Nokia 6230i: First look

03 March 2005
This Nokia 6230i first look is short even for a preview article, so don't expect many details in it. You will find all the details in our review when the phone hits the market. In this first look we are focusing on the new things - display, memory, camera…

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  • D
  • AnonD-25
  • 0Bh
  • 11 Mar 2011

Thank you, guys!

    I had this phone, it was great.

      • J
      • Jeffrey
      • kH@
      • 10 May 2009

      I don't have any comment but i want to know the price. I'm from RSA

        • a
        • abhinav
        • Pxs
        • 03 Oct 2006

        if u will increase its mega pixel camera
        then it will rock

          • H
          • Harsha
          • iLM
          • 08 Aug 2006

          If you want to buy a Nokia phone which is not too expensive... then there is no other phone but a Nokia 6230i that you wanna buy!
          Still not too old, not difficult to use and has most features, so why not!

            • j
            • jbf_nyc
            • TfR
            • 28 Jul 2006

            Help- I bought the 6230i unlocked in the US and am having trouble with the internet via T-Mobile. i can log on but most webpages such as yahoo won't load saying I don't have enough memory. Can this be true that such a sophisticated phone is unable to browse webpages with images? Please advise if you can. THANKS.

              • J
              • Jackson
              • SkE
              • 22 Jun 2006

              This phone delivers everything you want ... has all the entertainment purposes ..... one thing this would lacks is a full qwerty keyboard .... and wish it didn't have a camera ..... and it's java OS is much better than a symbian OS .... Good Luck ...

                • Z
                • Zee ( Asim )
                • SeE
                • 01 Jun 2006

                Hey ... I am using the New Nokia 6230i ... Not too expensive but
                good for the usage ... The Clarity of the camera is good ... Has a good feature that it can hold a MMC with the support of 512 MB ... Built in Memory is the highest of all mobile phones ...
                32 MB internal shared ... Call features are good ... What i wanted to download from the wap site its quite easy and the display is great ... Supports upto 65.356 coloura and Active TFT display and has 208X208 ... I love it all ... This Phone is REALLY MARVELLOUS ... My First and LAST choice ... If you want to get more details ... Be Free to call me at +919866089011 ...

                HAVE A NICE DAY ...