Sony Ericsson C903 review: Slider-shot

11 March 2009
Inspired by the Sony T-series point-and-shoot digcams with an elegant lens cover, the Sony Ericsson C903 is a compact and attractive cameraphone. The C903 is packed with features you’d expect of a high...

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  • Philip phiri

Am from zambia I rely love yr products

  • sahil

mobile body

  • Anonymous

does it have a torch light?jj

  • Harsh

1.Even if the only attractive feature of this mobile is the 5 MP camera, the auto-focus fails at all conditions(indoor, outdoor, light, dark). The photos in indoor conditions (fluorescent light) are useless. You are better off with a 2.0 or 3.2 MP Nokia Mobile or Samsung Mobile.

2.Very hard to get a creative shot using this mobile. You not only have to worry about the image but also you know its not going to be a usable image. Close-up shots like of a keyboard or similar give you reddish patches in low light area of the image.

3.It is not a multitasking phone for e.g - Music and Camera do not work at the same time(my 3 year old Nokia N73 did that without a hitch).

4.Option to multiple select contacts and delete them at one go is absent. Forget about the option of having a keypad keys combination shortcut to do the same.

5.The Shortcut to Music is absent. You have to create a shortcut till Media and browse to music and play the file.

6.Auto-generated play-lists like "Recently Added Songs","Most Played Songs" are absent.

7. You listen to a song and like to set it as ringtone, you can not set it there. You have to set it in
Settings -> Sounds -> Ringtone-> Ringtones -> Artist -> Album -> Song. I think I am going to have a fixed ringtone the rest of the time I have this mobile.

8. If you are listening to a song and want to add it to a play-list in C903, you are holding the wrong phone. It seems this is a advanced feature and you cant have that here. You have to create a play-list and browse the songs. This makes me want to bite screen off the mobile.

9. While applying themes, one can not preview it before applying. We have to apply a theme(it takes its own sweet time in doing so) and see if you like it.

10. If you are using the phone to listen music while walking, the C903 is the king of inconvenience. The earphone jack is in the side, volume buttons in the side are a pain to use. Remember these also act as next and previous keys. So the easy way to play the next track is to step aside, take out the mobile from your pocket, unlock the phone and use the keypad to play the next track.

11. The only thing thing this is good at is at gifting it to someone who does not use the phone to do any thing else other than making phone calls (parents) or to someone whom you do not want to do anything else(siblings).

12. I never understand why Sony never uses standard stuff like earphone jack and micro SD. Looks like they want their customers to get accessories from their brand only. This is bad.

13. Talking of the PC Suite Software, there is no music compression tool available which is standard stuff in others. Saving pics using the software is absent. You have to browse to the specific folder and to make matters worse you cannot get a thumbnail view of images there. This is irritating to say the least.

14. You get a missed call and view it "View Events" as this is the screen u are shown when there is a missed call. But wait the missed call symbol does not go. You have to visit the "All Calls" to make it go.

15. You open a message in "Inbox" and want to view the next message. This basic stuff is also absent. You have to go too the list screen and select the next message.

16. You want to Edit the Song name. Do it before loading it into the phone because this facility is also absent.

This list seems endless and is in the process of update. My dislike for this phone is changing to hatred for Sony Ericsson products.

  • jay

nice review but u missed the main con for this phone i.e NO wifi :(

  • ahmed gaber

i want to know what is the defect in C903 Sony ericson

  • Anonymous

tuty, 24 Aug 2009i bought this phone last week and i got hang problem. Was s... moreNot sure exactly what your problem was? However, I can tell you that SE support services are excellent, if you contact them, not supplier, directly. One problem that seems to continue through ALL their range is phones that go dead through software issues, it seems unique to SE. Had TWO handsets die different models, different years), both within a month of purchase, always seems to do the same reset itself then die (no dodgy software installed prior to this).

  • Anonymous

look! it just is a slider version of the c901.. yal should know that!

  • John

Edmond , 11 Jul 2009C903's Specific Absorption Rate is 0.55w/kg and is the lowe... morehi do you know how to use it as torch?

  • Anonymous

mick, 28 Oct 2009What is the next phone above the c903?the c905 but dont do it i have had this phone replaced 8 times due to faults in less than 12 months.

  • arn

what about sound carity in c903 is it better than sony yari!!!!!

  • matt b

this phone is great! to answer those who have asked in the uk it does NOT have a front facing camera but the us version DOES have one. hope this helps. who uses video calling anyways, its far to crap and expensive.

  • mick

What is the next phone above the c903?

  • Anonymous

curious, 03 May 2009GSM arena,please check properly the vid-cal, really want to... moreit dnt av a front one but u cn still video call in menu it has icon 4 vid call u just use back cam its fine tho cos there little mirror n u cb see urself so u no wots goin on :)))

  • Anonymous

Rohan Patel, 02 Sep 2009I can get this phone for £20 p/m with 200 mins and unlimted... moreDefinitely this phone, i have it its great :) really robust and great internet i am on that same deal it has facebook msn bebo utube ebay in a list really amazing phone worht every penny :)))))

  • Rohan Patel

I can get this phone for £20 p/m with 200 mins and unlimted internet and texts. Should I get this C903 or the Samsung Tocco F480?

  • tuty

phones4u 127, 02 Apr 2009This phone looks from what i can see like most SE phones, n... morei bought this phone last week and i got hang problem. Was so pissed off when the new phone start to have problem. So i went down to one of the service centre. Guess wat? I just cant exploded my unhappiness to them. I want to shout also i cant. Because Y?? Because their staff customer service is so damn good and excellent, dats y i cant brg on my anger to them. Knew dat its not their fault. But if u see these counter staff being patient, greet ya and understand u, u dun mind if ur phone send in for service thou it s a new phone. I really salute them who working in this line, coz i believe its not easy to handle all kind of customer. So, keep it up SE customer service. We need excellent and understand customer service to make customer like me, to cool down when they were angry. Kudos!

  • ty

[deleted post]260eura croatia:))

  • vijayendra

is this phone availble in mumbai!!!!!!!
whts d price of it

  • Edm from Hong Kong,

I just bought a C903 phone a few days ago.

C903 does have some disadvantages such as no WiFi and no front video camera. But on the whole,C903 is an outstanding phone which doesn't disappoint me.

I shall later write a more detailed experience report if readers so wish.