MWC 2010: Various brands overview

15 February 2010
Along with market leaders there are plenty of smaller manufacturers who are keen to make a stand with some interesting devices. On the following pages you will find a summary of... Update: Toshiba TG02 live video added

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  • Anonymous

No wonder it's only going to the China market, cause it looks like cheap chinese knock off.

  • Gigis

who buys these phones? :))) i mean..i understand motorola..ok, but toshiba should stick to batteries, garmin...gps device, acer..this name doesn't say anything its just...there.

  • Bill

With the exception of Windows Phone 7 Series Samsung Bada and Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 mini/pro, is this year's Mobile World Congress just incredibly dull or what? In terms of technical advancements, we have Super AMOLED and more capacititive touschscreens and Windows Phone Seven Series is incredibly slick and impressive, however everything else is just so dull and lacking, I thought last year's showing was better. It's sad that the Microsoft smartphone OS manages to be more exciting and interesting than the handsets, overshadowing them and the star of the show, of course it has to be considering it's been years in the making. Samsaung Wave with Bada is only good, but the XPERIA X10 is just downright vintage SE, a lot more interesting to look at/eye candy with timescape usability, light years ahead of everyone else except for Windows 7.

  • Davy

man i wish i was there! one day i will! else looks great, but i think they still need some work on the back cover, to make it a bit stylisher, and also, they give the phone a 5mp camera, but where is the flash? what's a 5mp cam good for when there isn't even a flash? hope the price tag isn't to big.

looking forward to review's about Blackberry and Sonim on MWC, alltough i'm not sure that sonim is represented!

  • Anonymous

Sony Ericsson is much better then other company.gr8 moves from SE.great cells.well done SONY

  • yo

All the Toshibas will be able to upgrade to WM7!

  • darrel

way to go gsmarena,,, keep your good job...

  • Fudgez

like that 3rd acer