Sony Ericsson Vivaz review: Viv A-to-Z

09 February 2010
Sony Ericsson is an alliance of two tech giants and with phones like the Vivaz it shows. It’s a gadget all the way, one that will galvanize geeks and charm the regular user. Eight megapixel still images and 720p video with continuous...

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  • Rose
  • pwd
  • 31 May 2011

I agree the vivaz is the worst phone sony ericsson have ever produced. After only a few months after purchase the vivaz stopped charging, sent for repair it came back with additional problem. Sent back again and we received a brand new phone, oh good I can hear you saying, no not really as after only 4 months the same problem occurred in that the phone wouldnt charge. Sent away for repair to be told we had physically damaged the charging point and couldnt be repaired under warranty. The charging cable can only be plugged in one way but they are saying we forced it and snapped of the teeth!!!
After searching on review sites I discovered that this appears to be a problem a lot of people are finding. Only thing is after talking to sony ericsson repair centre I was told that it is not cost effective to repair the phone. So I have a phone i paid £150 for that cant be reapired and 13 months left on a contract and that only way to use that contract is to buy another phone. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES BUY THIS PHONE

    • N
    • NatalieJoy
    • q@W
    • 12 May 2011

    Im going to try it for 30 days because i get an upgrade but your comments make me not want to

      • a
      • amarnath
      • 26 Apr 2011

      The Vivaz phone is the wrost phone ever in sony ericsson .
      The applications will not install in the phone.
      Only in the specifications speed is high but in the actual speed is very less compared to NOKIA 5800(cost 12000).
      Most problems in the phone is Charging port will become loose .
      After bying this phone port will be loose in eaither 1 day or 1 year but servise center people not able to repair the problem. so money will be in ash only.

        • b
        • brendon
        • PBx
        • 24 Apr 2011

        Saji, 09 Aug 2010is it useful mobile? i plane to buy this mobile can you adv... moreits am wonder ful it

          • s
          • sam
          • u0w
          • 06 Jan 2011

          this phone is crap.
          no secondary camera, 8.1 mega-pixel video camera is useless as a slight shake blur the video or image,
          gps is crap(never able to detect the signals),
          os software is too slow and hangs every time,
          i had it 4 7 months and it was send to service center 18-24 times(even cant remember),
          its motherboard was changed twice nd whole mobile was replaced once...

            • ?
            • Anonymous
            • PUJ
            • 25 Oct 2010

            hui, 15 Jul 2010yes... mine too... have you find any solution to solve this... morevibration not working.. Because the external memory card was spoil.. Just reformat it.. And I think it should be able to work well.

              • A
              • Ammar Haider
              • vEc
              • 06 Sep 2010

              Plz tell me who can I record the call in Vivaz?

                • z
                • zedikiah
                • 2SZ
                • 02 Sep 2010

                Saji, 09 Aug 2010is it useful mobile? i plane to buy this mobile can you adv... moreyes u can surely buy it if hve no problem with its os

                  • p
                  • pegasis
                  • fwn
                  • 28 Aug 2010

                  Why does my phone not have gps wisepilot then how do i get it????

                    • S
                    • Saji
                    • 0Cj
                    • 09 Aug 2010

                    is it useful mobile? i plane to buy this mobile can you advice me can i buy ?

                      • v
                      • viva
                      • t7D
                      • 06 Aug 2010

                      I'm keen on buying this phone. Does it have kinetic scrolling on menus with the latest firmware? Thanks to all.

                        • ?
                        • Anonymous
                        • s8d
                        • 30 Jul 2010

                        McSwift, 27 Jul 2010Yeah, and you know this because you've used every single Vi... moreFor ur kind information i've used three such devices and there were hundreds more where i took it for servicing and now i'm desperately trying to get rid of this not so smartphone...

                          • M
                          • McSwift
                          • 3Hu
                          • 27 Jul 2010

                          Anonymous, 24 Jul 2010People are being positive about their phones...wen they act... moreYeah, and you know this because you've used every single Vivaz out there.

                            • ?
                            • Anonymous
                            • uph
                            • 24 Jul 2010

                            People are being positive about their phones...wen they actually know that their phones are not working well...great keep it up...untill ur phones finally dies...

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                              • ര&#339
                              • utk
                              • 18 Jul 2010

                              dby, 15 Jun 2010I also have the same problem.. Really pissed off.. I cant e... morecheck msg cntr no.

                                • h
                                • hui
                                • PUJ
                                • 15 Jul 2010

                                Anonymous, 07 Apr 2010hi anybody have problem with the vibration at sms? when so... moreyes... mine too... have you find any solution to solve this??? i brought to service centre for two time already =( please help me if you know how to solve it.. thank ya

                                  • d
                                  • dby
                                  • vx4
                                  • 15 Jun 2010

                                  I also have the same problem.. Really pissed off.. I cant even use my new phone.. I am unable to receive text messages... No problem making/receiving calls and sending text messages. Anyone got a solution to this? I cant believe the vivaz got this kind of a MAJOR BUG.

                                    • s
                                    • sp
                                    • 04Q
                                    • 11 Jun 2010

                                    Update: after updating to the latest firmware, crashes seem to be gone (for now). Feels much snappier now too.

                                      • F
                                      • Filko
                                      • 0BF
                                      • 06 Jun 2010

                                      Out of all the disadvantages, most can be easily fixed with software updates and downloading additional software. Some are irrelevant for me, really. But this one is a downer: Videocalling uses only the main camera (no secondary one). It almost sounds like a joke. I mean, how do SE expect us to make video calls? Perhaps buy an additional camera? If so I can live with that, I can't use this as very few friends have devices capable of videocalling anyway...

                                      I'm considering to buy this soon and it looks like it has great functionality at a great price (currently about 280 euros is the lowest I could find in my country). Which is the main reason this phone is my first choice unless a better one appears at a comparable price.

                                        • B
                                        • Bebil
                                        • P$u
                                        • 04 Jun 2010

                                        nt, 31 May 2010My phone freeze at the Sony Ericsson logo when I turn on to... morehey nt

                                        i had that kind of a problem once.
                                        i would suggest do a software update and this should fix the problem.
                                        u just have to connect ur phone to ur comp and when u r connected to internet get it updated.
                                        this has worked for me.. good luck.