Tecno Phantom V Flip review

22 September 2023

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Marco M, 25 Sep 2023Nope India is the biggest with 19.56 % of the visits on ... moregsmarena may be located in Belgium - Its actually in Sofia, Bulgaria.

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    • C Santos
    • sSI
    • 20 Feb 2024

    lim bo rak, 12 Dec 2023i purchase my unit december 3, 2023, the unit was really fi... moreHuhu mine broke too after less than a month of using it. This is a first time for me to have such an expensive disposable fon, i was an iphone user for almost 15Y and this is the first time my husband was ablw to convince me to switch to an android fone i was so disappointed i hardly used it and one fall, sira talaga. I cannot bear the add’l cost to replace the LCD at almost half the price of how much i bought it. Such a waste of money. Im so scared to bring it to their official service center.

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      • Ib5
      • 04 Feb 2024

      Thesmiths, 21 Jan 2024Im sorry but i'll never buy foldable phone outside Sam... moreBS, the flips and folds are so sketchy. Ur lucky if u keep the screen flawless 3 months. I had the 3 a yr and it was still flawless. I had the 4 for 3 days. Big a** black spot coming to middle screen within an hour. As far as just a foldable the razors are way better as far as durability and can barely see the crease on the newer ones unlike the flips.

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        • Thesmiths
        • tDQ
        • 21 Jan 2024

        Im sorry but i'll never buy foldable phone outside Samsung, even if they offer more specs at lower price. Samsung has better durability and after sale services.

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          • Lim bo rak
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          • 13 Dec 2023

          I have to ask for an apology on my previous statements. Techno did actually tried their best to help me. Just today, they offered me to fix my LCD with no charge at all plus the parts is free. Thank you tecno and rest assured of my continued support.

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            • mFd
            • 12 Dec 2023

            MHM, 04 Oct 2023TECNO phones are really great. Me and my dad are currently ... moreI really affriciate tecno conpany

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              • lim bo rak
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              • 12 Dec 2023

              i purchase my unit december 3, 2023, the unit was really fine until an 4 days later an accident hapened and my cp's lcd was damaged. i brought it to the service center and boy i was surprused to find out that the whole lcd parts cost close to 24k. i bought the unit for 29k. are u kidding me. what really pisses me off is that the other tecno units were given this svip cards. the svip works as a one time chance for the unit to be replaced with a new one for free. the technician ask me if i have this card. but unfortunately i was not givem any. my fone was high end and i was not provided with that privilege to hsve the svip card. well its lesson learned from me and very bad business for tecno. i was traumatized by the whole exerience. never again tecno. after care service is just worst and is not at par with other cp provider. the unit actually is prone to breakage because its so heavy. but my point is. why have it fix when u can buy a new phone with the price that they have in the replacement. again: NEVER AGAIN TECNO!

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                • E-man
                • 84G
                • 31 Oct 2023

                Tecno is gradually coming up

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                  • MHM
                  • 6QV
                  • 04 Oct 2023

                  TECNO phones are really great. Me and my dad are currently using one. We both find this phone really amazing especially the cameras. It charges fast, it looks really good and it provides much more storage. The software in this phone (HiOS) is really functional and clean and bloat free (unlike XOS on Infinix phones). Great battery life, great screens, faster charging, with all the good accessories in box. This phone is really worth recommending.

                    Murad, 04 Oct 2023They are not in BELGIUM mate 🤣My typo, they are in Bulgaria. At least it started with a "B" and they are in Europe. Just on opposite sides of the continent :-)

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                      • Murad
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                      • 04 Oct 2023

                      Marco M, 25 Sep 2023Nope India is the biggest with 19.56 % of the visits on ... moreThey are not in BELGIUM mate 🤣

                        Tecno has really stepped up & is still stepping up at a high pace. The Phantom V Flip of course looks stunning & elegant, & also packed with good features & accessories that maintain style & simplicity. With this, Tecno has paved way for other brands out there. Keep it up Tecno

                          The logo is from Motorola, Nokia camera lenses and a cover never seen before. That does interest me

                            I'm a Techno User myself and find Techno and Infinix easily capable of matching and sometimes even beating the larger names in the industry.
                            I'm very impressed with this unit it should do very well in Africa and India.

                              Kudos to Tecno, this a very well designed phone for a nice price.

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                                • Ribbz
                                • nIT
                                • 25 Sep 2023

                                Be interesting to see how the screen holds up on this one with so many Samsung ones developing problems.

                                  The people arguing in this comment section have missed the point - most people buying a flip phone (Samsung, Tecno or otherwise) have no intention to use it as a gaming powerhouse or for doing large calculations.
                                  This sector of electronics is for the most casual of users.
                                  90% of the people I have seen with foldables are users who never even knew that phones can run MS Office or Genshin Impact.

                                    Anonymous, 25 Sep 2023Foldables have no future unless some manages to overcome sc... moreMaybe you haven't noticed but we are now on the 5th generation of foldables from Samsung alone...so I'm assuming the future is already here, you rando doofus.

                                      Anonymous, 22 Sep 2023This is a predominantly European and US website.Nope

                                      India is the biggest with 19.56 % of the visits on this site.
                                      Second is Indonesia with 18.54 %
                                      Philippines is third with 8.2%
                                      USA 5.06%
                                      Malaysia 4.67%
                                      and so on

                                      gsmarena may be located in Belgium, but the audience/visitors are primarily from Asia :-)

                                      Perhaps this explains the more diversity in phones there as people actually take the time to find the best device for their needs, instead of just buying one from the manufacturer with the biggest marketing muscles. Bigger markets as well.

                                      Meanwhile Vivo and Oppo are barely present in some European countries. Tecno only has one device here, and solely in a store that does not officially import and distribute, but gray imports only.

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                                        • Rakesh
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                                        • 25 Sep 2023

                                        Anonymous, 22 Sep 2023This is a predominantly European and US website.India predominantly my friend