Samsung C5212 Duos preview: First look

17 February 2009
With Samsung C5212 Duos you get two phones in one. This is the latest Samsung handset to offer seamless dual SIM handling with almost no compromise in terms of usability and telephony. The C5212 looks a good basic package of...

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  • Anonymous

How can I use the internet

  • hameed

I want this mobaile

  • Anonymous

hope sim lock number

  • Anonymous

My phone is locked with an unknown code, please can i get any help to unlock it.


I HATE SAMSUNG C5212I hi is horrable phone for internet or browsers

  • vijay bhatt

Plz this mobail is gret


I want the mobile new for Samsung C5212

  • sad

how to operate the browser in samsung c5212

  • wills

dear friends im using samsung c5212 my head phones on and off button not working im changed other phone to attached this headphones its working in that phone what happen my phone please rectify my problem

  • nitin jasud

I like my phone

  • faroole

I have Samsung C5212 Doul sim his problem's when i inserted Battry aut start then rebootting Contenously

Plz Help me

  • duet

i am using samsung 5212 mobile from 1 month and searched for pdf viewer software but am not getting it. plz tell me from where to get this software which work on my mobile smoothly.

  • bb

Samsung , 06 Sep 2011I've this phone for two years now and I'm very satisfied af... morethanks

  • Ragavdurai

I want a dual sim phone.that time samsung c5212i is introduced for me. I bought this mobile with very like.but iam not satisfied dnt data cable in pack. Earphone is worst. When the sim change the mobile is switch off. I give 50 out of 100 marks.

  • farhan

pls help me to veiw office documents ( excell,word, pdf, etc).on my mobile GT-C5212 samsung

  • Samsung

donnellap, 17 Aug 2011changing from 1 sim to the other is a nightmare have to wai... moreI've this phone for two years now and I'm very satisfied after some starting problems. For switching between the sims, you can do it as follows:
select the option to write a sms; then change the sim with the button on te side and ready. No restart necessary.

  • Anonymous

Rahul, 23 Nov 2010I just bought this phone and I would rate it as a horrible ... moreNo...that's wrong.. next call should go with yr first setting only, check yr phone to samsung center

  • gollu

i dont know how to connect samsung c5212 mobile to pc with vodafone sim help me.

  • donnellap

changing from 1 sim to the other is a nightmare have to wait to restart and reboot.. sometimes the sims get confused too only 200 msgs 35 in inbox!! do not recommend

  • refey

Nimisha, 16 Apr 2011Hi, I have Samsung c5212 mobile.I want free Call Recorder S...