Nokia N86 8MP review: Lens wide open

24 June 2009
You may’ve thought Nokia lost their touch, you may be out of love with the Nseries but the Nseries are always keeping an eye on you. Their wide-angle, variable aperture eye. On you. Whether the Nokia...

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  • AnonD-572864

Very nice set

  • Anonymous

best phone ever, king of 8mp, the first wide-angle lens, it Rocks baby

  • Rajesh Pratap

Comparison between Nokia and Sony ericsson (SE) :
I bought SE W995 two weeks ago after going behind the highly over lighted advertisement of SE w995. And now, I replaced with Nokia n86_8mp. I’m discribing the details that happened between this 2 weeks. I bought the SE w995 after observing the advertisement that : clear bass, clear stereo, 8mp camera, music & volume change by shake control, and more impressed by the brand SONY. These all my expectations totally failed. After using SE w995 for 14 days, I understood why Nokia is market leader. I concluded that 'SONY' will never put its effort to raise the quality of music(in earphone) and camera quality of SE phones because "SONY HAS TO MAINTAIN ITS BIG MARKET OF MUSIC PLAYERS AND DIGITAL CAMERA". Again i want to repeat : "SONY HAS TO MAINTAIN ITS BIG MARKET OF MUSIC PLAYERS AND DIGITAL CAMERA" and will not try to raise the quality of music and camera in SE phones which will affect the BIG MARKET OF SONY MUSIC PLAYERS AND SONY DIGITAL CAMERA. Every mobile buyers should keep this matter always in mind. As i realized after using SE w995, 'clear bass' means 'low bass' and 'clear stereo' means 'low treble'. There is a function of changing volume and track by shake control which is quit useless, u will have to press 'W' button and hold, then shake when walkman is on screen, however direct access buttons are already available. Nokia's 3.2mp carl-zeiss camera phones are far better than its 8mp camera. Useless face detection, smile detection are advertised with over-light. U needn't go after 'Sony' brand as I've described earlier. As i saw in Nokia n86_8mp, its a "SMARTPHONE", its camera is far far far........ better than SE w995. However SE w995 is walkman model, earphone music sound of Nokia n86_8mp is also better than that w995. Unadvertised shake control to mute the incoming call of Nokia n86_8mp is very useful. Amazing radio transmitter, i use it to play songs using mobile, sound output in my home theatre system(with FM) wirelessly, n86 acts as a remote and screen, very very amusing and amazing. I have written my short experience here. If any friend need my further feelings and experiences regarding SE w995 and Nokia n86_8mp, then don't hesitate to mail me :

  • Sweet

I have this

  • Child

I love mobile 96 i want buy

  • joeey


Is it possible to have a keypad lock code? I would like to activate it so that when i want to enter my phone it requests it. Is there a time limit? I want the phone to be locked instantley when the keypad locks.

  • bukhare

N 86 is a Great fone,black is exclent...its name must be the N88 because 8 mp camera + 8Gb 8+8=16 or looki like n88 haha
Ghazanfar Bukhari

  • michelle

I generally like the outlook of this phone and I bought it because I liked phones with keypads. However, just one week into getting this phone, I turned on the GPS and then there will be a menu that pops out n keeps blinking whenever I switched to another application and get back to the GPS application. Since I had to head back overseas to study, I didn't send it for repair. Just into 2 months of using it, one day I discovered that the On/Off button wasn't working and the phone wouldn't Lock the Keypad as it would normally. Just in less than 12 hours time, the phone just turned off on its own and because the button was no longer working, I couldn't use it at all. Thinking that being a global company, Nokia would provide international care for its customers, I was appalled by the fact that the Customer Service assistant did not show initiative in providing the service at all. They did not have the slightest intention at all. Thus, I had to courier it back home and asked my dad to send it to the Customer Service Centre back home. After going through huge amount of hassles, and it was finally sent to repair, I only used it for 9 days and it was the SAME PROBLEM THAT OCCURRED months ago. They installed a new Map that did not allow me to zoom in to the level where I could've zoomed in previously. I admit that it was y fault for having it accidentally had water poured over it but please Nokia, I was your loyal customer and because of this I have already lose all my confidence as I might pay hundreds of dollars and get another defected phone.

  • PrateekN86

Is really great

  • Raghu

Hi all,
its good to see all your comments but i really wanted a consolidated review from you users. it seems like the conversation is deep in to camera and clarity but pl i wanna know about the other features also!
does the flash in browser works well? are the speakers decent enough? how about the music player? how abo de display?????
please someone post a detailed review!!

  • against you

HEY GSMARENA! Please don't be bias as to camera quality between samsung innov and n86. I can see that the photos of N86 is better just by looking at them. To clearly see their difference, please take a shot exactly same angles and lighting for every scene. I might be wrong in comparing but please test them on same situations.

  • fahmi

i think N86 is more better than w995 the design , the camera, the memory & many other things......

  • fahmi

It's very very excellent i like it 10/10 i should buy one

  • dynes

help, 08 Mar 2010n86 o w955?you should go for n86 because it is Symbian based - meaning you can add a lot of applications.

  • Riamo

I m in love with this phone. It is really beautiful.Especially the display and built-in 8GB memory.And the slide is really a good one in nokia n-series mobils.It is RECOMMENDED .10/10

  • shibah

l have the phone. l like it. am not in photography so l won't comment on the camera. l had a i phone before and l got disappointed. l have always been a nokia person so what ever any body says. l don't care . To me its still my NOKIA. BUT, its a little heavy

  • Ravinder

URBANTIGER, 30 Oct 2009which one colour is best in N86 nokia WHITE OR BLACK Black

  • help

n86 o w955?

  • Reply me pls !!

Hi,guys...i wanna buy a gud phone...N86 or W995 ? I abit comfused...hlp me !!

  • peter73 serbia

did You know that exists nokia n85 8mp?:)))I have one...