Sony Ericsson K750 camera review: Compared to the best

05 April 2005
We have tested the three best contemporary camera phones. You can compare the same scenes, taken by Nokia 6630, Sony Ericsson S700 and also by the expected 2 megapixel Sony Ericsson K750i. See how the auto focusing feature works on a mobile phone.

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  • tew
  • 08 Oct 2019

Still using my K750i in October 2019, having purchased it way back in July 2006. The camera is 2.0 megapixels when it come to the resolution, stood well above its competitors/contemporaries in that era given its overall functionality/performance/quality. Still remains impressive though, even after 13+ years of use. It had been almost 450 USD back then in 2005/2006, had been really worth to say the least....

    • J
    • Joseph
    • t7T
    • 11 May 2019

    Im so sad, i didnt have a chance of having this phone. Right now, i only have w800i and w810i. Both of them still looks brandnew. I

      • N
      • Neeraj sehdev
      • Dkt
      • 07 Aug 2018

      This mobile iis vry excellent but phone is no more new please please request you sony ericsson comney old model launched k750i 🙏🏻👍🏻take care tnkuu

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        • Phorgolaufalf
        • tu4
        • 28 Jan 2013

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          • ereleComsw
          • p$$
          • 06 Jan 2013

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            • vpn
            • 6uq
            • 23 Nov 2012

            Anonymous, 21 Nov 2006I've been shooting with a K750i. The only problems I have e... more
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              • U
              • Ugochukwu Egungwu
              • jLB
              • 26 Sep 2008

              My k750i phone is very unique and have all you need in a mobile phone but just that the battery dont last for a longtìme so if the company can try and manufacture another battery that will last like nokia's own, i with some other users will love it, thanks.

                • †DARKKNlGHT†
                • iny
                • 14 Dec 2007

                i've had the k750i for about 3 yrs now and the only problem ive come accross so far is the camera....when i go to take a pic instead of showing the pic taken it goes bak to the background ideas?

                  • E
                  • ESHAANROks
                  • PAX
                  • 26 Jul 2007

                  i used this phone 4 a year K750i camera is fine but it is worst at night even night mode also doesnt help doing better photo quality at night. taking pics by switching light makes urs pics color yellow at night so over allits camera is poor at night.

                    • n
                    • naadaar
                    • 2SN
                    • 26 May 2007

                    the phone is excellent to use.

                      • S
                      • Syed
                      • waU
                      • 18 Mar 2007

                      Is there an option to shutdown (turn off) the camera shutter sound (the sound when u took the picture) in Sony Ericsson's K750i?

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                        • Anonymous
                        • MDS
                        • 28 Nov 2006

                        i bought this phone last week and i can only say that the camera is nothing short of Amazing for a camera phone, and one which is not exactly new to the market either. The pictures are crisp and well balanced when blown full size on my laptop, which was something i was worried about. The phone is suprisingly capable of taking vibrant crisp shots one would expect from a regular digital camera. The mp3 player is fine and the headphones aren't great, but they're fine for everyday use. The battery life varies a bit, but the first couple of days i found the battery to last around 2 days. but that was with very heavy camera use. now with regular use i get 3/4 days. which is great.
                        Altogether a great Phone.

                          • ?
                          • Anonymous
                          • w4X
                          • 21 Nov 2006

                          I've been shooting with a K750i. The only problems I have expreienced is that the cam requires good natural lighting for the photos to look excellent. If the flash is used, the natural color is lost, and the pictures tend to look a bit yellowish. Also, there is a small delay (with firmware ver 4.5 - about 2.6secs) for the photo to be captured, once the button is pressed. However, this delay can be reduced by updating the firmware to ver 5.5

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                            • ali reza h
                            • nqp
                            • 13 Nov 2006

                            iIt seems its very good but I heard that the qualiti of its recording is not very good when we compare it with other mobiles. please tell me more about the recording and its resolution.

                              • *
                              • *******
                              • mHp
                              • 25 Oct 2006

                              i am goin to get dis phone for xmas becasue i fink it is a good phone chow for now