Tecno Pova 6 Pro review

19 March 2024

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  • 20 Mar 2024

DroidBoye, 20 Mar 2024Crazy that this phone at only 197USD already offers AMOLED,... morewhich one do u think is a better phone
is it the pova 6pro or the infinix note40
&i think they are priced the same right


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    • Ben
    • fm$
    • 20 Mar 2024

    What would you guys recommend between the pova 6 pro and the slightly more expensive infinix note 40 pro 5g

      Crazy that this phone at only 197USD already offers AMOLED, 8/256GB UFS, microSD slot, 108MP sensor, IP53, 70W Charging, 6000mAh, NFC. Also with the 70W charger, case, and earphones already included.

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        • mip
        • 20 Mar 2024

        Nice, 2 depth lenses only to make it look like you are wielding an iphone but instead you are paying for 2 useless camera lenses. Leave out the crappy, none functional lenses and make the phone look sleek again...horrible choices no matter the price or tech otherwise.

          Ra-Iri, 20 Mar 2024It is an error. This review seems rushed. Multiple error... moreOkay so whats specifically wrong with this review?

            Anonymous, 20 Mar 2024Tecno Pova? But what fool buys this shit? Tecno Pova? Lucki... morePova name is as cringe as iPhone is. It's just that more marketing has been done for iPhone. So it seems acceptable as a name. Even Apple think adding i to words is cringe. That's why Apple Watch is not called iWatch instead.

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              • mhd
              • 20 Mar 2024

              FM radio, jack, IR, SD Card - wonderful

              Ticks most of the boxes

              Now next time:
              1. make it normal sized (6-6.2)
              2. put in a worthy chip (7gen+3 or higher)
              3. Software support - 5 years would be great

              and you have yourselfs the best phone of the year, top seller guaranteed

                Another good product from Tecno especially vs the now expensive and still no bypass charging Poco brand. I want to upgrade from Poco X3 Pro, so I'd want Tecno's Camon level phones with more powerful chipset and OIS on the main camera.

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                  • mx7
                  • 20 Mar 2024

                  Tecno Pova? But what fool buys this shit? Tecno Pova? Luckily they don't sell here in EUrope

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                    • vGf
                    • 20 Mar 2024

                    For real? Still no 60fps video recording? It can do 4k30 but bot 1080p60fps ? XD i seriously dont understand why infinix and tecno dont give 60fps recording? Its such a big con for me

                      It is an error.

                      This review seems rushed. Multiple errors here and there. It somehow feels like this whole review is sponsored.

                        Wow so many phone critiques wannabe 🤌🏽...
                        Here's my take while looking at it from a simple average costumer eye who need large display phone with a 5G connection with its pros which are:
                        - Android 14 !!
                        - 6000mah Battery!!
                        - Huge AMOLED display with 120hz refresh rate!!
                        - Huge RAM up to 12gb & storage 256gb (UFS!!)
                        - Headphone jack, NFC & InfraRed blaster!!
                        - Complete starter pack!! (earphones, charging cable, a charger and a case)
                        - start from $200-ish !!

                        With cons:
                        - Unknown or Literally new phone maker company!
                        - Unknown Android updates!

                        With pros like that I think the average simple costumer will overlook anything the cons it has!

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                          • 20 Mar 2024

                          PureOS, 19 Mar 2024Dimensity 6080 is even weaker than sd 695. It is in rank wi... moreI think if they used the D7020 in this phone, it would've been a fine upgrade

                            Why are the battery results not the same? The one in the review is 13:26h but in the specifications it is 14:22h... In the bottom list of other phone comparisons it also says 14:22h.

                              Very unique design and great specs for the price. Tho 0.08MP is hilarious, not even 2MP!?

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                                • LQX
                                • 19 Mar 2024

                                pocketbook89, 19 Mar 2024please specify under what display setting does the battery ... moreThey use default setting, just adjust brightness to 30% I guess.
                                Most phones remain 120Hz for web browsing (unless they have 144 or 165) and 60Hz video playback (those with LTPO drop to 40-48).

                                  Dimensity 6080 is even weaker than sd 695. It is in rank with sd 4 gen 2 which is in 120€ Redmi 12 5g. Beside that, phone is great for the price.

                                    Shouldve stopped at the pova 5 pro back design and refined it. This is just fugly.

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                                      • 3xs
                                      • 19 Mar 2024

                                      Bargain Tecno phone...Everybody buy now

                                        Liking these higher ratings for these lower midrangers