OnePlus 12R review

05 February 2024

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  • 18 Feb 2024

Hey Guys, I bought the oneplus 12r 256gb Variant expecting UFS 4.0 but now it seems they lied and are trying to back track it as an error and talking about their trinity engine. It sounds absolutely pathetic what they are trying to do and say with the siuation. I am claiming the refund as soon as possible and do hope the company does really learn its mistake with this scam( there is no way a billion dollar company's most excited product details were mistaken for week and even months, so yes i am calling it a scam)

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    • 18 Feb 2024

    Kama, 15 Feb 2024I downgraded to android 13. Now the phone works like it sho... moreHow do you do it

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      • 7tM
      • 16 Feb 2024

      You have written 6 pages of long review but you did not confirm Ram type... Such a shame

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        • 15 Feb 2024

        Jwaylec81, 12 Feb 2024I would not recommend any OnePlus device to anyone ever aga... moreI downgraded to android 13. Now the phone works like it should. Hope android 14 gets fixed!

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          • 13 Feb 2024

          Jwaylec81, 12 Feb 2024I would not recommend any OnePlus device to anyone ever aga... moreim gonna agree. Oneplus support is bad and they dont really care about customers after money is inside their pockets...

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            • 12 Feb 2024

            I would not recommend any OnePlus device to anyone ever again. Have been a fan since OP1. My recent experience with my OP11 has left me feeling super disappointed. The OOS14, Android 14 update in December broke the camera so bad that it is unusable. Whole phone lock-ups, missing photos, extremely laggy and janky app performance, jittery video recordings. The list goes on. Many, many people are complaining all over Reddit and the OP community forums and there is not even an acknowledgement from OP. This has been dragging out since December.

            OnePlus promising 4 years of software updates. Pffft they can't even manage 1! Back to Pixel for me I guess.

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              • 12 Feb 2024

              K MODI, 11 Feb 2024Hmm.. the best review I've read till now!! but I'... morePlease go with camera is better and versatile and funtouch os is also good

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                • 11 Feb 2024

                Hmm.. the best review I've read till now!! but I'm really confused with 2 options : Iqoo12 and Oneplus12R because there is a slight margin in the price, but my main concern is the OS and Camera comparisons. Could you possibly take some time and make such a comparison pls?

                  Anthony, 08 Feb 2024moto edge plus 2023 or oneplus 12 R? I would like motorola... moreWell, you do get a much nicer display on the 12R, but the Edge+ 2023 has better IP68 rating. The cameras are better on the Edge+ 2023, but the charging speed is faster on the 12R. Still, these are small aspects and if you prefer a more stock Android software experience, then the Edge+ 2023 is the option you should go with, yeah

                    elmarcello, 07 Feb 2024Nice extensive answer, although I'm not with gsma for ... moreI don't think the tiktok generation comes to gsmarena for reviews. If anything, I'd say they seem a bit older than other phone review sites. Considering that, I think they're doing just alright.

                    As for call quality - gsmarena does talk about it in their long term reviews and I can understand why. You need to have used a phone extensively over a couple of months to give a verdict on call quality. However, if they could test the call quality in the (relatively) short amount of time they get for making reviews, it'd be great.

                    And I don't want to bash other phone reviewers but gsmarena are still (one of the) most detailed phone reviewers imo.

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                      • 10 Feb 2024

                      The storage also seems to be ufs 3.1 in both version not 4.0 for the 256gb option according to some sources on reddit

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                        • 09 Feb 2024

                        Anonymous, 09 Feb 2024You say people want the fast food takeaway while demonstrat... moreI do like fast food as well, that’s even what I‘m eating right now, it’s great and I‘m thankful to have it

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                          • 09 Feb 2024

                          Super Android 22, 08 Feb 2024I think it is good some phones do still release jacks and c... moreYou say people want the fast food takeaway while demonstrating fast food level knowledge at the same time. Overall i like it tho, guess some fast food is just better than another.

