LG BL40 New Chocolate review: Chef’s best

29 October 2009
It was handsets like the original Chocolate that put LG on the map. But simply playing with the big boys was never going to be enough. It takes creativity to outsmart and outdo some formidable rivals. LG never shied...

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  • AnonD-328771

Accept your rews for LG BL40 choclate.And irequest you itsgorilla glass .because,ineedoneforreplace theglassformyset.Is it avalable.

  • Chris

Awesome device and it works perfect! I think there is no other phone out there with such styling, cool LG!
You should get the Nobel price for that styling.
The hardware works exellent, i have also a Iphone and i am used to speed, suprising fast the LG.
There is everything on board in this phone, in fact its like a computer and it works!
I will keep this thing for ever, thats for shure!
Hopefully will be in the future some uppdate for flash, that would be perfect...

  • Rakesh

Vineet Gupta, 27 Mar 2010Hi, I bought the phone 4 weeks back and had to return it... moreHi Vineet,

I think your observation about lash timing is right. I bought it 2 months back and I have puzzlied finding that despite such strong flash light, when photo is captured, it shows poor lighting condition. After reading your post, I realize that the flash timing could be issue in my hand set too. So did you problem get resolved after the previous hand set? Have they given you another that works fine?


  • Anonymous

Gerry, 20 May 2010Can you tell me what the Text message capacity is for this ... moreOnly 70


am using LG BL40.display is excellent for watching videos..camera also ok..but some times it get stuck half way..when i try to open fun stuff like music instrument it shows maximum limit of applications reached..battery life average..no other problem i found.

  • ALIN

Hi ,
how can i use TV out in phone LG BL40...............

  • Gerry

zeferino, 16 Dec 2009The phone is simply great. The cute thing is the special ca... moreCan you tell me what the Text message capacity is for this phone?

  • bond

This is a phone...? or computer.............?

  • Colin

I reread my comment and I came off a little harsh about the phone.

Don't get me wrong, I really LOVE this phone. Its a great phone to show off to people and you are not embarrassed to use this phone out in the public. It probably the most unique and best designed phone out in the market today.

The touch screen is very sensitive and easy to use! So don't go listening to other people that the touch screen does not respond well.

There are only 2 reasons why you wold be buying this phone. 1 - because of its physical design. 2 - wide screen capability.

This is a multimedia phone that has some smart phone applications. So please don't compare this with a i-phone or any other type of smart phone, such as the andriod. Because it's simply a media phone with additional features. If you are looking for a phone that is more like a PC, you should try the new LG phone that they have recently released. GW990 has the same wide screen feature as the BL40 but has a intel processor inside, personally I find that the design of GW990 is poor and boring compared to the sleek attractive BL40.

This is honestly a beautiful phone, selfishly I hope that I keep this phone all to myself as a secret. Since EVERYONE now-a-days has a i-phone. The BL40 is a breath of fresh air, compared to all the predicable i-phone wannabies out there, with their business style designs. So buy this phone if you are bold enough stand out from the crowd.

PLUS, guys don't worry about the flash support, because the i-phone doesn't support flash anyway.

I RECOMMEND THAT YOU BUY A SCREEN PROTECTOR! This is crucially important, as I find that the screen is prone to scratches more easily. So invest that 5 dollars that totally covers the entire screen!

  • Colin

Vineet Gupta, 27 Mar 2010Hi, I bought the phone 4 weeks back and had to return it... moreStop lying

BL40 DOES NOT SUPPORT FLASH PEOPLE! The ONLY way you can watch youtube video on this phone is by direct streaming by changing the port. (thats how i got mine to watch youtube videos)

I repeat again! BL40 HAS NO FLASH SUPPORT.

@ * Vineet Gupta

I brought this phone last week and i found the battery to be average. However I think your phone really does have a problem, since I have been sending txt messages without even one bar decreasing. However playing games on this phone is another story. This is definitely not a gamming phone. Expect to loose all your battery from just playing 1 - 2 hours on games.

