Nokia 5130 XpressMusic review: Reporting for duty

22 April 2009
At a certain point everyone finds themselves in the situation where all they need is a no-nonsense phone that looks good and doesn't cost a fortune. The Nokia 5130 is exactly the kind...

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  • David

It is the best xpressmusic ever it is xprandable up to 16gb and it has wifi it has an 8mp camera and it has a free 8gb meory card in the retail package and its audio quality is the best no xpressmusic can beat this one because this phone runs on symbian s80 6th edition and it has 3g;it has a proccesor:900mhz the proccesor is very fast its the only phone that has a proccesor that fast and the box of the phone is realy large you can fit there 10 boxes of nokia N97 and its also a touch screen screw the other phone because nokia 5130 xpressmusic is the most appealing phone of all and it has a very high quality flashlight brighter than the N97 no phone can beat it because all the other phones are bullshit especially the B21 Duo Myphone never by that stupid phone

  • Vimal

Hey Guys...I'm using dis phone...and its awsum...they say it doesnt havve flight it has......i use it sumtimes..its working great

  • eric

is it the memory card can pull out????

  • Syd

I gt the nokia 5130 xpress music,i can say i m impressed.The sound quality never been tht gud.The pic quality its really gud.txt wise its great.Just a bit of problems here and there bt its great.I m enjoying it.

  • Vishwanath

I m using this mob frm last 6mnths.its working is also has flight mode in profiles which deactivates active connections such as calling,internet etc.
Its music quality has great clearity and sound is superb.its battery life is also also provides transition effect and good typing.
Altogether it is a perfect mobile.

  • shaltout

Nokia 5130 XpressMusic it phone drte in Connection

  • ivey

i've been using this phone for bout 5 months and it's good.
basic phone for your daily lie, my friends love it and they say it's so cute. plus worth the price.

camera works well if there is light, slightly mediocre
video cam is not that good kinda blurred.
messaging is very good and user friendly i love to text with it.

but sometimes my phone is slow, maybe too much songs and themes downloaded.

i love it, a good companion, i always listen to music and use radio especially at night.

over all 9.5/10

  • T-Man

Does this phone support live video streaming? What is the maximum java application size?

  • souptik

which set is better? nokia 5130 or samsung beat M2710.wich one has beter battery,durability &music quality? please inform me.

  • Anonymous

Yep, there is flight mode under profiles. It will disable all connections when you activate it... it even displays an airplane icon on your home screen... :-)

  • safal

Robuuc, 06 Jan 2010!!! Actually, Nokia 5130 XpressMusic does have a Flight mod... morehey u r right brother

  • PKS

Anonymous, 15 Jan 2010HI everyone :) i bought this fone 2 months ago its still w... morethnx for d info dude ....

  • Anonymous

HI everyone :)
i bought this fone 2 months ago its still working fine the camera is good but it could hve been better, music volume is quiet loud and quiet clear, ive got a 8gb memory card and it has no problems even though nokia said " max 2gb ", flight mode is under profiles, the video recoreding isnt that great, easy to txt with, browsing the web on this fone isnt fast due to the lack of it beenig 3g, overall a good fone for music lovers and very cheap for a xpress music fone..

  • Robuuc

!!! Actually, Nokia 5130 XpressMusic does have a Flight mode, you can`t find it under profiles, but in connections somwhere in setup!!!

  • Anonymous

kaushal, 19 Dec 2009i purchases 5130 and its bettery backup is very bed i compl... moreyou friggin liar

  • ben

does the nokia 5130 support video streaming?

  • kaushal

i purchases 5130 and its bettery backup is very bed i complain many times in nokia priority but they were not doing any thing.. i request u guys not buy this set

  • Lenin chennai

Arthi, 26 Oct 2009Am also in a same confusion as u r.. by seeing all these c... moreDear Arti,
The better option for u is to get 5130 Xpress Music only. I'm using that model since 4 months. I'm fully satisfied wit that model. In super nova the sound quality 'll not be as good as this. And also the camera is well equiped than the supernova edition.
My Best Wishes wit luv:-)

  • Lenin

andie, 22 Nov 2009i have purchased this phone last august, as of now, it sati... moreU can get the latest software's in some websites like "" or "" or "" , etc.
My best wishes:-)

  • Lenin

hunain, 11 Oct 2009hey guys plz help me i have got 5130 and its internal memor... moreThere's no chance of memory decreasing. May be some files would hav been added in ur gallery files. Check in ur gallery files especially in ur recieved files.
If no such thing is found then u hav to go to the option "RESTORE FACTORY SETTINGS". But be sure that u hav a back up for all ur data's before the restoration is done.
If it also does'nt go correct wit u, then ur mobile may hav some hidden data's which we cant see. For that we can delete that data's by using some software's like "FILE EXPLORER" which we can find in some websites like "".
My Best Wishes:-)