Motorola Edge 50 Ultra hands-on review

16 April 2024

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  • adam anon
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  • 04 Jun 2024

why does everrry phone have to miss features we all expect from the days of galaxy s9.................... WHHHHHYY its insane, oh look this one is missing micro sd, oh look that one is missing wireless charging, oh look that one is missing ltpo (ok you got me thats a new feature)

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    • kE6
    • 31 May 2024

    David, 17 Apr 2024Wood grain has been out of fashion for decades, people don’... moreMan, no offense whatsoever, but are you in the marketing or design field? No doubt there will be many people who have a negative 'opinion' about the choices Motorola made, like yourself. That being said, I have a feeling that Moto/Lenovo didn't just randomly choose a few finishes for their global flagship phone and call it a day. They have many, MANY well compensated (over compensated imo) doing every kind of research imaginable before making these decisions. Doesn't mean they don't screw up at times, just not in a case.

    This phone will go a long way into increasing Moto's market share. This will grab people's attention and when they go looking for a phone, maybe they can't afford this, but that just opens the door to a G series phone like the Power of particularly the new G Stylus. I'm telling ya, they are upping their game all around this year and it's quite impressive.

      and flat screen will reduce the price by at least 50 dollars

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        • mE7
        • 24 May 2024

        Anonymous, 17 Apr 2024Curved display is the problem , rest is.bestExactly, I hate these curved design. Create problem holding these big mf phones.. when will Motorola realise curved design is off, is a shit 🤬

          Anonymous, 09 May 2024Hold on Edge 50 ultra uses SD 8 gen3 but it's toned do... moreIt's a different chip, not a throttled one.

          And the price counts for the 1TB version with 16GB ram

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            • SeL
            • 16 May 2024

            Anonymous, 09 May 2024Hold on Edge 50 ultra uses SD 8 gen3 but it's toned do... moreAre you 2 years in the future? Magic 8 Pro??

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              • 09 May 2024

              Hold on Edge 50 ultra uses SD 8 gen3 but it's toned down from the competition as is the GPU what the actual sht. And the price here is the same as on lets say on Honor Magic8 pro that is on sale . Not thanks motorola. the phone looks good but all these bs harware throtling going on

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                • 02 May 2024

                David, 17 Apr 2024I was considering a Motorola but this years design is unbel... moreyep. u right. my edge+2020 has glass back, i dropped second day no case but anyway it is a sick design. wrap around display nearly all the way. still have stilll going strong. last year i had iphones for 3 years also. xr + 11 they dont know to create anything. flawless functionality in apple and my edge+ had some issues until all the old patches for droid 12 were in. motorola is bvad at u pdates and supporting devices for any serious amount of time. i bought the thinkphone in october last. this phone, is the last phone i will need. it outworks outplays outshines and a turkey feather would balance the scale. the aramid fibre back is nothing less than phenomenal. i have one cheap case. they dont have a selection at all anywhere for thinkphone. nobody figured it would sell only to a few suits, well at $400 knocked off ticket price its made everyone i talk to fall in love with them. feels better in the hand without a skin or case but then i wanted to dive in to the edge 50 once i saw specs since ive been motorla basically 10 yrs but damn it looks like, they all do, imho for years most of their phones looking like toys. save thinkphone. another version of this will suffice with snap8 g3. even my Nexus 6 & moto g 2014 looked more mature than these pieces of chalk.

                  loko, 28 Apr 2024"Hardly anyone buys Chinese phones". Thats a bo... moreI agree, I live in the US and I despise having so few options. Neither Samsung nor Apple would be as dominant as they are if the US didn't enact such mandates. We all saw what happened to Huawei. Granted they're a telecommunications company as well as a smartphone vendor so there's a grey area but still, they would've dominated and we all know it. They would've opened the doors for every Chinese manufacturer to work with US carriers.

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                    • 28 Apr 2024

                    David, 21 Apr 2024I’m from the UK. Everyone is painting their wood here becau... more"Hardly anyone buys Chinese phones".
                    Thats a bold claim. Define the west - Europe or US?
                    Chinese phones like xiaomi or Motorola are selling very well in Europe. US market is different because of protectionist measures - most Chinese phone vendors dont make phones for US so options are very limited, its basically couple of models from Motorola and 2 models from oneplus a year - end of the list.
                    When people say that apple is so dominant here - thats part if the reason - most android phones dont come to north America.

                      Bosic012, 20 Apr 2024why does the review only go up to software????Because thats a preview and not a review

                        I really like seeing a higher PWM frequency on Motorola's OLEDs. The Edge+ 2023 was liked by users sensitive to PWM. Motorola seems to be making an effort to bring OLEDs to people who can't handle lower frequency PWM.

                        Also, having good cameras and decent hardware helps a lot too!

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                          • 21 Apr 2024

                          Anonymous, 20 Apr 2024You clearly have never taken design or interior design 101 ... moreI’m from the UK. Everyone is painting their wood here because they don’t want to see grain. Bathrooms, Kitchens, furniture etc all painted. Even IKEA has removed most wood finish options. In fact I think it’s ONLY the developing nations that like this sort of thing and because hardly anyone buys Chinese phones in the West Motorola has aimed it at those markets with this design.

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                            • g4b
                            • 20 Apr 2024

                            David, 17 Apr 2024Wood grain has been out of fashion for decades, people don’... moreYou clearly have never taken design or interior design 101 or you'd know wood accents are extremely high demand. Hence the immense explosion of Mid-Century modern which incorporates a lot of wood and natural accents.
                            You must be from a "developing" country that's still obsessed with ultra-modern looks

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                              • 20 Apr 2024

                              The good part is almost vanilla Android ? but the really ugly is you never know when the phone gets updates think Lenovo is the same

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                                • Sr6
                                • 20 Apr 2024

                                I would buy this device if only it had an excellent ips LCD display panel instead of that cheap crapp-O-led technology that make u go blind due to constant micro-stuttering

                                Right now it's just hot e-waste that will end up in a landfill...

                                  why does the review only go up to software????

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                                    • MXj
                                    • 20 Apr 2024

                                    The one in the picture is clearly fake plasticky wood. can tell even in the low quality image.
                                    Have they developed a machine that can cut the curves as skillfully as a woodworker can?
                                    I would have applauded them if they had used real wood for the back panel like Motorola did back in the day.

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                                      • XMr
                                      • 20 Apr 2024

                                      I'm not a fan of the wood back, but it doesn't bother me as much as the sloped camera bump. I think that's a hideous design.

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                                        • loko
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                                        • 20 Apr 2024

                                        David, 17 Apr 2024I was considering a Motorola but this years design is unbel... morePlastic is way better than glass. Doesnt break as easy.