  • Vineet Gupta


I bought the phone 4 weeks back and had to return it back to LG service center for following reasons:

1. The timing of flash was not correct .i.e 4 out of 5 times, the photo was taken after flash had gone off. It was a major disappointment for me, because I was looking for a phone with good camera.

2. The battery life is really really poor. I bought it on Holi (festival of colors in India), so I exchanged a quite a number of messages around 25 and exchanged few calls and in half a day battery drained off.

3. The screen is pretty big and I actually watched few episodes of Big Bang Theory on it, but major setback is that there is stand available for this phone. Also the charging point is underneath the base so you even if you manage to place the phone in vertical position using some support, you won't be able to watch video for that long as without charging the battery will go off just like that.

Well, I worked hard at convincing the LG people that 1. is really a defect and after trying 3-4 software upgrades, they realized that it is indeed a problem with handset and gave me DOA certificate for getting a new phone.

I have seen a lot of comments praising the phone for its looks, but can someone who as actually used the phone here share my opinion on the phone?


  • Andi

quanzvierx, 23 Dec 2009its so beautiful but the Web browser has no Flash support..... morewrong baby, BL40 is give you 110% for flash support!

  • Andi

yesterday I bought this phone in singapore for SGD $ 689.
I like everything with this phone!
I think I'll wear it for a long time ..

  • quanzvierx

its so beautiful but the Web browser has no Flash support.... hope there make a version of this phone that have a Flash support

  • zeferino

Sorry, I have 4 video's on my device, and they are SUPERB especially watching on wide screen. Also sound is great, and general applications are well spread out. Four screens to set as home screen , all your choice, and functions are well equipped . I don't think you will miss anything, as even Wifi is simple and easy to use and activate. In my final opinion, WHAT A PHONE ! I am sorry , but that is the truth, and those wanting to buy a Satio or BL40, you can buy the BL 40 without any loss, as I played with the Satio, it is nothing special, not as cool, or rather no where as cool as the LG BL40. No fears buy the BL40, but try to get the Case and the memory card with the 4 videos, but then it may have a different package in other countries. Mine had the trailer from the movie Avatar. My see the movie, thanks to LG.

  • zeferino

The phone is simply great. The cute thing is the special case that you can buy , not sure if it is available other places, but it make the device feel cool and look cool. As for hanging, never happened, camera is superb, flash, settings etc... If there was a setback then I would pick the write sms, as you need four steps to send an sms from your phone book, but three from your contacts. Also picking word choices is a bit irritating as you would prefer the * button to make choices. But changing from T9 to abc is very good and fast an effective when texting and using words not in the dictionary. Overall a great device that grows on you and the screen is lovely, the size and shape of the device is cool, real cool, as you don't feel ordinary using. A recommended buy. LG has over the last 2 years proven itself for reliability and quality. I have no interest in LG other than a user of their products including their flat screens, and my oldest flat screen has been 4 years plus with no problems. So I trust LG.

  • Anonymous

marinac, 06 Dec 2009satio is the bestIf Satio is the best, I don't see LG phones getting pulled out from countries such as UK.

Think twice please, Satio is fat and heavy. So please don't compare with Lg new chocolate (: . I tried Satio, and its camera functions are even worse than all the Lg S-Class phones. If i were to buy a camera-phone, I would get the not-released Samsung phone that has Optical Zoom unlike Satio with digital zoom =.= . And not to forget the laggy interface from Satio. I guess Satio got all the popularity from SE's great advertisers but in the end, its just a failed phone.
My friends are all eagerly waiting for the bug fix but I guess Satio will be the last phone they would buy from SE considering that it cost them a bomb.

Optical zoom - The lense will protrude out when in use.
Digital zoom - Just digitally zoom in which the pixels go all blurry.

  • marinac

satio is the best

  • Bishnu

The interface of the phone is a bit slow. May be because of the graphics. Inspite of this, I love the phone..

  • Seth.

Does the message tone stop after 5 seconds like other LG phones (eg. LG Secret, LG Shine)?