Samsung I7500 Galaxy review: A hitchhiker's guide

14 October 2009
Android is set on grabbing the number two spot in the smartphone market by 2012 and the Samsung I7500 Galaxy might be the type of phone to get it there. Perhaps less for the Galaxy at this point, and...

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  • Vpn

Anonymous, 15 Oct 2009Android is still too limiting currently imo...ah well hope ... more
Thanks for the perform. Write-up helped me a good deal!

  • AnonD-45810

I just bought this phone and any of the apps I downloaded and trying to use ,I can't .it tells me that it stopped working unexpectedly please try again!Is there a little trick to make these work? that happened so far with emoticons,with games ....
please help !

  • Anonymous

hahahah just read the first sentence of the review "Android is set on grabbing the number two spot in the smartphone market by 2012"


they didnt have very high expectations by then did they?

  • Anonymous

PRINCE, 16 Aug 2011hmm, what can i say about samsung galaxy i7500. according t... moreIs it china manufacture?


hmm, what can i say about samsung galaxy i7500. according to world's opinion-- it will got 9.5 out of 10. i requesting all comment passing ppl that, at first understand all features/functions of it then compare it. i am sure u will b happy with ur samsung galaxy i7500. its amazing ...........

  • Ricardo

Hello wonderfull people! ... I need a bit of help from the Gurus out there. Which will you pick and why?
- Samsung Galaxy i7000
- Samsung Wave S8500
- Nokia C6
Thanks a bunch ;o)

  • brendonstyrish


This phone also has an excellent music player that is easy to use and has a good video player. Overall, this phone is excellent, but it still does have its faults as a result of Android 1.5. You can get a custom ROMs in many different places. If you update to 1.6, you will be very happy with this phone.

  • vivekpandya

amazing fone slimest android fone aver thans for information i got from your site

  • mastertoon [PL]

Phone is quite nice- fast, good looking Android, nice gps, divx support.
Looking forward to Android 2- theres no official version for Samsung, but Htc Hero is also still running on old 1.5... we just had to wait.

  • John

They should have kept that ambitious name for something more special indeed.

  • Serge

Yet another Google phone with poor design...

  • James

It's December and still no Android 1.6 or 2.0 for this phone. In fact Samsung has not even said if they are working on it. The PC software is still completely broken. Stay away.

  • Reverse Mobile Looku

I dont think that it has an awfull design.As for me I like it!

  • Praveen

So ugly-looking phone. And the design is taken from 2005 models. Very bad product from Samsung. Perhaps they thought Android lovers give a damn about the style / design.

  • Anonymous

CellularCityStores, 19 Oct 2009I just bought this Samsung phone for my own use on T-Mobile... moreyou need to flash the software to the latest available . market will be available then.

  • CellularCityStores

I just bought this Samsung phone for my own use on T-Mobile in the US. I love the phone and it works on T-Mobile 3G, but there is no Android Market installed on the device, can someone tell me why?

  • flightlessbird

Thanks for putting the audio quality tests up. Very much appreciated indeed.

  • Andrew Tan

Android still new and limited.

Wait for Android 2.0 to see what enhancement will add on.

  • Anonymous

Android just wont work on nokia's, they have the biggest brand, but doesnt mean anything these days, I used this phone and other android phones, and I Was mega impressed with it, if I wasnt in contract already and work for vodafone and get an amazing staff tariff I would get it for sure, good job on this samsung!!!!

  • Greenery

I wanted to know if the Android OS can be updated to a new version via internet downloads and not firmware update. Is that possible? Cos I don't like the idea of flashing phone to update its OS as it is very tedious job for me.