Honor Magic V2 and V2 RSR Porsche Design review

24 April 2024

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  • DavidFr
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  • 25 Apr 2024

Message to haters and ignoramuses: I paid €1099 for mine, brand new, from the Honor site in France. Because being smart, there was a 600€ discount for several weeks, and another 300 on the first day. So at 1099€ it's a great choice!!! Unquestionably the best!

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    • m5a
    • 25 Apr 2024

    I owned the magic v2 for 2 weeks, the inner screen broke. Even though it was carefully used, the inner screen screen protector is strongly glued to the screen film which is responsible for the touch element. A really poor product choice.

    Once the screen protector start bubbling up , just know that's the end of your inner screen, this phone is £1699, I didn't buy it through contract. So it's an expensive subpar long term product , hardware wise.

    During the period of usage , I must say it provided a great feeling of that magic ,on the basis that technology has come far.

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      • uNe
      • 25 Apr 2024

      Samsung should take note of the Honor's prowess in hardware; the ZF6 is already Dead in the water before its release as Samsung kept flogging a dead horse and expects to win the race lol.
      Ancient hardware and Samsungs refusal to change its poor Cover screen Aspect ratio, no S-pen slot just makes it laughing stock, from Pionner leader to laggard after sitting on its laurel for the last 4 years. Only saving grace left is just the sotware and you cannot rely on software alone to make the best foldable.

        If only there were non-folding versions of the design.

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          • sXH
          • 25 Apr 2024

          It's ridiculously priced phones like this that make Motorola think it's fine to charge €1000 for it's 8s "value" phone.

            For the unknown camera specs, couldn't you guys just install deviceHWinfo and obtain the sensor info from there? Unless they've obfuscated any software from detecting it.

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              • 25 Apr 2024

              Camera quality, especially sharpness is great, but the colors (main camera), what do you mean by not overdone in terms of saturation? The blue and green look way too oversaturated.

                "Welcome to Honor. Yesterday's hardware. Today's Pricing." - The Honor CEO probably.

                Seriously, apart from someone who wants to keep this as an art piece due to its design and significance in changing up foldable hardware in terms of thickness and weight, this isn't too compelling. Samsung's software is superior and cameras are on par and that's like the lowest bar to cross. The Oneplus Open/Oppo Find N3 is generally superior so unless you're someone whose hands are gonna fall off due to the 10-15 grams of added weight and the 1-1.6 mm of thickness, you're better off with the Oppo.

                Better battery (unless you game), better displays due to their brightness, comparable performance with superior thermal management, better software (on par or greater than Samsung and everyone knows Honor isn't known for their software) and better cameras with more natural photos on the Oneplus. Honor's cameras are so saturated and sharpened they remind me of Samsung.

                The price isn't helping it at all and I think this phone came at the wrong time. As a product for a consumer this is below average at best. Samsung being average ofc. I really love the design and it must be a treat to hold it I'm sure. But how much do you look at your phone and does a very slight dip in comfort matter when you get huge advantages on another phone? Especially when spending so much? For me at least, no. I'll always advocate for bigger, better phones if they sacrifice slight comfort for huge differences in quality like the Oppo Find N3 does. The Vivo X Fold3 and X Fold3 Pro basically delete this foldable out of consideration, because only someone who's a niche buyer and/or an enthusiast would get this phone and why would they get this phone over the Vivo when that phone's superior in all cases if they're already into niche stuff and are an enthusiast who can put up with the Chinese ROM problems? I don't know.

                Anyways you're free to like this phone and have your opinions, just dropped my two cents. I love the design and what it did for the foldable world by pushing others to reduce the thickness and weight. But for the price it is too little and now, definitely too late.

                  Foldables still lack in good hw, and it seems its bound to be like that, unless they change design or change to rollables.
                  There are better - camera centric - options for similar price, but this one is with a pen, like oppo find n2 is.
                  Great Fold5 or Fold4 alternative as basically any foldable got faster charging than samsung one.
                  If there were Find x7 ultra lvl cameras in foldables and Stylus support in all of them, just then these kind of devices could be seen as inferior, but there are none now.
                  As for someone who cares about cameras, moving to foldables is impossible now or in near future with some brands not even upgrading their tele cameras or their sensor sizes...

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                    • 24 Apr 2024

                    No thanks, for that amount of money there are ultimately too many shortcomings