Nokia 3120 classic review: Mid-range fighter

24 June 2008
Even if every little Nokia wants to be an N95 when it grows up, most of them end up a decent looking gadget with a neat little perk here and there to top the good old calling and texting. Nokia 3120 classic is just another one of them mixed by the time-tested recipe – do the bare minimum but do it right...

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  • Ritchie

The best phone for middle class

  • giannis

von, 13 Sep 2011pano open ang opera miniit would be better if you cold afrofd iPhone 4 cuz that is the best option and the best phone ever:)but if not then go for HTC but only with android .i am sure you wont regret:)Good Luck

  • OrocHinaru

Aritro, 27 Apr 2009Which filmware version can offer the best sound quality???,... morehello friend! I need you to tell me plaese the name of the music that touches the beginning of this video. the exact name, I want this particular song, which you have. because the name, I know, but is not the same version of the video. if you tell me. I will be happy. thanks

  • Stella

sandy, 24 Jun 2009I am not satisfied with its video quality.if ur budget is 7... moreummm this is the smartphones top ten so ipohne shouln't be on here it is more of a multimedia phone than a smartphone. hell it's a gameboy advance with a touch screen really also you forgot something ipohne 4 isnt much of a phone when it dosnt even even make calls without dropping them

  • amit 756818162

Anonymous, 19 Apr 2011hi! guyz.i had a virus prblm in my 3120c.hw cn i solve dis ... morego to setting >rest.factry>rest.all>pass:-12345

  • emavapansy

Fred, 07 Nov 2009Purchased mine about three weeks ago and am stil happy bout... more you must read at my estore to take huge discount

  • von

pano open ang opera mini

  • Anonymous

Video record quality is great but sound sucks! I looked at the bitrate of a recorded 3gp on my PC and it is only 12 kbps for sound which is stupid thing done by nokia. Apart from this I think it is a decent phone

  • Anonymous

hi! guyz.i had a virus prblm in my 3120c.hw cn i solve dis prblm.nd i dnt no hw 2 format da phon.f u know pls tel me.

  • Joe

Am using mine but it has a poor network reception in Kenya...

  • Anonymous

i am using 3120c mobile. i have problems with keypad and panel. Don't buy...

  • usman

dapas, 10 Jul 2009it's really it can be 16 GB?8 gb does work forget 16 man

  • AAN

Ma cell iz nt getin strtd....

I tried removin d battery, SIM nd all dose stuffs......but

It iz nt strtin......... :(

  • Kflex

I hv been using dis phone 4 over a yr now and it has proved 2 b one of d best i hv ever used and it is very strong

  • Fred

Purchased mine about three weeks ago and am stil happy bout the performance

  • spark

Got my 3120 from Vivo operator in Brazil for about USD40 with a full yr. subs to use as a 3G modem, backup phone for TIM and OI operators as I wait for a new HTC release such as Diamond II but with 3G and WM 6.5 ROM from their own. It's a great budget phone. I just don't think I can live with forever or not to bring my iPod along to run in the park.

  • dapas

chetan , 28 Jun 2009hi i amfrom india and confirmed from 4 different cust care ... moreit's really it can be 16 GB?

  • chetan

hi am in love with this phone as it is cool and better in many ways to my dumb samsung l700. you can customise the phone well and battery backup isgod free 1gb card or bluetooth see pack for details..col phone for 7200 INR. to bad no data cable included like my L700. should try it is great phone. this is my 99th nokia phone used by me. as i change the phone every 6 months.

  • chetan

Anonymous, 23 Apr 2009the review here says it support up to 8 gb t-flash while o... morehi i amfrom india and confirmed from 4 different cust care executives that expansion is not 8 gb nor 4 gb but good news is upto 16 gb tried and tested and works fine with me. do speak to cust care exewcutive for nokia in your area.............

  • Xardas92

Great review, I got myself a Nokia 3120 yesterday. I think I'm quite satisfied and also impressed.

For the price this phone is more than good. I got it for 24 euros with a cellphone subscription, no extra cost at all.

I'm wondering though, why'd you say the videocamera is CIF? It's 640x480, therefore, VGA.

The default setting was 176x144 or something, but I changed it to max and it's now at 640x480.