OnePlus Nord CE3 hands-on review

14 September 2023

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Petri S, 30 Sep 2023Yes I hate that decision! I have OnePlus Nord CE 2 (5g) wit... moreI like your comment

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    • Dason
    • rKx
    • 13 Oct 2023

    The biggest engineering blunder is keeping SIMTRAY at the bottom and putting holes on either side
    The quick guide sent with the phone describes only one hole . This has made the microphone getting damaged. The two wholes should have been at two extreme ends. When the phone has no manual, the engineering has to be flawless. OnePlus team should learn what is "POKE YOKE" the simple engineering Japanese concept.

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      • Dr Ajay
      • Dkb
      • 08 Oct 2023

      What about battery endurance ratings and glass protection

        BMHater12, 16 Sep 2023Only in India, this should have been launched alongside the... moreYes I hate that decision! I have OnePlus Nord CE 2 (5g) with an excellent 6.43" Amoled screen and an overall nice phone and it was sold in Europe and sold well too. Another thing I'm really disappointed with is OnePlus updates!!! 😡 I bought my CE 2 last year in November on Black Friday, only to find out later that OnePlus is only giving Android 13 and nothing else!!! Much cheaper CE 2 Lite will get Android 14. Why do brands treat buyers like this? Don't they have any common sense at all? CE 3 is a great budget phone with longer updates and could have sold well because Nord CE 3 Lite has a very disappointing SD695 and a bad LCD screen with washed out colors and with a eye hurting blue tint on white web pages (I haven't bought it, but I tried it in a shop and I tried to change to a better colour temperature with no success). I'm now leaving OnePlus behind and am going back to Motorola's camp. They have made a tremendous comeback this autumn with G84, Edge 40 Neo and also Edge 40 a few months ago.

          Quite a good cheaper alternative to OnePlus Nord 3.
          However, paying more for 1 extra year, an alert slider and much better performance is still quite worth it, though.

            Ronny, 15 Sep 2023Is there going to be a global release for this phoneOnly in India, this should have been launched alongside the Nord 3 globally, but no, they just go with one single country to launch the CE 3

              NeonHD, 15 Sep 2023A snapdragon 785G you say... Correction: 782G

              basically a SD778G+ with an overclocked Prime CPU core (2.7GHz vs 2.4GHz) and a slightly underclocked GPU (490MHz vs 550MHz)

                G, 15 Sep 2023Does it have gorilla glass?No, Panda Glass protection

                  Ultra wide camera - Sony IMX355

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                    • 15 Sep 2023

                    Does it have gorilla glass?

                      A snapdragon 785G you say...

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                        • 15 Sep 2023

                        Is there going to be a global release for this phone

                          very little over-sharpening...


                            Sucks that it's only available in India, like come on