Nokia N90 vs. Sony Ericsson W800: Camera test

09 August 2005
Which one of the current photo mobiles is the best one? We offer you a direct comparison between pictures taken with the two of the biggest competitors amongst the modern photo mobiles – two megapixel Nokia N90 and Sony Ericsson W800, respectively K750. In addition we have tested the external flash for the new Sony Ericsson.

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  • AnonD-673012

Yeah. Thats old Sony (Ericsson) against Nokia.
Why people nowaday so adore to Nokia?

  • Ador

Sony Ericsson is the best forever....

  • beka (georgia)

i have sony ericsson w710i, i very like my phone and i think sonny ericsson is first and nokia is second. i,m very like aino 630.

  • hassan

i had sonyericsson k750i for over 3 years. its camera was brilliant but now it is not the same as it was before. The pictures i take are blur now. Can anyone tell me whats the problem. please!!!

  • shyam

Sony Ericsson is best in all the above pictures.
So I recommend my friends to buy Sony Ericsson rather than Nokia.

  • prakash

i also request u to buy sony ericsson when comparing SE vs N90
bcz of easy userinterface,photography and longtime backup of battery.

  • Nithin

I neither own a w800i or n90.I am having a w850i.After seeing d comparison b/w SE & NOKIA,i would recommend SE for those who consider photography,faster userinterface,battery life & style.

I would recommend nokia for those who can handle complicated user interface and who need wide application support in their fone.
If u do not consider photography and reliability,i would recomend nokia,but blieve me nokia cant even reach near sony ericson in terms of design,camera,music and especially "BATTERY BACKUD"

any queries pls mail to master.Nithin@gmail.Com

  • lorraine

I've had nokia's n73 for over a year now---and it's been one hellish cellphone year for me. I've put up with it only because I got it free as part of a post paid plan. I will now throw this horrid phone away and go back to my old love, sony ericsson. I agree with Russell--Nokia's Nseries--terrible products.

  • Rahul Viswan

I have tested the Sony Ericsson K750&Nokia N90 under same circumstances.And I have found that the photos by K750 are better than the N90's stills.K750's photo resolution is 1632*1232.Which is probably higher than the N90.K750 have more color in it's pictures and hav print quality.On de other side N90 also have printquality and I must it's a better competitor 4 W800&K750

  • Anonymous

i know my nokia n90 is better than a k750, odd it didnt come out in this test, but ive seen the quality of my mates, not as good as noks, has far better video, i can have 2 hours worth of quality vid on my n90

  • Anonymous

im a proud user of sony ericsson k750i

  • Anonymous

so much for that lens =P
thought Nokia were going 2 be on tops.
lol wonder how my samsung U700 would compare
Obviously to phones in its class =P

  • okedokee

Like duh... SE is better than Nokia, in terms of the sound quality and the picture resolution. I have been a SE fan for so long and SE is trusted and user-friendly. From k508 to w800 to w610 with k810. All of them are great and there is no doubt about it!!!!

  • yassine

i think that the nokia N-series are good only by the symbian.and the nokia company had a lot of ******* phones in the market. but SE had the best phones and i think that the best is the (w800i,w810i,k750i.....).oh :i'm saying all this because i have now a SE w800i and i have never seen any phone like it.

  • bling

hey ppl.. everyone knows that SE is the best its just that ppl wont admit that they'v made a mistake by buying a nokia when they could'v gone for SE (which is pocket friendly and user friendly). and on the issue of durability and fault tolerance.. check out the line outside any nokia care center and u'll get my point... :)

  • Sreenivas

Nowadays Only N95 can beat sony ericsson in the case of imaging because of 5mp camera.In the case of2mp,sony ericsson is the best,no one can beat it.

  • Syam

According to my opinion,SE is the best quality in picture and in sounds.the sound quality of walkman series of SE is amazing.Nokia has no sound quality than j310i which is cheaper in the series of sony ericsson.SONY ERICSSON IS THE BEST,NO DOUBT.

  • Faysal

Hey man...
i kno SE is gud bt it somes no way near Nokia N series...
its a symbian OS..wherez SE is java....
i jus think u r tryin to disrespect nokia man..tats nt fair...let me take da pics....n i'll shw ya wats da diffrence buddy cuz i use a Nokia N90..
......b fair

  • Himanish

Dudes SE comes nowhere nearer to Nokia when it comes to N- Series phones.They are way better than SE in every aspect.I personally feel that because SE is cheaper people like to stick around with it.
Go get yourself a N73 or something and feel what is sound and imaging.....
Nokia sets standards........others follow it.

  • flavor

I used Nokia CDMA right now and realized that their cost of Sales after service is HIGHER than other manufacturers, even for its casing, battery and other peripheral or spare parts. That's the reason why I would never buy any nokias. enough with my cdma phone. that's it!!