Tecno Spark 20 Pro+ review

08 April 2024

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  • Ali rehman
  • UUJ
  • 13 Jun 2024

Most best or interesting set

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    • iyan
    • thw
    • 13 Jun 2024

    3.7, i think this phone should get 4.2 at least, for the super cheap price

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      • Anonymous
      • r3y
      • 28 May 2024

      Please what's the price?
      Can I swap my spark 10 with it?

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        • saqi
        • ki$
        • 26 May 2024

        Diana, 03 May 2024Nice phone though heats up quickly on continuous use☹️is it reall? I have to buy ti , plz suggest

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          • Anonymous
          • CF}
          • 15 May 2024

          Single or dual sims?

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            • Diana
            • rrt
            • 03 May 2024

            Nice phone though heats up quickly on continuous use☹️

              This is a very good phone but rarely supported by the brand it self!
              As an affordable mid range TECNO / INFINIX must offer some option of customization like easy to Unlock, TWRP, GCam support and built with camera API2 enabled.
              that's how XIAOMI did it! they're become GIANT because of Solid & Huge Community, easy to be customized with TWRP, MAGIX etc
              people will still buy xiaomi with less specs because of of their huge community support

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                • Bimbae
                • CF}
                • 19 Apr 2024

                DZXTRICKS, 17 Apr 2024I think a lot of comments here didn't reflect the home... moreI bought it at 30k Kenya shilling whoch is equivalent to 225$

                  I think a lot of comments here didn't reflect the home-region release of this phone. The phone barely cost $150 here for 8/256, which is extremely insane to get curved display, good design, and overall performance of this phone. With that value in mind I really quite disturbed how bad this phone is perceived on other countries, can anyone shed a light to me how much this phone is cost in your region?

                    Tecno Stank 20 Poo+ 💀

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                      • Minu
                      • ter
                      • 15 Apr 2024

                      -, 10 Apr 2024I'm pretty sure this design is inspired by the Vivo X9... moreOr essentially inspired by the Nokia 7.2!

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                        • Gamma 2
                        • nmB
                        • 15 Apr 2024

                        This device screams waste of money. Not even 400 pro+ of this company will be good what are they thinking.

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                          • Farhan
                          • XNd
                          • 13 Apr 2024

                          I have been using this device it's a great budget device but it has software issues..

                          1. When unlocking your phone, it confuses itself to open it from face unlock first or from the fingerprint. it happens if you have both screen locks of fingerprint and face unlock enabled.

                          2. Receiving notifications, the picture of app logo over rides on the content of your notification. like if I receive a Whatsapp message notification, the Whatsapp logo will over ride and take place of the text message.

                          3. Sometimes it freezes for very milli seconds when you open the notification bar or slide and switch fast between apps and functions.

                          4. Proximity sensor fails to sense if you keep your phone near your ears on and off more than once during a call and some times it does work but in a confused state like it will switch to proximity sometime even when you have not placed hands or your ear over it.

                          5. Camera is not very much Appreciated in outside photography and indoors low light as well.it did a great job in indoors good light.

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                            • Rbx
                            • XKx
                            • 13 Apr 2024

                            -, 12 Apr 2024Tecno did sell a few phones in Western Europe - like i said... moreI never knew there were official Tecno retailers in Germany, but I believe it's just a matter of time before they expand in Western Europe. There are just too cautious to avoid rushing on it at the moment as it is a congested market already.

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                              • Liaqat Ali khan
                              • KIw
                              • 13 Apr 2024

                              This mobile I just got is a great mobile

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                                • Anonymous
                                • SvB
                                • 12 Apr 2024

                                Very nice

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                                  • Jpn4
                                  • yJt
                                  • 12 Apr 2024

                                  Software updates: non existent.

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                                    • 64W
                                    • 12 Apr 2024

                                    Rbx, 12 Apr 2024They are officially sold in a couple of Eastern European co... moreTecno did sell a few phones in Western Europe - like i said, some Camon and Spark series devices found their way there

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                                      • Rbx
                                      • XKx
                                      • 12 Apr 2024

                                      -, 11 Apr 2024They sell phone in Europe though? They're widely avali... moreThey are officially sold in a couple of Eastern European countries with Turkey but no Tecno retailers in Western Europe.

                                        bulbulito.bayagbag, 09 Apr 2024So you are okay with bugs on your phone?Of course, just give your screen a little blow of air and they're gone.