Samsung i7110 preview: First look, first scoop

20 October 2008
Samsung i7110 puts the latest Symbian in proper attire courtesy of the Soul. Last time we checked, metal still scored high in the fashion stakes, while 5MP camera, GPS, Wi-Fi and the latest Symbian OS promise a lot...

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  • j
  • jah
  • Nv9
  • 23 Jan 2013

hey i cant take pictures with my phone!! please help me out thanks!!

    • ?
    • Anonymous
    • 0x7
    • 21 Sep 2009

    where is the review gsmarenaa??????!!!!!!

      • u
      • u900 owner
      • 45I
      • 05 Sep 2009

      can you lock like the sms or the file menu ?
      thanks a lot !!

        • d
        • d
        • MuQ
        • 05 Apr 2009

        who can tell me of this phone's 2nd edition review?

          • M
          • Mr.LMGZ
          • 4cH
          • 05 Feb 2009

          I just got this phone and it's awersome!!! I really like the candybarr shape! The camera is O.K. The screen is incredible, It's with AMOLED technology and QVGA resolution. I'm just dissapointed because the phone doesn't rotate the main menu.

            • g
            • gangarak
            • PS6
            • 06 Jan 2009

            how bout video call guys..?

              • ?
              • Anonymous
              • pJh
              • 28 Nov 2008

              Looks pretty good, maybe like the i8510 INNOV8 but in a smaller candybar form and a slightly more compact 5MP.

                • ?
                • Anonymous
                • 3Ce
                • 15 Nov 2008

                a U800 upgraded, i love candy bar phones but i'd agree that its kinda really long with 2.6, looks ok in pics but its actually pretty large, same with the i550 thats huge in real, looks great in pics and paper but the phone don really deliver to well, the N79 in better in most ways only thing this tops is being metal and ok design

                  • ?
                  • Anonymous
                  • 4Zr
                  • 15 Nov 2008

                  Well there's a lot going for this phone..loaded with technology but why why couldn't they make this a slider??? It's just too damn long now! I'd buy it in a heartbeat then.

                    • ?
                    • Anonymous
                    • PWY
                    • 13 Nov 2008

                    Wayne King, 27 Oct 2008The DNSe technology is supposed to be audiophile friendly! ... moreGUYS, WHAT THE HELL? GSMArena earlier said that it will have "DNSe Audio Technology" ...

                    Now, they removed this line from Preview Specs .. Why??

                    @ GSM Arena Staff, you should explain why this happened??

                      • R
                      • RESPEKT
                      • nWK
                      • 10 Nov 2008

                      Samsung did great job, their recent phones are quite amazing.
                      i550,i900,i8510 and i7110 looks quite promissing.
                      N96,N85,N79 plastictoys are a joke compared to this.
                      Cant comprehend why people spend bunch of bugs for nokia cheap quality phones. I bet Nokia headquarter is laughing at all the mindless Nokiafools.

                        • T
                        • They Listened!
                        • U2T
                        • 08 Nov 2008

                        Looks like Samsung have listened to the expertise of GSMArena:


                        I prefer the old stainless steel look, but these buttons will no doubt be better...

                          • j
                          • jill
                          • wYR
                          • 07 Nov 2008

                          very beautiful and outlook set
                          i m using for 4 months and i seems to be very amazing and chootia

                            • ?
                            • Anonymous
                            • mD6
                            • 01 Nov 2008

                            Shinigami, 27 Oct 2008Thanks for writing a preview, its very interesting. The on... moreWTF are you saying ??? its much much better than n79

                              • 3
                              • 3m
                              • 3p1
                              • 31 Oct 2008

                              Really hope the trackpad problem is fixed because this phone checks all the boxes. Perfect.

                                • S
                                • Shinigami
                                • 3da
                                • 27 Oct 2008

                                Thanks for writing a preview, its very interesting.
                                The only thing you didn't mention (and what I was expecting the most) - price.
                                If the price is about the same as N79, N79 wins. i7110 has a 0.2" bigger screen, but 2.4" on N79 is about right size. i7110 has metal in it but that metal is not the best choice for a cold winter (if you have snow, its a cold winter). The main advantage is its small thickness but those buttons... I think its better to sacrifice those 2mm but have a decent button set. Oh, and N79 has 2 speakers on the side, making it loud(er).
                                Now, if the price is about $100-200 lower than N79, its a great thing, but one will need to check on those buttons before buying.
                                If the price is higher than N79, its a no-go unless you hate nokia and only want anything-but-nokia phone. Why? Because... its a Nokia! No matter how good Sammy is, its still a TV maker in my mind, while Nokia is a phone maker (they don't make TVs, they don't make conditioners, they don't make refrigerators... but they make a wide arrange of great phones).
                                This is all my opinion though.

                                So it all comes to one question: price. I really expect Samsung to be cheaper, but I know Nokia is already expected to be relatively cheap. So I want to know the exact price. I'm expecting a review of 7110 on mobile-review later, so I hope gsm-arena will post their own view on the subject (I'll read both).

                                Oh, and I love your photo comparisons, always comparing same object photographed by different cameras from the same spot under similar conditions, it really helps. Thanks!

                                  • W
                                  • Wayne King
                                  • vmy
                                  • 27 Oct 2008

                                  Sam N91 user, 21 Oct 2008@ Raven: It has DNSe Audio Technology 2.0 /// Will it give ... moreThe DNSe technology is supposed to be audiophile friendly! So if it doesn't have good audio quality, then Samsung FAILED! =[

                                    • i
                                    • i7110 vs. N79
                                    • yLI
                                    • 26 Oct 2008

                                    GSMArena we are waiting with great interest a hands-on comparison between this phone and it's obvious competitor Nokia N79

                                      • a
                                      • apt.pupil
                                      • 2G8
                                      • 22 Oct 2008

                                      Forest, 21 Oct 2008It's my dream phone, I will waiting for it!i gotta give it to samsung- they sure make some smexy looking phones.

                                      but looks won't have me buying this phone with it's terrible ergonomic

                                        • F
                                        • Forest
                                        • 2Kg
                                        • 21 Oct 2008

                                        It's my dream phone, I will waiting for it!