Sony Ericsson W902 review: Cyber-Walkman-shot

06 February 2009
A phone like no other or a quick-fix Cyber-shot Walkman mongrel trying to pass off as a hip novelty – you can call the Sony Ericsson W902 whatever you like, but it will still be the best cameraphone among music phones. The 5 megapixel auto focus camera opens a new chapter in the Walkman book...

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  • Mahalia

W995 FTW, 15 Feb 2009I'm holding my breath for the W995 instead.I can't believe you're not playing with me--that was so hpeflul.

  • Kalie

VladimirOK, 08 Feb 2009Main disadvantages: * Smallish screen - normal screen si... moreYou've hit the ball out the park! Inrcedilbe!

  • john

michelle, 12 Feb 2009i am looking for something that plays really good quality m... morei think u should buy g900 it has wifi and support up to 8gb.It is a smartphone but it can lag at certain time .A phone where does not cost much

  • Tabby

I cannot wait to have this phone in my hands. It is such a good experience mobile phone it has all the features you would love when it comes to the walkman.

  • fathimath

i have been using the same model phone since last october. do not know y every other month i cant receive and call back for 3 to four days and there is a message appearing as if i want to reset voice dialling which i didnt set in any time. y is that? and what should i do? should i format the phone or reset? i do scan for viruses also? the memory card is 8gb.

  • anon

Im really debating on buying this phone at such a price.

For a student was wondering whether this phone is worth its cost. or its just overpriced?

If not what are the other options open in this category with a lesser cost and a better efficiency/life?

  • Josh

i was recently trying to search for this phone and so far i have failed to find the black one i only saw the red ones. is there a place where i can order one that i can trust? anyone have any suggestions?

  • Alex

Jordan Looi, 02 Aug 2009just wan to know is that W902 really a good phone?????W902 is a very Good mobile!!!

  • Jordan Looi

just wan to know is that W902 really a good phone?????

  • Kiran Davda

People i am very much stuck in decideing between 2 phones W902 or nokia E63 ....E63 is coz i feel it has better browsing exprience ...?
What abt W902! how is the browsing exp with w902!?
Does E63 has low rintone volume ?

  • Alvin

I've been using this phone about a week now and I think this phone is very in terms of sound and camera. I don't mind its price because 8 gig m2 card and a very nice headset is included. Internet capabilities as well is very good and fast. My money is worth this phone and im sticking to Sony Ericsson 4eva.

  • rr

i have been using this phone since Nov08. Sony has replaced my set once and have replaced the 8GB card once. We have yet to conclude what the real problem is - between the two. I get a message "No Memory card found" after unplugging the head set or my sony speaker! I continue to have this problem. But i know what to do - Open the back cover, remove the M2 card and re-slot it back. I continue to be a SE fan and hope mine is an isolated case.

  • Saryu

SE fan, 07 Feb 2009Wait a minute. It has no accelerometer, no touch screen, no... moreit has accelerometer,, maybe u should read more carefully before making false accuse

  • W995 FTW

I'm holding my breath for the W995 instead.

  • Anonymous

Good review.... Thank you!

It's still an OVERPRICED phone.

SE INSISTS on using their proprietary charger port... Hmpph! It figures!
At least the memory card is upgradable (16gb card came out last winter but still relatively pricey and hard to find esp. in USA).

It's a better looking phone than w890i but the price... OUCH!

Sorry... rather spend the money on a decent phone with better media capability... sigh.... maybe time to switch to.... iPhone ... maybe??!

SE killed itself by focusing on the luxury end for their phones and look at them now.... barely surviving and STILL making Overpriced phones for ... who????

Not worth buying another SE phone!

  • michelle

i am looking for something that plays really good quality music and can support at least 4GB memory. Any recommendation?

  • mladen

SE has the most reliable telephony and messaging,only major flaw is lack of the WiFi but THIS IS NOT A SMARTPHONE,this is a totaly multimedia dedicated phone,and such as that it is best non-smartphone handset outthere.
PS the first 4g chip has been made and its conection is faster than WiFi so in a 2 years now non-smartphones will prevail

  • bummy

Yeah, the only complaint is the somewhat heavy price tag.

But the 8gb card, and super high quality headphones does make up for it.

  • Anonymous

Kronan, 08 Feb 2009This phone has been for sale for like six months already. ... moreDid you even read the first page of this review?
"It's been a while since the Sony Ericsson W902 was released on the market and though we had a little preview out pretty much before everyone else, we somehow managed to miss a dedicated detailed review of this promising chap in the hectic winter months of 2008. Well, it's time to sort that and now that we secured a fully retail-ready Sony Ericsson W902, we are more than happy to take it out for a spin."

Some people really are brain dead.

  • Kronan

This phone has been for sale for like six months already.
Why is this review being published now?