Nokia 6681 review: Extra style

08 May 2005
The new smart phone Nokia 6681 has appeared on the market – a prettier successor of the previous model. It has a better display, a handy lens cover and a highly convenient view at the calendar events on the main display.

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  • Anonymous

I had this phone for almost 10 years now. One of my favorite thing about this is the camera, the best camera I ever had back then. It's even sharper than my iPhone from 2008. This phone has survive water, heat, cold, drop, hammer, etc.

  • sahil

sdk, 23 Jun 20066681 is perfect option for old 6600 users. well...I hve been having this cell since three yrs....its a very sexy n hot luking cell....!!!
voice quality is still so gud...

  • kevin

this 6681 is very cool when im london i see this and i buy it and the song is cool and very lovable phone when im in ireland my friends what to buy this phone?and ver cheap only 500 euro

  • darwin

I bought this mobile 2 months ago from Nepal.Now i am in china.yesterday i found a problem during music play ,when i mark all my songs it doesnt plays but when i mark only on song it plays.I am confused what is the problem.

  • sdk

6681 is perfect option for old 6600 users.