Nokia N97 review: Lock, stock and touch

16 June 2009
They don’t get any bigger than that. A launch of this caliber can aptly be called inauguration day. The release of Nokia N97 is the N-series counter-move that geeks have been waiting for since November. Easily one of the most...

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  • Yorcharturo

pule, 07 Jan 2014is the N97 able carry windows8 mobile edition ?No, you need at least 1ghz SoC, and 8gb of memory, it can only handle symbian

  • NAM ^_^

i have his phone. :3

  • pule

is the N97 able carry windows8 mobile edition ?

  • Anonymous

rakabuba, 16 Jul 2013Nokia product is improvingNokia product is being 97% improving..
I love Nokia product.

  • cheezy

i need to know about refreshing n97

  • rakabuba

Nokia product is improving

  • Bilal Ashraf

Nokia n97 is very best mobile hìs software is very fasters and his featers is very beautiful

  • raj gangwar

This is my lucky mobile.

  • abdul salam

killme software

  • Sillo

I fogot unlock code

  • Nikhil

shyam, 07 Aug 2011i have n97 it rocks 3g is super in my phone................... moreHey bro..wat abt its touch screen,..captive touch or wat?

  • karki bijay

this phone is good but its battery back up is not suitable

  • AnonD-59987

I love this and i wish to hve it

  • Aromal

Tara, 28 Oct 2010Hi, everyone!! I have nokia n97 and I don't have any of th... morehey r u sure i am gonna buy that phone on jan1st

  • shyam

Tara, 28 Oct 2010Hi, everyone!! I have nokia n97 and I don't have any of th... morei have n97 it rocks 3g is super in my support is not so bad.................................... nokia connecting people

  • mark mario rayi

this N97 phone is perfect but the thing is if u multitask it obviously it is going to be slow

  • Piku

When my dad bought the N97, black version, it came preloaded with 15 episodes of Fear Factor and full versions of Sims 3 and SPORE

  • jun

Spragmyster flex, 01 Jul 2010This phone is rubbish. It has too much memory & too muc... morei want ti buy a flex from that model how many money


My humble request to GSMARENA.........evaluate the new phones for some days by actually using in real life and not only in LAB to get true expereince of the phone performance. Otherwise people will loose TRUST on your evaluation report.

This attempt by nokia in smartphone series is ALMOST disasterious....

I hv really sucks......It hangs....dams slow....battery heats up....I regret paying 20k for this phone.

  • math

I really regret buying this one. Should have got an Android...