LG GC900 Viewty Smart review: S-class act

10 July 2009
It’s 12 and counting for cameraphones but the real thick of action is at the 8 megapixel notch. There goes the next of them exciting imaging gadgets waiting to be put in play. We’ve got a bit of catching up with the LG...

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  • maulik

i read here that we cant stream using wi-fi
but i am using this phone and i can stream using wi-fi but cant stream using gprs/edge even when i am having its streaming setting..

  • maulik

Question :), 21 Jul 2009Are you sure it doesn't stream videos from YouTube over Wi-Fi?i am using this phone and i cant stream using egde or gprs but i am able to stream using wi-fi even without setting up any streaming settings..

  • Anonymous

well i bought this phone and was disappointed. a fault started right from the start. they have tried to fix it but now they have decided to give me my money back. only good thing about it was the camera. now back to the drawing board for me.

  • Radek

Can I setting a Czech language?

  • Anonymous

i just bought Gc 900 and im really dissapointed. Although the functions are great ...camera video touchscreen and so on..my phone is continualy freezing, orange and violet lines can be seen, i don't know if it s just my phone ...as i can change it and get the same ie: Gc900 ...so im asking is it just my phone that freezes all the time ??

  • azizsilin

ı forget that. aino can take nHD video(16:9) and lg GD900 can take video with nHD too?

  • azizsilin

glc ppl, 03 Dec 2009I used to have aino and lg GC900 before. GC900 camera just ... morefirst ı want to thank you for your comment for help me.
aino has 25fps video but gc900 has 3ofps and have different? aino has video light and gc900 has video light too? and light is good for take photos and videos at far away? take so good photos and videos so important for me when ı buy mobile. ı want to buy LG GD900 now. because it has multi-touch. but it has not Schneider-Kreuznach optics:(
again help me please. ı can not follow those phone in Turkey. because they no still come here and ı have to follow at foreign forum sites. help me about LG GD900 too please. you can advise me GD900? ı read about GD900 here. that phone is often freeze:(

  • glc ppl

LG GC900 or SE Aino?, 27 Nov 2009ı want to buy new phone gc900 or aino but which phone's bet... moreI used to have aino and lg GC900 before. GC900 camera just not good enough compared within the others 8mp cam phone, while the aino camera does pretty good on this. video record on both phone just did well, but as I saw GC900 was provided more options and feature to play around eg QVGA time-lapse and slow-mo video recording. last talking about the os, Ive no comment on this. thanks

  • LG GC900 or SE Aino?

ı want to buy new phone gc900 or aino but which phone's better camera, video and operating system?
very important for me camera, video and operating system. please help me about them. wait for your commend. thanks

  • siddhant

Ana, 31 Aug 2009hello, i am a spanish girl, here in spain this phone dont s... moresorry there is no spanish language option
i have it have only english and hindi option...

  • robbo

Anonymous, 11 Jul 2009Yeah Symbian is the best.. Had my gc900 for a couple of weeks and still finding the way around it,most appears good but notice the case will easily scratch.
Word of warning,do not update firmware yet,if you do the ability to edit photos will be lost,LG have not responded to 'e' mails ,yet!and as you have probably guessed,I did upgrade firmware and lost this facility,but do not really need it, but if it is there it should work.also auto-rotate has been sluggish, but re set on phone cured problem.other than this,a great phone very clear screen and touchscreen good even with my big fingers, cheers Robbo.

  • Ana

hello, i am a spanish girl, here in spain this phone dont stay for buy it.Sorry for my english, ok, i would like how many languages has the telephone in his configuration, i think what the language predeterminate is english, but i hope what the spanish will be in the options.
Can you help me? thanks

  • stylus

u can use, but its' so quick tht u can use it without stylus better

  • Anonymous

Can use stylus?

  • Ali

I hated this phone! Yes, a good camera with great functions, but it took soooo long to take a photo, people were getting bored and moving. Other features were just too slow to react as well. Just got the overall impression that they'd filled it with so many functions (and it has everything, that's why i got it) that the phone is just not powerful enough to run them all. And if you push it too hard it just gives up and freezes.

I have since switched to the Samsung Jet - only a 5mp camera, but it's a good, quick camera, and overall it's fantastic, so much better than the GC9000.

  • Anonymous

Love the phone, one problem - please tell me how I retrieve my emails. I can send them with no problem, however I can't retrieve my replys.


  • Good Phone

I used this phone...it has outstanding camera features just like a professional camera,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • Question :)

Are you sure it doesn't stream videos from YouTube over Wi-Fi?

  • ion

just wanted to correct something u`ve said in the review. the s-class UI has KINETIC SCROLLING, it just takes a bit to get used to. it was a bit stiff at the begining but w/ all the sw upgrades it goes loke a charm. i love the new UI hopefully they`re gonna keep improving it. cheers mates!!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Jul 2009Just got this phone. Anyone know why the screen would go co... moreThis is happening with all Viewty smarts, software im assuming.