Samsung B5310 CorbyPRO review: Type and go

22 January 2010
The S3650 Corby was just the beginning of a lineup that appears to have no visible end. There is a Corby for the touchscreen addicts, a Corby for the music buffs, Corby for the heavy texters, Corby for the young, and one for...

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  • _iRock_

my corby pro is awesome except i dont have any games...
where do i find games for it? that i can install?

  • rajnikanth

finally i survayd that one mobile only can give the best price.

  • gft

Looks good but it cant match my 5730xm with qwerty keyboard..
samsungs looks better i design but nokia is an allrounder

  • Fil

Ok Ok it has Dolfin web browser but is it as good as we saw in jet?
What about DivX video support, video recording QVGA@30 fps as mentioned in specs of the phone but in the review it says only mp4 watching and recording @ 15 fps.

specs and review are saying two different thing.

  • Fil

Specification on gsmarena says this phone can also play DivX video files but the review mentions only about mp4 files.
And what about the web browser? Is it a Dolphin web browser, the one we saw in Jet ?
Incomplete review I must say.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Jan 2010i got my samsung b5310 at qualtiy cellular in west ave. last mon... morehi, what is the name of the store? what is it's exact address? thank you

  • Anonymous

i'll buy it if it costs less than US$200.

  • Anonymous

i got my samsung b5310 at qualtiy cellular in west ave. last monday, jan 18 for 11,350 with 3 free back covers already.
this store sells thier phones cheaper than the ones in the mall and greenhills because their place here in west ave, is smaller and they have been there since 2001?
love the phone, love the apps, my only gripe is that it has a short batt life without me having to use most if not all apps... like 2 days max. sayang. so maybe i should just charge the phone every night. but i really love it!

  • fakuryu

was thinking of buying it but my Samsung Preston is still a fine phone

  • jay

if only the phone had flash and autofocus. and besides it's thickness, the phone is pretty good.

  • spawner

cheap but good phone