Sony Ericsson W508 review: Above the fold

14 April 2009
The Sony Ericsson W508 walks and talks midrange though by no means does it keep a low profile. What we have here is the full Walkman package at a bargain price and the rest of the W508 specs may...

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  • sony ericsson

Sony ericsson

  • chris

First time using sony ericsson cellphones. Nice and easy to use, customizable d-pad, and good storage on it for the price, however after a few months of owning this phone had noticed phone turning off randomly as others in previous comments have stated, and inactive sim message coming up. taking the back cover off i noticed that the sim card moves around ever so slightly even with the battery in its place, so placed thin strips of paper wedged between the battery and the sim card so it cannot move around. phone has been working how it should and hasnt turned off or come up with sim inactive in a few months, although shouldnt have to resort to using paper to make my phone work how it was meant to in the first place

  • Greenie

Without doubt this is the worst phone I have owned, - and its the first Sony Ericsson. Despit being in for upgrades, repairs (a 5 day one taking 6 weeks), checks and so on, it frequently says 'Inactive Sim' - even when sitting untouched on a table, in my pocket or similar, still turns itself off without warning, now decides it is not 'setup' to send a a 'new message' after I've been doing it for 18months. I am sick of having to pull the battery out and having to restart the phone. It's a nice slim, compact phone (poor camera) but for reliability scores minus

  • Anonymous

I have had this phone for years now and i love every part of it apart from when it goes inactive sim which is ALOT also when it does not think it has a sim card in it at all! note: when it goes inactive sim it means the phone cant be used at all untill you reset it and no it isn't just my phone, others have reported the same problems.

  • sweety

hey im using this fone fr 1 yr... its fantastic... i lov it

  • Stas

Lara, 26 Jan 2010Slightly confused, can you change the keypad backlight color wit... moreno you cant

  • Lara

Slightly confused, can you change the keypad backlight color with flash lite themes?

  • jack

hey! plz tell me how to change the icons of Sony ericsson w508? whenever i download any theme the menu icos are never changed.

  • ezudin

this hp really nice but i counter a problem..
why my message alert tone song will be play juz for around 10 second then ot will automatically stop..huhu

  • Anonymous

This phone looks hideous

  • Judy

This phone's cool.:)


the sound quality is excellent

  • senn@

James, 15 Apr 2009Sony (Read: Sony Ericsson) really needs to learn... They make... moreit has 3.5mm jack converter on the headset, so who need 3.5mm jack built in the phone anymore?

  • Anonymous

James, 15 Apr 2009Sony (Read: Sony Ericsson) really needs to learn... They make... moreSony Ericsson W995 is a high end slider phone with really cool earphones. Either HPM- 77 or HPM- 88( noise canceling ). W995 also has an 8.1mp camera and a 3.5mm jack. Is my dream phone, hope u like it and hope this helped.

  • Anonymous

EndoZ, 09 May 2009But which is better.this phone or the w980?This phone and the W980 looks like a tie cause W980 has a poorly placed camera and no geture control. But W980 has a bigger screen at the front+ built in FM transmitter+ a cool lit up panel at the bottom ( cool in my opinion ). ow the choice is yours, hope this helped.

  • EndoZ

But which is better.this phone or the w980?

  • vishnu

Bam Bam, 27 Apr 2009Hey Guys, PLease please let me knoe the apprx cost of this phone... morebetween 10000and13500,but yet to be released,its just a guess

  • Bam Bam

Hey Guys, PLease please let me knoe the apprx cost of this phone i really want to buy it.
When is it goin to launch anybody knows?

And what is cost?
plz reply asap

  • Anonymous

what is the price of this phone can anybody please tell?????

  • WT

Ok hot hot very ho midrange phone.