Huawei Pura 70 Ultra hands-on review

02 May 2024

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This hands-on review misses out on one very, maybe even the most important aspect of this phone's camera system - An ability to freeze motion *extremely* well.

From what I have seen, it essentially analyses short-exposure and long-exposure frames, calculates how much movement the subject has made in a given time, then reconstructs a non-blurry version of the long-exposure frame, which will then be combined with the short-exposure frame for HDR.

It's a seriously impressive piece of technology that seems to extremely well, and since It's not a diffusion-based generative AI, there are no weird-looking texts or artificial-looking details that can be seen.

As for the samples shown in this review - It's a throwback to the Kirin-era of Huawei's processing, so unlike on the P50/P60 series, details don't look overprocessed and the 2x digital crop zoom shots look fantastic. It's pretty surprising how much Huawei continues to push the boundary when it comes to imaging technology despite the ban.

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    • 02 May 2024

    Yeah that is pretty far from flagship performance, especially considering the insane price Huawei is asking for it, outside of China.