                            rosesarerosie, 05 Feb 2024For $500 a telephoto is a MUST, or at least a good ultrawid... moreBattery and performance, this is also region dependent, in some regions like India this is a killer deal imo, which other phone is giving a great telephoto yk? The 13T Pro has a 2x telephoto which could've just been a 2x crop from its great sensor. And for UW, unless someone REALLY needs it, I don't think they'd be bothered by the loss of it. So unless someone has a good UW camera as a must have, this phone ticks all the right boxes.

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                              • 08 Feb 2024

                              moto edge plus 2023 or oneplus 12 R?
                              I would like motorola, is almost android stock.

                                David 040882, 07 Feb 2024Yeah, but iPhones are....iPhones. they're overpriced, ... moreTrue 😂😂

                                  Stoon, 07 Feb 2024SD8 gen 2 is a midrange ??? L.O.LIts in a mid range phone, its a flagship chipset (from last year, just because its a year old now doesnt mean it wasnt a flagship chip, please learn what flagship means).

                                  The 8g2 will be better than any 7 or 6 gen chip even if they can match say the single core performance, you'll gst things like quad channel memory, better isp for the camera (a few companies use their own isp with the SoC), usually come with better comms too (not just about the max frequency the cores can reach). My sd 888 has a gpu that matches current 7 gen chips (about 2.1 teraflops i think, i could be wrong, i know its atleast close too and its like 3 years old now).

                                    Headphone Jack., 07 Feb 2024Well, I know plenty of people (myself included ) that'... moreI think it is good some phones do still release jacks and card slot ports, leta be honest having flexibility with your phone is the best thing and it is a shame that it seems to be lower end devices or 1 or 2 flagships from very specific companies only release them now. I would say to try using a dongle if you need a jack port on your phone, honestly its the same as having a 3.5 port and causes less damge/bending the wire/having it ripped out and sound quality is the same as wired.

                                    I used to keep microsd cards for years and just keep using them through multiple devices, for me i just prefer paying a tiny amount per month for more cloud storage and the other addon features and extras you get now but everyone is different and can understand why people want microSD still, especially when needed for work purposes (with google one, get pixel editing suite, discounts on things, 24/7 support, actual features only pixels might get/come to android later on plus the storage). Ill be happy once all phones start releasing with 512gb standard 😊.

                                    Ill be honest, i stick with GSM (feels like my home town football/soccer team at this point haha) but it did feel like they put way more effort and gave all companies more time and equal attention in the day, for me its been about 12-13 years (around the orignal galaxy S/s2 phones) and the site does look nice and some quality staff still but definitely a complete change in overall quality, i do miss the level of detail put in but its how most things in the world are now, everything needs to be like a fast food takeaway (if that makes sense haha).

                                      elmarcello, 07 Feb 2024Nice extensive answer, although I'm not with gsma for ... moreTbh i would of agreed with you a good few years ago with wireless cans/buds, specially buds coz not great drivers, only basic BT codecs and terrible battery, now its a different ball game. You'll get atleast CD quality now, codecs like atpx looseless and LHDC with dolby atmos enhancements with bt 5 onwards make wireless music listening as good as £400-£600 wired headphones (i can tell the difference with my jabra elite 85h when listening to tidal, spotify or youtube and mine only support AAC and SBC codecs, if i plug a wire in and a dongle to my phone its the same as using wired headphones). Again the latency is to a point you're brain physically cannot tell the difference, we're talking the likes of 10ms to at worst 100 (a blink of an eye is about 150ms), unless you're a music professional or gaming professional/streamer it will make NO difference.

                                      Honestly I'd just recommend getting an external ssd at this point, quicker than microSD, dont have to mess around with ejector pins and damaging the card slot/sim slot port and cost is the same, it'll be able to play 4k videos no issue through the type C port (what, 5gb/s read speeds atleast through it so its capped by what the other device can transfer at, like using a dongle to have active passthrough for headphones, makes the jack absolutely useless now).

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                                        • 08 Feb 2024

                                        David 040882, 07 Feb 2024Yeah, but iPhones are....iPhones. they're overpriced, ... moreYou actually get what you pay for. It's product segmentation done right.

                                        Androids OTOH, are an absolute mess and cannibalization gone wrong.