LG KC910 Renoir review: Portrait of a high-flyer

30 December 2008
The LG KC910 has a moniker that sends out a bold and clear statement about talent. Packing a whopping 8 megapixel camera and top-of-the-line video recording, the LG KC910 Renoir is all about capturing the moment, leaving an impression...

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Back when things were great

    • D
    • AnonD-212727
    • 7JS
    • 20 Aug 2015

    nikky , 25 Jul 2014Pls how can I get original battery and camera for this phon... moreeBay and Amazon sell the batteries for this phone. Very cheap and brand new so I would order them from there

      • n
      • nikky
      • N9@
      • 25 Jul 2014

      Pls how can I get original battery and camera for this phone ? My sis sent it to me sinve 2010 but I've not been able to use it. Thanks

        • D
        • AnonD-212727
        • Ibx
        • 06 Dec 2013

        I had this phone and I loved it! Email just like the Viewty sucked, the interface was nice though just a bit sluggish
        The MP3 player was a huge step up loved the build of the Renoir! And dude! The camera on it was so deliciously great!!! Video recording at its finest! I recorded a lot of my soccer games with it and just really fun moments! The pix came out good with the flash! A really nice phone the widgets while not that useful made your phone look neat :)

          • K
          • Kalie
          • Kxe
          • 02 Jul 2011

          Donna, 10 Jun 2009Hi, does anyone know how to get settings to an orange unloc... moreHome run! Great slugging with that asnewr!

            • m
            • mr.X
            • 3C1
            • 14 Oct 2010

            this phone has no good sound quality..very poor sounds...

              • ?
              • Anonymous
              • vuZ
              • 08 Mar 2010

              hi i need help i'm thinking of getteing either the renoir or the arena and i don't know which one to chooes? i've been looking into both and the both seem like great phones but i'm not sure which is better..please help!!!!

                • ?
                • Anonymous
                • upq
                • 04 Feb 2010

                can anyone plzz tel me hoe to put privacy settings on messages and photos???

                  • ?
                  • Anonymous
                  • ps4
                  • 23 Nov 2009

                  Appart from the camera, I'm very disappointed with this phone. Slughish interface, calendar with limited possibilities and crappy sound quality.

                    • d
                    • dean
                    • vMh
                    • 04 Nov 2009

                    heaps off troble with it ,,, sent back 3 times ,,, plus could hardly hear it ring

                      • C
                      • Ciar
                      • 0ah
                      • 03 Jul 2009

                      hey, can anyone tell me is it worth getting this or the prada 2, they seem to be in a similar price range with few differences, has anyone tried both and an give a definite answer, or would you recommend something else like a samsung?


                        • ?
                        • Anonymous
                        • 3pP
                        • 01 Jul 2009

                        the radio is stereo or not?


                          • D
                          • Donna
                          • pTC
                          • 10 Jun 2009

                          Hi, does anyone know how to get settings to an orange unlocked renior? My SIM is o2 and works for texts and calls on this phone but not o2 active and won't access my livebox. Any advice please? o2 won't help cos it's an orange phone

                            • s
                            • spacepodlife
                            • PSK
                            • 30 May 2009

                            to enable video streaming through WiFi simply change the default streaming settings with:
                            Settings->Connettivity->Streaming setting->Internet profile: Wi-Fi.
                            No need to change the UDP port number

                              • T
                              • TAZ
                              • P@U
                              • 15 May 2009

                              The biggest and ugliest letdown for this great phone is its loudspeaker. Just look up the web about its loudspeaker and you will get the answer.
                              most people either cant hear any ringtone or they blew their loud speaker by trying to play enhanced ringtones.
                              Many of you might think loudspeaker is not so important but think again.

                              Additionally its very sad that gsmarena did not even comment on the loudspeaker, and so let us down.

                                • e
                                • elementaryelement
                                • 3LB
                                • 11 May 2009

                                Can LG Renoir play Youtube via WIFI?

                                because this site says it cant

                                  • S
                                  • Shell
                                  • vV5
                                  • 27 Apr 2009

                                  can i know LG KC910 can support how many GB?8GB only or 16GB also can? Please tell me~~>~

                                    • L
                                    • Lord Lucan
                                    • pwY
                                    • 26 Mar 2009

                                    does anybody know how to get the MAC address of the phone?

                                      • j
                                      • jin
                                      • M{3
                                      • 13 Mar 2009

                                      Anonymous, 24 Feb 2009Hi I'm from germany and have the Renoir as well. I'm pret... morechange the java connection name to "temp" and activate it.
                                      then turn on your wifi.

                                        • ?
                                        • Anonymous
                                        • u4g
                                        • 07 Mar 2009

                                        I want to see the audio quality test.