BlackBerry Storm 9500 review: Berry-go-round

13 March 2009
It's not everyday that you see a BlackBerry review on our homepage but it's not like RIM routinely churn out devices like the Storm either. Messaging is still the legendary name but touchscreen is the game...

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  • Douglas

What I dislike about the 9500 is that it is sometimes a struggle to open things on the phone as you have too tap it constanly before it opens and I would allso like to know is it just my blackberry that times out anytime it wanta to or are all blackberry's doin the same?

  • Myk

Very wors fone, battry life, very bad.....I regret laying ma hand on this fone...

  • Rahul Jagani

blackberry is nice but wifi is not available

  • fritz

no maps on my berry

  • Never Never Again

I bought a storm 9500 and got fed up with it just after three days. It gets heated and hot so easily, has serious annoying lags and lock-downs and hiccups. Indeed it is not a device for use under hot/warm temperatures. Do not try it in Africa, South Asia, or South America. You tend waste more time trying to store data or use the key board than any other normal phone. Press a key or feature on the right hand of the screen and you get the result of a key or feature on the left hand side. It is indeed the worst phone I have ever used.
Not recommended for anybody!!!

  • Mooseman

this phone is sh- I mean verrrryy baadd. i would rather buy the first iPhone than this BB storm.

  • Anonymous

I am looking at the BB Bold and the BB Storm.

Could any 1 tell me what is the main difference and as prior BB users what would be the best buy??

I am going to use it for emailing and web browsing and all my every day business functions and will use pdf and excell often.

And if you would also tell me why you chose the BB and not the Nokia N71?

As i am looking at the Nokia N71 as well as the BB Storm and BB Bold.

It would be much appreciated. Thank you.

  • bb storm fan

iv just read thru most of the comments. its actually not that bad of a phone i think peeps like the ones above wright views on pages like these will never be happy with ne thing in life. boo hoo hoo

  • sameer pandit

use less phone, spent a bomb, just do not ever buy it

  • Anonymous

This shows that gsmarena is sooo biased
i am sure they got loads of money from blackberry

  • JT

Had my Storm since Dec 08. Replaced it with a new one in Feb 09 due to constant lock up, video camera not aways allowing me to record and playback images, very slow response when changing screens, battery only lasting 12-14 hours, poor reception. Not happy at all. Will be returning this unit to VF for a totally different phone. It is ashame because it is a smart looking phone and lots of features, but what is the point of keeping a phone that cannot be used because it locks up.
If you are considering this model, do yourself a favour and save yourself the frustration - pick something else.

  • the stig

The phone looks lovely, and has a really nice finish ... thats the positive points. The negative things are that the battery lasts less than 24 hours and the functionality is a bit sticky. The camera seems turn itself on from time to time which is also annoying.

  • 6 of one

this handset has definately lived up to its promise, few teething problems with OS but massive improvements with every OS they release.

Comparing this phone to the Iphone is pointless ans there will always be one thing better than the other. The Blackberry storm definately delivers a fantastic experience for users looking for something different. Remember that this is the first launch of such a handset from RIM. Not as if apple got it right first time... I have to say the next storm will definately exceed all expectatiosn by learning from customer feedback. In honesty, The Storm is a great handset, great phone and reliable, with a shed full of features packed in it. Some places it would maybe comprimise on, but others it massively impresses

  • Rajan Pathak

Phone screen clearty is very bad.........

  • Anonymous

fail phone is fail

  • Robbert

Good phone. Absolutely love it. It's a great phone. I think i never want to change again.

  • P4u Notts Gibbo

had this phone for 2months and its crap. as a store we have had loads back with faults. i got rid of mine as soon as i can which is ashame as i love touch screen and blackberry and thought this would be the bees knees. but i have the 8900 curve and its best phone and blackberry i have had.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Mar 2009this is the first blackberry touch. give them credit apple... moreWhat are you on about? They don't have dust or loose buttons... Nutter. As for this phone worst touch i've used really is...


no wifi ?? no buy

  • Stefano

sgrunt..trunked comment...
My question was: what's, in your opinion, is a good alternative to RIM BB?

Thanks to all for your comments!