Nokia E75 review: Business on the slide

16 April 2009
If we can think of one reason to take being told "to mind your own business" with a smile it would be the Nokia E-series. A household name for enterprise users, it's hardly a surprise that each E-series update is greeted with plenty of excitement...

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  • Kaanaismyfriend
  • U@G
  • 01 Apr 2020

I have this phone from a decade,works good enough until now.

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    • Bugged Out
    • Fv4
    • 13 Apr 2017

    It's funny that this phone's 3.2MP camera is produce better shots than the 5 or 8MP's of most smartphones today.

      • a
      • ace
      • KFP
      • 28 Oct 2012

      have been using this fone for over 3 years now. All in all it served great to all my needs. And it was really great for those who didnt use autotype (which is obselete nowadays but still a few years back). The mail app of this phone is now obselete too. But regarding camera quality it took great pics over all these years in both day and night.. Thats all i guess for the last fone of the qwerty era.

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        • madeel
        • 0nt
        • 12 Jul 2011

        i have been using since 1 year
        The main issue is that battery time is very low
        i dont know the reason .
        i changed the new battery
        but still the same problem.
        if i fully charge the battery , still it would finish
        within few hours like 2-3 .
        is anybody facing the same problem?
        any body any idea how should i fix it

          • C
          • Chris
          • fth
          • 11 Nov 2010

          This is truly the worst phone I have ever had (as a phone). As an office utility,it is truly great, but reception is bad and fades into silent voids, even after having been replaced,a nd software been updated 3 times. It also has a endency that when I've checked mail or went onto the net, I better restart, or I do not get any calls or messages until I do. Sometimes it also makes my life more adventurous by cutting calls when mesages come thorugh. I'm really not impressed with its phone ability,and out of necessity and having battled with these issues for almost a year now, had to revert to my old phone, which at least operates well as a phone. The E75 has really convinced me never to go Nokia again.

            • ?
            • Anonymous
            • tVk
            • 29 Jun 2010

            Anonymous, 16 Mar 2010can you download the play games in e75 from facebook?Yes u can if u use opera mobile 10. Unlike opera mini 5, it is much slower to load bcos the image, video n graphic quality is better. But that allow u to play simple game like on fb and certain browser game. I play galacticos football on my e75 by using opera mobile 10. But i can't do that using neither opera mini 5 nor original web browsing in e75. I kept both of the operas. One for quick browsing, one for quality browsing.

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              • Anonymous
              • Rxn
              • 16 Mar 2010

              can you download the play games in e75 from facebook?

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                • faiz,bangladesh
                • Pxx
                • 21 Nov 2009

                gorgeous phone. I don't need anything else,there's no phone in the market which have such a grand look.I am loving it

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                  • HYA
                  • fvF
                  • 15 Nov 2009

                  I just bought the E75 but I cannot find the tapping and turning features of the accelerometer. The screen in the review for setting sensors only has 1 option: rotate. Is it possible that this feature was removed? Can this happen, I mean after a feature is in the initial devices for review, they remove it in the later devices? Is there a way I could have this feature, it would be very useful to me.

                    • E
                    • E75
                    • TIF
                    • 04 Nov 2009

                    my phone battery never last the whole day.. im constantly on messenger.. i get several calls.. but it seems not to last me more then 7 hours which i find is unreasonable and unfortunate.. not so happy... should i get a battery replacement.. i have only been using the phone for about a month and i already experience this problem??? i never overcharged...if only the phone could last a day and a half with frequent uses ill be satisfied..if not the phone will not peak its potential...additions or answers pls email me

                      • A
                      • Anfaz
                      • w9L
                      • 22 Oct 2009

                      I've been using this phone for nearly 3 months. I haven't had any hangups yet. The key pads r great. Although the look is bit on the old fashioned side. If you are a business user, this is the phone for you. Chicking mail, surfing the net, connectingyour conputer via HSDPA, GPS and so on. The surfing speed is awesome.

