OnePlus 11 long-term review

15 September 2023

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I am using a OnePlus 7T Pro right now and I am looking for my next phone. It is a shame that Auto Brightness still does not work as fast as on other phones and I don't like the fact that Night Mode cannot be turned off. I found myself using the cameras during the night better than software does it right now. As usual, this is not a bad phone for the money and for me this is a problem for me. I don't change phones that often and I am looking for a phone that does not make look at others for at least 3 years. On the other hand, it is good OnePlus is not launching that many phones, although they still have a little too many. Main OnePlus and Nord should be the only ones and naming should be the same across all regions.

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    • 09 Nov 2023

    The OP11 is what made me pay attention to OnePlus again.

    I'm seriously considering the OP12 because of it. I expect the price to increase, but I hope the value remains the same.

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      • 09 Oct 2023

      First OP for me and took a very long time to decide what to upgrade to, from a crappy entry level phone.
      OP11 had the best price/quality ratio. The Camera aspect was a huge deal for me and I am not disappointed. I did not want to go S23 Ultra because price, size, bloatware.
      Battery life is great and charging speed is ridiculously fast. And apart from some quirks which I cannot even remember at this point, I am very happy with my choice.
      The accidental screenshots thing is true, I thought it was happening only to me lol.

        I have the same problem with the OnePlus 8 with the automatic brightness it's a disaster and the unlocking by fingerprint is also problematic, from my experience I think there are problems on lots because some users will say that they have no problem while others like me will have received a defective device, it's a shame because otherwise I am very happy with my OnePlus 8 because it is a very fluid smartphone with a good display, the point strong point of OnePlus is oxygen OS finally today it is more the case with a color os mixture and the OnePlus are very fluid, the weak point is that you can come across a defective device.

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          • Tapa Bhattacharyya
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          • 24 Sep 2023

          I am a very satisfied user if One Plus 8 for more than three years. But after I shifted to One plus 11 in April 23, there are a lot of Apps like HDFC Bank App, part of Amazon which are not working

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            • 23 Sep 2023

            Looks like a cool review but forcing me to scroll all the way back to the top of the page while on mobile is too annoying. Ironic this site would have such an awful implementation.

              Quite frankly if you read some comments on GSM arena by some guys you will never Buy anything. This phone is a Friggin beast. For those who don't mind Big Screens. This is a good buy

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                • 21 Sep 2023

                OnePlus 11 product quality is too low.
                So don't buy it.

                  Petri S, 19 Sep 2023Can someone here explain why? 50mp main sensor is the same ... moreNot to mention it's the same on Oppo find x6 non the pro and it's achieve 150 point while OP 11 127 on dxomark

                    One plus is known for defectful products in terms of mobile gadgets and tv products.
                    Also service is very bad once you get defective pieces.

                      Can someone here explain why? 50mp main sensor is the same Sony IMX890 on these 3 Oneplus smartphones in 2023. Why differences in quality so big in photos:
                      1) Oneplus 11, photos always looks nice
                      2) Oneplus Nord 3, not bad photos but results not even close to OP11
                      3) Oneplus Nord CE 3, photos worse than OP11 but also clearly worse than OP Nord 3 (I've seen comparisons from highly trusted tech sites from India on YouTube).
                      4) OK next is not a Oneplus : Nothing 2 also has same IMX890 sensor and photos are nothing special, mainly because photos often look too dark (also from very trusted Indian tech sites on YT).
                      QUESTION: Is Oneplus in your opinion doing this on purpose? They want to have different quality on all 3 because they have big price differences?

                        Magnificent Suleiman, 17 Sep 2023i have a 9 pro, great phone early on its life but with each... moreJust search Oneplus on X (Twitter) and you will realize Oneplus is no stranger to making faulty products inluding TV's as well. They can't just handle the load of making long lasting devices.

                          Anonymous, 16 Sep 2023Well there is a greater amount of people who have no proble... moreThe number of defective units is unusually higher in OnePlus devices. So that was my point.

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                            • 18 Sep 2023

                            I am disappointed, the selfie camera is of very poor quality, I had the chance to test my friend's OnePlus 11 before ordering it, I found that it is very overexposed, the photos are very white,
                            I also tested the main camera at night which is also very bad because the night mode is activated automatically and you cannot deactivate it, so sometimes in good lighting conditions you don't need the night mode but despite this He activates it and you have to stay frozen for a few seconds to take it,
                            for me it's 2 problems that are prohibitive, I prefer to go for an s23+ at least I know that the photo is a sure value

                              TrainingAddict, 17 Sep 2023I miss all the apps that Samsung has because they work very well From my experience they usually work well as long as you jeevr try to use the Google alternative lol. Then there's always some bug

                                oofio2461, 16 Sep 2023Well, it takes less since you don't have to plug it un... moreWireless Charging:
                                So you get a wireless charger
                                You plug it into a power source
                                You place your phone on top of it
                                You can move your phone from the charger

                                Wired Charging:
                                You plug your brick into power source
                                You connect your phone to brick
                                It charges...

                                Even though you're not plugging anything into your phone, the so called wireless charger is wired to the power source. You can't lift your phone from the charger, or toy with it as much as you would be tempted to if it was wired directly. The wireless charger does not reduce heat, (it has been proven to actually increase heat from charge — not anything common sense won't figure). There is nothing truly wireless about wireless charging. You're just not plugging anything into your usb-port...

                                  Super Android 22, 16 Sep 2023Then it sounds you dont use "android chinese phones&qu... moreIn the USA, there's less choices in phones. I'll never buy a Sammy, Ifruit or Crapple. That doesn't leave much. Loved my 7 Pro and am very happy with my 11.One Plus must be selling enough to keep selling here. I see Nothing phones will be sold here in the near future. I might be interested.

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                                    • 18 Sep 2023

                                    They need to update their selfie cameras so badly. There's no reason why it still lacks auto focus and is literally years old at this point.

                                      Anonymous, 16 Sep 2023What about green light issue? Cracked back glass on green v... moreI've not had that issue with my 11. Thankfully

                                        Thank you for this long term review!!! I'm 68 years old and have a love for phone tech. Been reading it for many years. I watched One Plus since the 3 and pulled the trigger on the 7Pro. Had it for 4 years and it's still in pristine condition. Now and then I charge it up, pop my ATT sim card in and update apps. Loved the pop up selfie camera. lots of folks liked it but I still don't know anyone else that has one. One thing in particular is that I take a lot of pictures and to see them on the beautiful FULL screen is just awesome. I laugh at the Ifruits pictures with the stoopid crops on boh sides only to get a small picture for all that $$$$$$. I've never been interested in Sammy, IFruit or Googley phones. I had a slew of windows phones and once I read the 7pro reviews I picked it upon release day. I've kept watching One Plus over the 4 years, knowing I'd need a new one at some point. Passed on the 9 and 10 and Grabbed the 11 on release day with 256 storage and 16 gigs of ram. Best buy had a great price and I can't be happier, I even got 24 month interest free! I'm really happy that the one thing that was a problem, connecting bluetooth to my 2016 Honda CRV. No Android auto, but soon after I contact OP it was resolved. Absolutely love the fasted charging of any phone in the US @ 80 watts it's a breeze. Love that the 3 phones I mentioned above are soooo slow to charge. I always get over a day on a charge and know with out the awesome charger it's not all that, and the charger comes with it. Most don't. Otherwise, I'm really happy that we're getting the 4 years and 5 of support and updates, although the last system update was July 5. Hopefully there will be one soon, I like to keep things up to date. By the way GSMarena is my first stop in my daily reading. Rock on y'all...........