Nokia N90 review: The great mobile revolution

31 July 2005
The best display on the market; 2 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics; Symbian OS; multimedia player; memory card slot; voice recognition; Bluetooth EDGE; 3G network support ... And all this in just a single phone the futuristic clamshell Nokia N90.

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  • nokia lover

this is not a bad phone at all.yes it's true:it is very big.but not at all you know, nokia managed to make big phones beautiful.sorry about the battery issues... at this point nokia does seem to be retarded.

  • andre

Yes it's true, it s a piece of art. it has an excellent design in my opinion unlike other phones! still, i think nokia n70 is better than n90. Nokia d best!


sorry my friend but this phone is only a piece of ART.

  • Anonymous

this phone is really really bad. it is massive!!! its huge!! its bigger than my car... seriously, unless u want a plastic brick in ur pocket pulling ur pants down, dont buy this. its yuck