                      Only negative point would be the camera. At times it gives crystal clear pictures but at other times specially when there is less light, the picture becomes pixellated (like small bubbles). I have no idea how to correct that.

                      But go for this phone. I'm truely satisfied with this phone.

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                        • E75
                        • w9L
                        • 22 Oct 2009

                        asmodeus, 03 Jun 2009Terrific handset release from Nokia but perhaps the design ... morewell you have a point there. But again if u r used to quick typing and addicted to texting people rather than calling them, then u would understand that qwerty is good for e-mails, word docs etc. But when it comes to SMS, you can't beat the good old key pad with T9 (I think they call it auto typing or whatever, now)typing.

                          • b
                          • bobsmiles :)
                          • GqL
                          • 19 Oct 2009

                          i bought this phone about 4-5 months ago and i loved it at first but it has a lot of problems:
                          it freezes ALOT
                          sometimes it connects to email & web and sometimes it won't and then again it will freeze
                          if you have some open(like a text message) and the phones open so you can type then you close it, it will go blank and you have to take the battery out to get it to work again
                          ohh when you call nokia and tell them you have a problem they tell you "the only thing is to send your phone in to our repair center and then we can go from there" so you have no phone for a few weeks which if you like me it's your only phone so that just won't work.
                          And the price is wayy to high
                          i would not recomend getting this phone.

                            • E
                            • E75 Owner
                            • utt
                            • 17 Oct 2009

                            Got this phone.........i ll give 4 out 5 stars.....
                            This phone is overloaded with features, the cam is just satisfactory.....a true classy n handy phone.....the one using nokia won't find any difficulties in operating it n thats the best thing about nokia series they work on almost same platform....
                            AWESOME phone......Must Buy...

                              • J
                              • JAS
                              • vGh
                              • 14 Sep 2009

                              I currently have 9300i Communicator and planning to buy New phone. My fingers dont fit into E71 I would like to know how is E75.

                                • U
                                • Usama
                                • PAm
                                • 10 Aug 2009

                                Well,this review is the best of all i've ever read.I basically don't like eseries phones(except e75)because they are very wide.This review however has me convinced and i am going to buy a e75.However the bluetooth problem is still a negative point.

                                  • V
                                  • VABs
                                  • w4e
                                  • 21 Jul 2009

                                  jose, 26 May 2009i have bought the E75. please tell me where can i find my... moreHow did you find this phone? is it really worth to owe it? i am thinking of buying it. Plz let me know ur experience about the same.

                                    • m
                                    • marcus
                                    • pS$
                                    • 05 Jun 2009

                                    GSMArena: Your reviews are ok, but can be better. I sorely miss SPEED / snappiness in reviews.

                                    I haven't found anything like it, but it would be cool to have cells rated on speed, and compared to one another. How fast does it open an app? Close an app? More to the point - going from checking email to calling takes how long? Vice versa? Substitute calendar, tasks.

                                    Also a standard set of operations would be AWESOME. A standard set of basic testcases. They would answer; how is the phone - really? How is the clipboard between apps? Can I copy a nr I got in a mail and call it? Can I paste a mail message into an SMS? Can I simply send an SMS a new number in the call list? and so on for calendar, tasks and sync.

                                    That would be a truly AWESOME review.

                                      • a
                                      • asmodeus
                                      • TIA
                                      • 03 Jun 2009

                                      Terrific handset release from Nokia but perhaps the design may have been revised better?

                                      Main concern was the fact that you have a full slide out qwerty keyboard yet they still put a numbered keypad at the top, why sacrifice screen size when those keys already exist underneath?

                                      Apart from that a very dynamic business orientated handset with terrific functionality over design.


                                        • j
                                        • jose
                                        • Mxr
                                        • 26 May 2009

                                        i have bought the E75. please tell me where can i find my e-mails which i have synchronised through pc sute