Honor Magic6 RSR Porsche Design review

02 May 2024

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Hell, the fact that Honor outright brought in LiDAR for the first time on an Android device is bonkers

    As expected, in auto mode, where phones forcefully stack multiple frames to achieve higher dynamic range, the difference in the raw sensor capability remains minimal. Dear GSMArena: if you wanted to see if Omnivision's claim holds true, you could've conducted the test on these phones in two ways:

    1) Shoot in RAW at the same shutter speed, ISO and aperture settings, then try pulling down the highlight slider in a photo editor and see if the RSR performs better. The higher full well capacity of LOFIC tech should mean pixels are less likely to get saturated given the same exposure level, thereby allowing for better highlight recovery.

    2) Try taking a picture of fast-moving objects in a backlight - If Honor is using OV's new single-shot HDR feature on the RSR exclusively, then it shouldn't suffer from any ghosting artifacts.

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      • 02 May 2024

      "We shot another round with the same settings where the RSR was notably better than the Pro, but we'll refrain from posting the samples due to their... explicit nature."
      I'm sorry?

        "It's hard not to make it look like we're downplaying the feat of lowering long-term degradation"

        This is a massive understatement...

        Making OLED more durable is a massive massive feat

        But what can you expect from gsmarena display testings which is is just testing peak brightness and some accuracy.. this very format sets up the reviewer to fail in appreciating the technology because by default the variety for testing is limited in itself unlike a dxomark display test for example

        Lastly it appears that there was some slight reviewers curiosity.. but it seems gsmarena only reserves that for flagships /flagship specs

        When massive changes happen in the midrange or entry level .. complete silence I wish they were universally curious for when rare things happen in all price segments

        I hope people pay the premium for this smartphone so that this technology gets support and gets cheaper to manufacture

          The main camera to me looks better during the day and worse during the night. The day time shots of the Magic 6 RSR look more natural due to deeper contrast and less shadow boosting unlike the Magic6 which has the Samsung like boosted shadows that results in hollow darker regions, looking gray and stuff, and thus resulting in a lack of contrast and dynamic range as dynamic range is the difference between the brightest and darkest point, the darkest point is higher so the difference between the brightest and darkest part is lower and thus the dynamic range of the photo is lower.

          At night it's the opposite but I think it's completely due to the processing. The Magic 6 RSR seems to have a Samsung like boosted exposure at night resulting in brighter images but idk, I'd prefer darker shots, more realistic and pleasing to look at. There's a lack of dynamic range at night, everything is just too bright. The Magic6 looks better. The RSR looks washed out, shadows are too brightened and the exposure is just too high. Look at the russian building that starts with a C. Noise reduction seems to be a bit more aggressive as well.

          Honor's processing is better than Samsung but not by a lot. Wish they toned down on the processing a bit. Why is everyone afraid of noise or some blown out highlights/ some darker shadows? Just boosting everything and being aggressive with all that isn't going to fix it. Sony's phones show how good photos can look if the noise reduction is not aggressive. They have the filmic look to it. These shots from the Honor continue to look like phone shots. Xiaomi came close with their 14 Ultra, their people shots are horrendous compared to their landscape static scenery shots and that's why I hesitate to call them better outright. It seems like they just want to get high scores in dxomark and don't care about actual image quality. Just like Huawei nowadays. Back during the Mate40 days they were actually the best. Now they look artificial, feels like everything is AI generated, reminiscent of Apple and Google's photography, which also occupy high spots. I have access to Apple and Google phones so I know how the real scene is supposed to look and how the photo comes out.

          This is the one I was talking about btw :