Sony Ericsson W715 and C510 preview: First look

09 January 2009
Sony Ericsson announced several new phones yesterday and we managed to snatch the Sony Ericsson C510 Cyber-shot and Sony Ericsson W715 Walkman for quick and dirty hands-on session...

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  • gaurav

I have c510. Can anybody help me for setting of my camera.

  • sul

it give lots of trouble restart when watch photos from media, very very low shock proof

  • mvp

This phone was very valuable,
you will never regret to have it.

  • Anonymous

Is there any e book reader or pdf viewer supported by c 510? Please let me know

  • sandeep

Sriram, 31 Dec 2009not able to use zoom facility while taking photo.... can u pleas... moreu can only zoom when d camer4a is in vga mode

  • sandeep

i m nt at all satisfied wid d service quality
it has been three months nd i m still to get my phn back frm d service centre

  • Uday

I was looking for a budget priced, 3.2-5MP Camera mobile that will give me pictures I can be proud of every time, and I have found it - the SONY C510. A mobile that gives awesome photo clarity and reasonably good videos, awesome music reproduction, photo editing, flash, sound recording,geo tagging, blue tooth,USB, and much more, most of which I may never use. But I am getting the very best of what I was always seeking in a Quality mobile - Excellent picture clarity and Excellent music plus of course a sturdy and reliable mobile instrument. After checking out the SONY C510, the search for my dream mobile has come to an end. SONY C510 is the one for me. The only mobile, I am certain, that will not only fully live up to my expectations but exceed them in many ways. Many thanks to GSMARENA for the wonderful and exhaustive Review of the SONY C510 complete with pictures, 360 degree view, sample photos, a video and comparative analysis with other models, which have all helped me decide to go for the SONY C510. And thanks to SONY for offering such a superlative CYBER SHOT performer at a reasonable price. SONY is the only mobile manufacturer which truly CARES for its customers and has shown its large heartedness by giving so much more in the SONY C510 for such a reasonable price. Hats off to SONY-ERICSSON.

I have a worthwhile suggestion for GSMARENA, which I hope you will accept:
Please host a PHOTO-BLOG, a webpage for visitors to upload their best pictures and videos taken from their mobile phones along with which they should give a few details like the mobile brand and model used, indoor or outdoor picture, photographed under natural light (sunlight) or fill-in flash used, etc. This will make the PHOTO-BLOG more interesting to all, and encourage mobile manufacturers to improve upon their products performance in the future. All mobile phones have cameras but most mobile users rarely use them. GSMARENA's PHOTO-BLOG will encourage mobile users to use their mobile cameras more often while making GSMARENA more and more popular not only among mobile users but also among lovers of photography. Please do seriously think about starting a PHOTO-BLOG, and I will be among the first to send you pictures and videos.

  • zay-d 111

can somebody tell me is the phone nice bacauz i gonna to buy a handphone !

  • Shankar

C510 ...not a bad idea. But th software is bit quirky. To quote a few, zooming only in VGA mode, no wi-fi facility etc. It provides 3g, 3.2 mp with smile shutter option, threaded sms etc. Worth a price.

  • Sameera

This may be best phone for slim and camera users! But not for smartphone users if you want mobile processing power this not suit for you

  • Sriram

not able to use zoom facility while taking photo.... can u please help me how to activate zoom......

  • imperata cylindrica

ms, 07 Jun 2009can i add apps like walkman player and music mate 5 in c510 plz ... moreyou can install music mate 5 in c510..

  • Rakesh

I am having C510 most of the time it hangs and then its very difficult to restart

  • abhi

Anonymous, 12 Jul 2009Zoom in not working for Sony Ericsson C510 in 3/2/1 Megapixel. I... moreyes their is lack of zoom except vga,but u could use it in another way by capturing the image and then zooming in the potion mode3 u would find a option of save then u could save the image that time with zoom mode.

  • emons

dis is an amazing phones that I ever have.......well done SE

  • Anonymous

First time SE user, Quality & user interface & graphics too good.Lacks sound quality of Motorola.

  • Anonymous


  • Rishivar

Hows the sound quality for the SE C510??? buying my mobile soon so please hurry... :)

  • pinky

C510 have WLAN/WiFi or not

  • Nabb

Can somebody tell me how much this phone sells in Europe? Thanks