HTC Touch HD review: Windows almighty

28 November 2008
The Touch HD is storming the WinMo stage to leave a footprint the size of half the HTC portfolio. Not so long ago we saw how sexy Windows Mobile can look, now it gets multimedia hot. There’s TouchFLO 3D to roll the heavy WinMo machine into action...

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  • Anonymous

"Bear in mind that those figures will be even lower on a Vista-based PC for some Microsoft-only-knows-why reason. That's another story entirely and we'd rather stay out of it". What do they really mean?

  • Jaycee

Jassy B Dubai (UAE), 30 May 2009NEED HELP Problems which i'm facing with my HTC TOUCH HD 1)... moreI'll try to put this to good use immdieaetly.

  • Zariel

Nikki, 03 Feb 2009I NEED this phone! When and how are we going to get it in Aus?Holy Toledo, so glad I clkiced on this site first!

  • Keyaan

Anonymous, 17 Feb 2010windows update always fails ,time and date are correct ,orange s... moreWhat liberating knowledge. Give me leirbty or give me death.

  • Radwa Mohamed

I am hesitating bewteen buying HTC Touch HD , Touch Pro2 and Touch Pro. So could you please help me choose between them !

  • Anonymous

windows update always fails ,time and date are correct ,orange shop says u have to do it on computer.

  • Ophir

In the review of the Touch HD you say that you can rename an existing filed in the contact application, can you explain in details how? I could not find a way to do that when I tried to rename one of the phone numbers fields (Work2 to Mobile2 for example).

  • viking

Hi, I'm hesitating between the Touch HD and the Diamond 2. Apart from the obvious difference in size and screen, any technical differences I should be aware of ?

  • Vandrake

This is a beautiful device as masta jason said. i have had it for a while now. but please note that this device is tri band HSDPA/UMTS if you navigate to the menus under the phone section settings and select band you will see that it supports USA 3G frequencies and well as the usual 900/2100 3G bands. Just doing my bit to help with the accuracy of an amazing site. keep it up GSM Arena. and a job well done. you're my first stop when looking for a mobile review

  • Zephyr

Hey, gsmarena! Why the speaker phone test chart shows different resulted data about Samsyng INNOV8? As in its own review page, the result was 78.9 - 75.7 - 77.5.

Which one is the right one about INNOV8, the last or the latest?

  • Masta Jason

Anonymous, 12 Jan 2009windows "almighty" still has a looong way to come. I got htc hd ... moreThe 250 numbers that appear twice are those that are on the sim card as well as on the phone contacts list.

  • Masta Jason

I'm using this device in South Africa. It's an absolutely beautiful, near-flawless stroke of genius that. I have used it for a month and a half now. Its only downsides are that the virtual keys are not visible in the dark, lack of flash for night photography, and the location of the storage card. Otherwise I love it to bits.

  • Jassy B Dubai (UAE)


Problems which i'm facing with my HTC TOUCH HD
1) Not able to use my nokia head set which is also 3.5 mm jack same like TOUCH HD,and vice versa if i use my TOUCH HD headset which is also 3.5 mm jack with my nokia music edition phone it shows (accesory)headset not supported,conclusion though both headsets are 3.5 mm then why we cannot use with each other this the problem with TOUCH HD or something else???????????

2) My TOUCH HD earpiece volume is very low that is what i feel ,i dont know about others,though i make it to the maximum level then also i feel its low as compare to other devices,is this normal ????????????

3) while talking over the TOUCH HD if i talk little louder i heard a echo of my own voice through the earpiece while conversations with others. IS THIS NORMAL my friends ??????????

4) Before i buy my TOUCH HD,i go through lots of search and research,i also read almost all comments on site and the reviews by in which gsmarena writes about so many features of this device like when it rings if u face down the device it automatically mutes the ringing volume in my TOUCH HD it doesnt happens,and if your stylus is not inside your TOUCH HD gives u warning on screen that your stylus is not inside your TOUCH HD.
any one facing the same problems

and in last i want the answers from all of you please help me in all these matters.
and is it possible if we get ROM update all the problem get solved what i just mentioned right now
please help me.

  • Cheryl Barnes

Anonymous, 30 Jan 2009gdt_30. what provider are you using in Cleveland. Does this phone work in the US? What does International Version mean exactly? Can I take my AT&T sim card and put it in this phone? Thanks!!

  • Unbalanced

Can anyone plz answer if there is a solution to the text msg system? I tried this on store and "keys" for letters r TOO small for my fingers. Rotate should b applied somehow with bigger keys.
Non existing flash is a drawback as well.
I rly think of disadvantages since i am about to spend 700Euros to buy a phone.

  • Farzad

Hello everyone,
I have a Windows Mobile device myself and I get confused every time I read reviews of this site about Windows Mobile phones.
When talking about the phone book, always it is mentioned that "if you ever feel that the existing contact fields are not enough, you can always rename some of the existing ones and use them instead"
Can anyone guide me with this issue? Because until now, I've only seen Inesoft AddressBook which is capable of renaming the existing fields... but renaming the fields doesn't cause them to appear in the standard Windows Mobile contacts and only Inesoft can read them as fields (not notes) .... ??????

  • Anonymous

Baki Dekel, 14 Feb 2009Is anyone can tell me why there is a problem to install Skype on... moreYou need the pocketpc download, not the smartphone download.
Some providers, like mine (Vodafone) block Skype using the GPRS network. (For obvious reasons...) In my HTC HD Skype works perfectly with a Wifi connection or thru Active Sync and the computer.

  • dracula

I've just bought it and waiting for the phone now.. really excited!

  • Baki Dekel

Is anyone can tell me why there is a problem to install Skype on my HTC HD to work ?
I have try both versions the pockepc and the smartphone yet my skype members apear in grey as if they are not connected.. any help ?

  • Nikki

I NEED this phone! When and how are we going to get it in Aus?