LG KP500 Cookie review: Grab a bite

30 January 2009
It almost feels unfair of LG to give the KP500 a name that's so hard to say no to. The Cookie scent seems to have inspired a craving already and LG are hoping to have you coming back for more. A genuinely affordable touchscreen, a very decent specs sheet, and fun and friendly interface...

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  • Sam68
  • rJL
  • 07 Sep 2022

(1) What TYPE of USB charging Port does KP500 Phone have?

(2) I need the charging cable for my old KP500 Elegant Gold phone.
Where can I get this online?


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    • AnonD-459610
    • xEc
    • 05 Jun 2016

    The grammar in every comment is so off, it hurts. On-topic, there were too many puns.

      • s
      • shiva
      • U@f
      • 21 Jun 2014

      I expet brosing is speed but no,camera was not zoom,no wifi

        • j
        • jahid, bangladesh
        • PEq
        • 25 May 2013

        LG kp 500 is best but net browes slow and camera not zoom

          • k
          • kuldeep
          • fCM
          • 14 Mar 2013

          Scorty problem reopen facebook

            • e
            • euniceronkky
            • fuN
            • 09 Dec 2012

            pls help me out my kp500 is only display Lg on screen n i love the phone so much

              • H
              • Himanshu
              • Xud
              • 11 Aug 2012

              The best phone and looking phone.

                • C
                • Caine
                • Ycr
                • 05 Feb 2012

                Lg kp500 í the best except 3g or wifi

                  • s
                  • siddarth
                  • utK
                  • 10 Feb 2011

                  worse phone bad camera,hang alot,bad music quality and at last but not the least i had wasted my money don't waste urs

                    • c
                    • casanova
                    • utN
                    • 12 Dec 2010

                    it's not a good phone.it was very slow and a bad camara

                      • a
                      • ali from tehran
                      • 3Pq
                      • 01 Dec 2010

                      I think it is not a good phone:
                      1-very slow
                      2-no theme
                      3-limit of opening program
                      4-very very bad camera....
                      dont lose your money

                        • R
                        • Ragelkie
                        • Mf5
                        • 16 Nov 2010

                        LGKP500 is the best, I'm just having one problem.How to go on Website to set up e-mails

                          • R
                          • Raja
                          • vGC
                          • 06 Sep 2010

                          i thik Lg kp500 is best one.. now only .. (5,200only) so dats y i choose this one only.. im too comfort with dis..

                            • b
                            • bhupinder
                            • Y}x
                            • 05 Sep 2010

                            chathu, 15 Oct 2009help me guy's........... want to buy a phone...... wat do... morelg cookie kp 500

                              • w
                              • well, if it's option
                              • MZx
                              • 10 Aug 2010

                              Hi everyone,
                              does anyone have any idea how to erase stored login&password from the phone's browser for a specific page (or any page)?


                                • c
                                • chifter
                                • Ui}
                                • 08 May 2010

                                im fine with it. as with most phones, play long enough will get used to it already.

                                but i got a BIG problem. my calendar and analogue clock widgets have disappeared. as in totally. i fiddle fiddle with it then suddenly no longer can see them anywhere.

                                if anyone know how to retrieve lost widgets (not in the widget toolbar, that bar after you press the one to put in more widgets in), please do tell. it would be a great help to all the people who lost their widgets.


                                  • R
                                  • Raghavendra
                                  • 2Th
                                  • 04 May 2010

                                  LG KP500 is pethatic...
                                  plz dont bye LG products especially mobile...
                                  I had got LG KP 500 for rs 13,000 odd when it was introduced in the market... with in 2 months the speaker conked off... i asked for replacement coz it was just 2 months old, they did not agree then i got it repaired... latter after 3 months i got a dispaly problem.. then i again asked for a replacement they did not agree this time also.. had to get it repaired for free... as it has one yr warrenty... the phone is slow... need to wait almost a minute after clicking for anything to happen...? and also any free english dictonary or some software for LG KP 500 does't work.. has a lot of problem.. i guess all the LG products are like this... i had a bad experiance with LG TV as well....

                                    • ?
                                    • Anonymous
                                    • 0rs
                                    • 27 Apr 2010

                                    Anonymous, 28 Dec 2009hey, im decidng which phone to buy, would you recommend the... moreWell, the Samsung Corby is just extremely ugly. I've got a (hacked) Cookie. It has the full interface of an Iphone. There are many negative comments about the Kp500, but I love it.

                                      • ?
                                      • Anonymous
                                      • ji%
                                      • 15 Apr 2010

                                      Touch phones are a piece of shit. You do anything that say press 1 if you want English. Or you try to get into your voice mail and don't have you #0000 setup. By the time you finally get a stupid key pad, it has gone on to something else and you have to fight it.
                                      I don't like the touch phones. Your screen goes bad than what you do.

                                        • p
                                        • prasath
                                        • PTi
                                        • 01 Mar 2010

                                        breath taking mobile! simply awesome! go for it guys.