Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6 and Z Flip6 hands-on review

10 July 2024

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amiens80, 17 Jul 2024ok tell me how ? i have an old android phone with family... moreYeah, fair enough. But don't you backup it often?

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    • 18 Jul 2024

    Mike, 17 Jul 2024Its brushed glass, not metalbrushes glass. Where on earth you got that buddy. 😄😄

      DeepIn2U, 16 Jul 2024NO YOU Do NOT! You put the Galaxy phone into repair mode... morecase :

      i have an old android phone with family data on it, i can't power on it anymore (motherboard failure).
      how can i recover the last photo by my parents which are stuck on internal memory on the board ?

        justasmile, 16 Jul 2024Yes you canok tell me how ?

        i have an old android phone with family data on it, i can't power on it anymore (motherboard failure).
        how can i recover the last photo by my parents which are stuck on internal memory on the board ?

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          • 17 Jul 2024

          NOK6600, 17 Jul 2024the back panel , its like a plastic feel . i had hold it 10... moreIts brushed glass, not metal

            Anonymous, 16 Jul 2024The body is made from glass and frame from metal. What plas... morethe back panel , its like a plastic feel . i had hold it 10 times .Yes its lighter because the material feel and look more to plastic not metal.

              Anonymous, 13 Jul 2024this is so 3++ years old phone battery just fine ... moreYou sure about that?!

              Oppo Vivo seems to disagree woth theie investment and RAPID move to new battery chemistry which improves battery health as per their statement beyond 2yrs! Also notice all the new flagships using the new batt chemistry no longer have as fast wired or wireless as theie predecessors?!

              Sorry thisnt personal anecdotal measuring the proof is on this site via 2wks of recent data and previous product launch specs on battery capacity and charging speeds.

                amiens80, 13 Jul 2024when you have bank data, family photo, sensible personal da... moreNO YOU Do NOT!

                You put the Galaxy phone into repair mode ans ALL YOUR sensitive data apps passwords etc are locked and encrypted under KNOX!

                Yet again these useless ancient thoughts process to remain stuck in the stone age and not for 1 second read the manual watch a few indeoth youtube videos like TechWithBenefits channel to be informed before making decisions and forming opinions about things unknown.

                Also sensitive banking and personal information should always be password protected! Heck place then in secure folder!!

                  amiens80, 13 Jul 2024i agree with you. At least, when Samsung offer 512Go of me... moreDaily. Cloud. Backups. Restore. From. Cloud. Restore from PC backup has been around for 7 years.

                  You're whining & excuse for rebuttal has been shut down successfully many times. A Cloud backup even over network carrier bandwidth throttling is STILL faster for backups. You're just simply stuck in your ways and that's fine. Justifying to convince us to follow along nope.

                    PiCosm, 10 Jul 2024I have a Fold 5, in a Spigen case that holds the S-Pen, but... moreThe hinge is NOt the issue preventing the S-pen in body silo.

                    It's all the other internals (battery motherboard Qi charging coils and their connection ribbons as well as connection ribbons for audio to the main motherboard, as well as split battery connections. Lots of pace is required for a telescoping S-Pen in the Fold's case let along how much or SHOULD they reduce the S-Pen in length any further at all. Or even make it more thinner to fit would be sense, it doesn't.

                      DeepIn2U, 16 Jul 2024From various reviews side by side by side testing Oppo Find... morewow man, you're either really deep in the Samsung ecosystem, they pay you or you're just crazy cus wow, what in the world are you talking about. In no situation in photography, does the Find N3 properly falter. That's just simply not true. If you want no noise photos then yeah, the Z Fold might be better with the night mode, but that's because Samsung scrubs every speck of detail and the color also changes due to the extremely high amount of color noise.

                      If you think the Z Fold is better than the Oppo in terms of cameras you are completely delusional. Your eyes need to be checked. I haven't seen a single comparison where the samples show the Z Fold being moderately better. It just tries its best to just match the Oppo and just matching is good enough, but it only does so 5% of the times.

                      I do agree Oppo's software might not be the most consistent but it's not like Samsung or Apple's is either. Speaking from real life use cases, both of them do fail a lot as well. So basically, sometimes Oppo fails and sometimes Samsung and that's fine. What you need to see is what does the majority of the photography show. That's how statistics works and by that you can gauge how good a camera is.

                      Please either go to a doctor and have an eye checkup done or just accept that you are a fanboy. Nothing wrong with accepting that reality. By doing so you can stop wasting my time, I'd rather read wattpad fanfics than your comments. Utterly delusional stuff.

