Moto G84 review

26 September 2023

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  • Anonymous
  • CbI
  • 01 Dec 2023

So much heating issues and battery draining issues and lagging while playing any video game.. screen guard isn't available in the market place... It's very worst mobile.. needs to be improvement..

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    • Hairy pumpkin
    • Sec
    • 21 Nov 2023

    maybe lower speed chip means battery lasts longer

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      • 3}p
      • 16 Nov 2023

      why not ready for with cable...why not? If you put it do it well... Cabled video output is way better

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        • pKL
        • 14 Nov 2023

        Anonymous, 29 Sep 2023You can get this for £225 in the UK. I can’t think of a bet... moreIt's just the update policy and the 695 that ain't great.

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          • Telugu
          • CbL
          • 14 Nov 2023

          Best phone ever

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            • Anonymous
            • 399
            • 14 Nov 2023

            These rewievs are completely worthless. Have been reading these for like 12 years. It's the same all the time. " the mobile phone is super, (but) it doesn't have the same features as the most expensive ones..Absolutely insane.

              Still prefer the samsung galaxy a34, better performance, battery life and firmware update policy among others at a similar price 👍

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                • Mtk
                • sX3
                • 05 Oct 2023

                Petri S, 30 Sep 2023G84 is alright 👍. There's so much to like. Things that... morePeek display is on g84 I use it

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                  • Mart1n
                  • Fv1
                  • 04 Oct 2023

                  I have this phone for 2 weeks right after launch, and there is nothing to regret here. First of all the SoC is not that bad as you thing, yeah its not performant as some higher tier chipset BUT, the CoD is fully playable at high/medium, you can get a SD7 gen2 which starts to overheat and then you are -30% with performance. Device doesnt overheat at all and the battery life is decent. 5000 battery with 170g yeah no complain there, relative good charging, camera is more then decent for the price consider that you have OIS, display is without issues, bright at sunlight. About some points like support, we all known how Samsung threats updates, your device might get slower and slower with time and with updates even more, so you might have 4 major android updates, question is how usable will be the device. Overall Motorola nailed this phone really hard, there is really nothing wrong with it at this price point, as a bonus you get a charger + case in the box

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                    • Johnboy
                    • mE0
                    • 03 Oct 2023

                    Three of us just ditched four motorola phones, two repeatedly cut out mid conversation and two had swollen battery with a risk to catch fire
                    Worse still the batteries are glued in and its a risk of damage to force battery out.

                      Great device all around, but would've liked to see a slightly better chipset like the Dimensity 1080 or even SD778G while still retaining the same price.

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                        • m}F
                        • 30 Sep 2023

                        poorLeno, 29 Sep 2023Security updates are More important than upgrades!Lol. Keeping up with development is more important. Take part of the latest innovations and run latest applications.

                        You can run on four, five year old security updates with no problem at all. It's a smartphone, not a PC.

                          G84 is alright 👍. There's so much to like. Things that are better on G84 than on Galaxy A54. Moto wins in my opinion all these: design, colors, light weight, thin, Vegan leather, MyUX best Android experience, cheaper price. Samsung wins in better overall camera, photos and video is 4K (except macro), longer updates, IP67, maybe better screen protection.

                          I'm kind of always disappointed with tech reviews, because I can see important things that they miss almost every single time. GsmArena didn't notice that G84 is missing that very popular Peak Display. A long time favorite of Motorola fans, it's the quickest way to check notifications on a lock screen without need to open the phone! In my opinion it's much better than Always On Display which other brands use. Wasn't it developed by Google almost 10 years ago? It's difficult to understand why Motorola got rid of such an excellent feature!? Last time it was seen on Motorola Edge 40, but then not on Edge 40 Neo, and now not on G84. Motorola should bring Peak Display back! But I don't know if it can be brought back with a software update? If not it's sad, but hopefully then it can make a comeback at least in upcoming Motorola phones?

                            poorLeno, 29 Sep 2023Security updates are More important than upgrades!In that case Android should stop developing OS iterations. And should focus on security updates only. It will make things very easy.

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                              • sXN
                              • 29 Sep 2023

                              You can get this for £225 in the UK. I can’t think of a better option for that price.

                                Vic4BBM, 27 Sep 2023Biggest drawback of Motorola phones in general is it's... moreSecurity updates are More important than upgrades!

                                  TheCheip, 26 Sep 2023695 is an evergreen for Motos, like 625 years agoI remember the 625! Good soc!

                                    Anonymous, 26 Sep 2023Tell qualcomm to give us 2x A720 @2.0GHz + 6 x A520 1.7GHz Exactly my thoughts!

                                      ashrobb, 28 Sep 2023It can't. The SD doesn't support 4K video encodin... moretoo bad, even my old snapdragon 625 can do it

                                        Saeros, 28 Sep 2023Sometimes I watch youtube videos in 4k, because even though... moreIt can't. The SD doesn't support 4K video encoding/decoding.