BlackBerry Bold 9000 review: Berry with guts

10 April 2009
There we go folks, it’s a BlackBerry grand slam at the arena and we're set for another ride with RIM's finest. We guess this here Berry is neither Curve-hot nor Storm-inventive but it’s Bold enough to say little and...

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  • Emiliano

My BlackBerry 9000 is not functioning

  • Davo

Pls my bb can't on it keep showing me jum error with some numb pls i need ur help

  • Don Solano

I love my bb9000, still have it with me everywhere i go. Thou I use my iphone for all mobile use, i cant part with my Bb

  • skype

Best phone in the world

  • AnonD-106926

I have dis phone the problem is the sms icon began missing i cant text anymore how can i recover the icon kindly pls help now ASAP. Tnx...

  • jaejae12

My sms icon is missing on my bb bold 9000 i dont know if its deleted or what.cant text can i recover the sms icon pls help needed it ASAP tnx....


its it possible to get the imei no of bb bold any phone

  • zola

my advise to those who own this BB BOLD, make sure u insuring it, cause i was using this BB BOLD then i was involved in a car accident as a result of this i lost it the worst matter it was not insured.

  • Asia

MadKat, 05 Oct 2009DivX (avi) doesn't work on my Bold... it plays the sound bu... moreDownload real player, it has a covert option directly to blackberry phones. You can download Youtube vids also, convert, transfer to BB. Easy breeze for me. Hope this helps :)

  • adolf

I have had my bold for almost 18 months,best phone I've ever had,

If you are in 2 minds on whether to take a bold-i encourage you-
Get the phone!!!!!you won't be dissapointed

  • Hari

Crap phone 4 months of use had repair 7 times change track ball 3 times it sucks not reliable at all. Total waste of money.


Yes, the invention of the bold 9000 was a turning point in blackberry technology. I had 2 and both performed better than any other smartphone I ever owned. I've had HTC's, Palms and others too.

  • MadKat

DivX (avi) doesn't work on my Bold... it plays the sound but the screen goes pink. Xvid and mp4 works fine, any suggestions why this is and how to fix this??

  • Roby

Anonymous, 13 May 2009Great phone What will make it the greatest Full touch... moreMobile you are talking about is Nokia n97?

  • ricky

this is cool,blackberry bold is one of the best blackberry products. having this kind of phone is amazing.

  • Santana

I am getting mine next week and looking at the specs of this beautiful phone , I have to be honest and say that the camera with only 2mb is very poor. I would have thought at least for a phone like this they could have given it 3.5 mb ?

what also worries me , is how about a cover for this phone ? does a person get them or not ? I wouldn't want my phone to get scratches ...

  • Anonymous

Great phone

What will make it the greatest

Full touch screen
Slider Keyboard QWERTY
Dual SIM
Handwriting Recogonition and Stylus Input
36 GB Memory

  • roly


  • Sensual Mely

BlackBerry has BlackBerry Messenger the others dont have similar feature, and not Msn, skype, Similar's are not the same. BB owners know what i mean

  • Gooney

FM radio is not an advantage.... like, who under 80 years old listens to FM????? Who needs the power drain for a worthless feature? This phone can get internet radio if you can't rip enough MP3s.