Nokia N96 review: King's new clothes

03 October 2008
Every time Nokia Nseries numbering goes up a notch geeks are holding their breath. Well, geeks - including us - are no ordinary human beings, but in the case of Nokia N96 they'd been holding their breath since February...

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11 years old, still have a working one! The phone holder at the back which would put your phone into movie mode is broken.
The camera is nice for its year. Cute phone.

  • Georgie

This is one of the best nokia phones ever
the e series and n series phones are sure status symbols.

  • AnonD-196393

Smart phone

  • sagir sayyed

Hunaid , 21 May 2009hello buddy how r u hey i want to buy no... more200 dinar of UAE

  • sagir sayyed

pp, 07 Feb 2012use *#7370#what will happen if i type *#7370#......

  • vpn

kamlesh parmar, 29 Dec 2008nice off feature & good mobile ever
By far the most concise and up to date information I have found on this topic.

  • vpn

Anonymous, 14 Nov 2008i spoke with nokia they say that by september next year(200... more
Have you considered about adding some social bookmarking buttons to these blog posts. At least for facebook.

  • pp

chino, 15 May 2010hello guys. please help me . what should i do?...i have n96... moreuse *#7370#

  • Kenisha

Ponting, 14 Feb 2011The Nokia N96 is a business edition cell phone with shiny a... moreYou put the lime in the cnocout and drink the article up.

  • adnan khan

hello frnds in my nokia n96 set there is no seting of slide.what i do

  • Ponting

The Nokia N96 is a business edition cell phone with shiny and charming appearance. It is the segment of the best entertainment cellular phone in it's class. This phone comes up with dual slide mechanism and a perfectly moulded structure. This 3rd generation mobile phone is powered by the Symbian operating system of the newest version which is aided by Dual ARM 9 264 MHz CPU.

  • Anonymous

I cant set my n96 phone clock,when i try to set it,it brings error.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Aug 2009Hi guys I currently have an issue with the Nokia Music pla... moremate, when u play the music, g to option select visualisation, and then album art, then the display would never go down, it would stay until u keep the music on

  • chino

hello guys. please help me . what should i do?...i have n96 black edition. my version was 12 then i updated it to version 30. i formated the 16gb drive but still photos are there and the photos cant be deleted and said general system error and the photos cant be viewed. please respond guys.. thanks

  • gj

don't waste ur money by buying this ......

  • Anonymous

Hi guys
I currently have an issue with the Nokia Music player. The problem is that the display goes off after 15 to 60 seconds depending on your settings. I need it permanently on, similar to GMobileXT that has the option to keep it on when navigating, plugged in etc. The original version of the Firmware had the display on permanently when playing music, hence the short battery life, but when using it in the car when plugged in, one don't need the power saving option. I was thinking of downloading a visualization that has a font big enough that you can read from driving position to dashboard, but I haven't come accross any download plug-ins for this software.
They should've given some power options in the settings of the Music Player.

  • brynn

Anonymous, 20 May 2009when will vodafone uk have a softwear update for n96firstly i ended up debranding my n95-1 on vodafone so i could get the software updates..Secondly since its up to network operators if they want to allow users to get these updates i always buy sim free.. i have a sim free n96 on the way and should be able to update it if it not already upto date but i could have saved monet by getting it on vodafone locked but no thanks..Its a fact i learnt years back that operators put their own software on beggering things up..

  • Hunaid

DJ Kur (London), 29 Oct 2008I loved my N95 though it wasn't perfect and in fact its scr... morehello buddy how r u
hey i want to buy nokia n96 can u tell me how much for this mobile in doller....

  • Anonymous

when will vodafone uk have a softwear update for n96

  • M.D.Victor,

We don't have words to explain about the phone ( Nokia N96 ) . Because phone's design and features are very good. I didn't buy still now. Because of the financial situation . However I will buy very soon and write about the usage ASAP.
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Batticaloa, SriLanka