Samsung i900 Omnia review: The whole nine yards

25 July 2008
Now that the dust of the Diamond vs. Omnia PocketPC battle settles down, our up close and personal look at the rivals continues with Samsung i900 Omnia. Slick looks, great feature-pack and ingenious software solutions are things that hold true...

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  • imran wajid

"We think that "balanced" is the key word here as the major competitors - the HTC Touch Diamond and the iPhone 3G - seem to offer more in some respects but severely fall behind in others."

This line says it all. I guess it is very clear Omnia is the best. Great review!

  • Striker

Anonymous, 25 Jul 2008definitely my next phone (I have n95). My only concern is ... moreYeah I agree, Phone looke phenomenal but I'm a little worried the resolution will have issues with my Navigation software. Still worth the risk though, and I guess if it doesnt work I'll send it back and get the Innov8.....

Oh, great review btw. Cheers GSMArena

  • Anonymous

definitely my next phone (I have n95).
My only concern is the weird resolution

  • Anonymous

Think it's better than N95 or even never released N96..!

  • Zhou

Good review.

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