to bandwidth limitation.

                                      Lpddr4x is 2133mhz and lpddr5 go to 3200mhz roughly 16GBps vs 25GBps, roughly thats 64% more bandwidth.

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                                        • 08 Sep 2023

                                        very poor display performances, do not buy