Sony Ericsson W595 review: Music on the slide

26 February 2009
We've already welcomed the W595 at the proto stage, but this time it's the real deal - we have a retail unit on our hands and we are ready to put it through its paces. The differences from the preceding model...

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The W760 is STILL cheaper than the W595 in 2018! On eBay (the UK version), the cheapest W760 (unlocked) is £14.99 whilst the cheapest W595 (unlocked) is £24.99! (As of March 10, 2018)

  • jack saravanaa

Anonymous, 29 Mar 2009Just downloaded the video it records on 320x240 and still i... morelokking very nice

  • n - dhay just asking bout for w595 co'z the camera not to open.

  • vinu

i have very bad experience with this phone. many times changed the strip and its os also too slow.. i don't like any more this phone. Please don't buy this phone. if you have money then buy other branded mobile like samsung...

  • Ram

its a very cool phone and i dont know why the disply lights are getting dim when using the phone

  • devi

i have sony ericssion w595 is very super. i like very much.

  • So close yet so far

ching, 18 Oct 2009i've been using this unit for like 4 months. i think it's g... moreJust had the exact same problem

  • apafdg

Luxman, 19 Nov 2009Hi I want to know W595 Made in ????????sri lanka

  • fiza

it's great but have no light

  • devon

sannat, 07 Mar 2009this phone is worst mobile...its screen will not work prope... moreyou just don't know how to take care of your fone thats why u hav bad coments!!!!! use fone wisely

  • Anonymous

Unhappy User, 24 Dec 2009My phone crashes when I play music for too long, like aroun... moresame with mine W-302, It takes 4-5 times to recognize USB.

  • Unhappy User

My phone crashes when I play music for too long, like around an hr? The USB takes around 5-8 times to recognize my phone. The charger and earpieces keeps getting disconnected halfway and hence causing a lot of trouble. I've to bend it a little downwards/ upwards for it to register.

One of the more serious problem I'm currently facing is being able to call and receive calls but not being able to hear a thing the other party says.

  • Luxman

Hi I want to know W595 Made in ????????

  • NaughtyKP

Bought this fone from 3 Mobile AU, It's been pretty good, but the Paint on the front of the keys wears off very quickly, and it's USB/Charging port thing is very unreliable, It often takes over 8 times to get the phone to recognise a plugged in accessory. Also, the phone's media navigation is extremley slow and annoying to use. The phone it'self is quite buggy and crashes frequently. But it's great for texting, I've been quite rough with it and have had no cracks so far. But I would question the stability of the Slide mechanisim. I've only had it 5 months and it's coming loose.

Otherwise an excellent phone with Java. :D

  • ching

i've been using this unit for like 4 months. i think it's great!never had any problems about it until this week. i'm having problems making and receiving calls. I cant hear anything when i call someone and when someone calls me, i cant hear them and they cant hear me either. i can hear words when i turn on the speaker or use the headset. some said maybe the problem is the earpiece, other said maybe it's just the program.there are times times that it's ok and i can make and receive calls. i don't know what to do. please help. thank u very much in advance.

  • vddd

this is a vry gud phone.da cam is ok.but its really gud for has a gud slider.and has no issues with the software..u also get a 2gb mem card with da phone

  • ehtasham mirza

well to me it looks realy out class the glammer and amazing features that this mobile has i realy love that

  • DEEP


  • Erick

This device may have useful features but it is simply far too over priced and if one looks carefully one can get the award winning all rounder, W910, for nearly half the asking price of this one.

  • Anonymous

im loking to buy a slider for the main use of music
can any one tell me if the w595 is up to the job?
i really like the syle of this phone but not sure if the music part of it is up to scratch, can somebody help me?