Samsung S7220 Ultra b review: More than meets the eye

19 May 2009
Sharp looks and decent kit, Samsung S7220 Ultra b is one of those handsets that would rather do the job than do the talk. Not so long ago, the S7220 Ultra b could've been basking in the Soul kind of hype...

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  • cobra

how 2 use the front camera?

  • jap!


  • Erick

This device is underestimated. For many who do not want a smartphone or a very high resolution camera module and not wanting wi fi it is an ideal purchase not least given its feature set and excellent keypad.

  • p2seth

Where Audio quaity test?

  • Anonymous

Hi, Does anyone know how i can block incoming text messages on this phone as i can't seem to find the black list?

  • January

I LOVE these Sammy designs

  • dela

how much does this phone cost?
can i use it in africa?

  • Jerry

Anonymous, 19 May 2009ultra?I would like to know more about this phone!! What is the memory in this phone!! Thanks

  • Xypher

I just love this phone...

  • Sung

I agree with Sam, he is the most truthfull person I have ever had the pleasure of. He in no way works for Samsung like I also do not.

  • Sam

I'm not sure which Java navigation alternative have you tried, but I suspect it wasn't We-Travel. It's free, free maps can be downloaded / created for any part of the world (OpenStreetMap), keeps all it's maps on the phone (offline) and has voice guidance. It's even customizable at the menu and map looks level. I'm using it myself on a Samsung phone - granted, an S60. And no, I have no special interest in promoting it... :)

  • Christov

Too tall!

Does feel quite good in the hand however.


  • Anonymous