LG KC550 review: No thrills, all camera

30 July 2008
A line of multimedia-oriented handsets has secured LG a strong foothold in the cameraphone kingdom. LG KC550 is probably the first to join the club with only imaging in mind. A mid-range handset with a 5 megapixel camera...

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  • guestguest

Many years passed and I still have this phone.Nothing went wrong,no errors,even battery is still the same and it still holds over week.The best phone ever for me.And beautifuland you can do everithing with one hand,even write SMS's during driving if you want.
Connectivity still supoerbb,never lost contact.
The phone is still on market,you can still buy new direct from producer in USA and Canada for about 35-70 $

  • Anonymous

Its a nice phone

  • shane

memo, 17 Nov 2009there is alot better now how to get the IP address of my phone (kc550)?
and how to start the internet service with this phone?

  • kristijan

I want to buy phone bat i dont konw LG KC 550 or SAMSUNG S5230 ???
if samone can give me a comment ??? pls

  • memo

there is alot better now

  • Caderzz

Ive got this phone it was a good phone until now as it has broken because it has all weird lines going down it a loads of black lines across, someone please help ? (:

  • Combatarmsfreak

I've got this phone now for about 5 days, it has been broken 2 times already, 1: the phone wouldn't start up any more
2: Now random (Very much almost evrything) parts of the screen are pink... Any1 help me please..=(

  • mark

does flash work on your phone when you take pictures?
i can't get it to work ... :(

  • Anonymous

hi there i would not advise anyone to buy a lg phone i got the kt520 and it broke after 2 months and i got the lg 5c550 and it has broke after 3/4 months, it takes ages to scroll through your items, such as messages. the camera has broke on it and the pixels on the phone have nearly all gone on the screen the worst brand of a mobile phone that i have ever bought i will stick to sony ericsson or samsung.

  • mark p

i just dont get it. on the LG premium phones like KU990/KF750 you dont get a sliding lens cover, and then on a budget phone like this you do. i emailed LG to ask them to start putting lens covers on there phones. obviously didnt listen. are well scratched lens here come.

  • Keysmith2

Sorry the problem with batter life was with a Kingston 4g SDHC not a lexmark. With the lexmark 1G i have no problem. All of you that have problems with battery life do check your SC card (remove it an see how long battery lasts without your sd)

  • Keysmith

Hi all, I have this phone for 3 months
It is a Fine Phone that its battery lasts 4+ days with average use (40min talktime, eg 10 per day).
BUT when I used a Lexmark 4g SDHC it only lasted 2 days (reduced to half).
After several tests I isolated the problem to the SD card. Now I use an old Lexmark 1G SD card and battery is back to normal (4+ days). Others have the same problem with various sd cards (as we share opinions on other mobile forums).

Photos and VIDEO is excellent for a mobile!! Video no mater frame rate it is fine. 15fps 720x480 is fine for a mobile. what is the mater with some people. Buy a fullHD Sony handcam for better results :)
Menu is little slow but easy to learn intuitive and rich. Excellent screen, speaker, microphone and reception.

  • hannah

if your prepared to wait a few minutes to scroll through your text messages its fine if not though do not buy this phone fine for about a month and then its awful

  • tea wid

were i can get theme for lg kc550??????????????????????????????

  • Anonymous

Hi, I think I like this phone but the brand, LG.

It is not the famous brand of mobile phone. With 114 pounds now, is it well worth it or not to buy this phone? I am confused. I just hate the brand...wish it is Nokia indeed.

  • From Spain...

I also got my KC550 a few days ago, and got the same problem with video resolution. It just makes 15fps (I tried all resolutions and quality settings), instead of the 30fps advertised everywhere and written on the box. Anyone got an answer from LG about this issue?

  • cihan from tr

30fps @720x480 n 640x480...???? i dink big mistake

  • dappz-sama

got this phone 4 days ago..

i'm satified with the camera, mp3 player, n battery..

but i was disappointed with the video. i just got 15.152 fps @720x480 n 640x480..
How come... It's different with the spesification in the box..
i've contacted the LG's agent and they said that they will take care of this..

Guys,any of you who got 30fps @720x480 n 640x480...????
Wat should i do to get that...
Helllpppp me pliz...

Thx anyway

  • josh

awesome phone great camera and looks class

  • panosgr

maybe a firmware upgrade will fix this issue ???? of the video recording