Nokia N900 review: A new hope

26 November 2009
It’s crystal clear by now that the Nokia N900 has almost nothing to do with the traditional Nseries values. The full QWERTY side-slider may look similar to its double-digit mates but the Maemo experience is completely different...

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  • aidey68

just waiting patiently for it to be shipped from Nokia sales (uk). It only having an average camera doesn't bother me as I reckon over 90% of pictures taken are for facebook, flikr and the like. I doubt that many pictures taken on a phone are actually printed.

  • hani

n900 the upcoming monster ! .

  • Anonymous

number 6 (that's my favouite number by the way ;D)
now i'll go throgh the review

  • Anonymous

Battery life

  • CJ

I'm tired of reading reviews where a product is dinged for not having cover flow like photo and album art viewing. When did flashiness for the sake of flashiness become more important than simply getting the job done? Does it look nice? Sure it does but it doesn't make the tech any easier to use. I own an iPhone and cover flow gets very little use from me. Why? Because 90% of the time I'm listening to a playlist or simply search for the song I want and play it. When viewing photos it's the same process. I truly hate the direction in which mobile tech is going lately.

  • b

no mms?

  • ik

Maemo looks good.
Won't be as customizable as Symbian or WiMo,
but looks nice

  • Anonymous

OS's are dropping form the sky