                        HiE, 10 Jul 2024I just bought the Honor Magic V2. I definitely won't b... moreSize of a NORMAL phone for the main screen has been there since the Fold 3 if not a little taller. This is still a foldable phone not a foldable tablet in your pocket. All the computers seems to be aiming that main ans outer display to match with theie Ultra lineup.

                        Pen support is there on outer screen since Fold 4 I believe.

                        Enjoy your foldableas much as possible when you need to claim needed for warranty claims.

                          Nikojas, 10 Jul 2024Modest improvement and upgrades but the question is how do ... moreYeah it's called real useful software, productivity enhancements that a working professional can use almost daily if not for every major meeting / interview.

                          Voice discussion while taking free handed notes into a playback PDF is crucial for accurate and detailed minutes of a meeting. Where each drafted entey by hand is in sync woth the minutes recorded during a meeting as it progresses.

                          When you use something like this ... you no longer need a 2-in-1 laptop nor a tablet unless a bigger canvass is necessary. Personally for me, my stick-men look like they've been hit by lightning, I'm no visual artist lol.

                          Again it's NOT just the specs boys and girls it's the comoletw package and how much use you get using it beyond finger swiping or finger banging the screen for a 5 second show off stunt.

                            jiyen235, 10 Jul 2024The Oneplus Open still trumps this fr, better and larger ca... moreFrom various reviews side by side by side testing Oppo Find N3's cameras although bigger and latest from production line STILL does NOT outperform Samsung Z Fold 5!

                            Literary there has been over 10 solid methodical testing and there has been some reviews showing better and clearer zoom during the day, and others the Z Fold 5. During night the Z Fold 5 outperforms on zoom every single time. Portrait mode on Fin N3 seems to be sharper but not by very much and even then it is NOT consistent.

                            To me that's a BIG failure using new tech. No different than a 1996 Supra Turbo beating a Ferrari 365 in quarter Mike race all day any day like Walker did to the couch in Fast & The Fueious! Old proven reliable tech is always the way to go when you want best performance overall.

                              Good review.

                              Crucial note :
                              "The crease on the unit we handled was very minimal and hard to notice. But do keep in mind that, as with all foldables, the crease will only get more pronounced with use."

                              For all those Samsung crease haters read this 3x before you goto bed and post drivel nonsense in the future Hailing no crease out of thr box with competitors. OnePlua Open / Oppo FindN3 users found that out fron 2-4mths of ownership!

                              Doesn't matter the amount of folds of the device physically that the HINGE can withstand, as I said on many article commentary here and elsewhere the hinges strength makes NO difference if the screens strength and reliability cannot match ; else you have a fidget device when the weasal of a folding screen goes POP!

                              Now anyone else notice on the 2nd page of this double review where they pit the Fold 6 vs the Fold 5 internal screens open?!

                              Did anyone notice that Damsung Dex is running natively on the internal screen just like the Galaxy Tabs can?!

                              Color me overjoyed! Savings have begun for the next major sales deal from Samsung for either the Z Fold 6 or the 24 Ultra.

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                                shania twain, 15 Jul 2024not only they look similar to Sony Xperia. but most of the ... moreThe body is made from glass and frame from metal. What plastic are you talking about?

                                  DeepIn2U, 16 Jul 2024Lmao! Sure. And what happened to all those Open user... morei know numerous fold and flip users who have their phones messed up. Foldables just aren't mature enough yet

                                    jiyen235, 10 Jul 2024The Oneplus Open still trumps this fr, better and larger ca... moreLmao!


                                    And what happened to all those Open users after 2 mo ths? Crickets cause theie dealing with 2-4wk warranty repair delaya of shipping !

                                    Apparently the hype of a solid long build quality unit was Bs(!) Ans OnePlus with Oppo did NOT make enough of all parts for repairs to fulfill the first major rounds of warranty claims.

                                      ruvman, 10 Jul 202425 W charging in 2024...what the hell Samsung? M55 has 45W ... moreTHUS is more important thinking ans needed than simply a "larger 5000mAh battery" (day that loudly eith Arnold Schwarzenegger's voice from that Day Care Cop movie lol)

                                        Snapdragon 695 hater, 10 Jul 2024No headphone jack No SD card slot No 5000mah + battery ... moreNo SD slot = doesn't need 3x SLOWER speeds to read and write to XDSD cards which lessons end user experience when internal storage is UFS 4.0!

                                        No 5000mAh battery. Buddy wants a bigger number just cause it's bigger. Does NOT have a brain to think: larger battery equals less balance, not to mention we're charging at 25-45W max bruv! You didn't even think of that numbskull mathematician lol. What's the point? Seems you did half your homework here!