HTC Tattoo review: Your phone, your ink

12 March 2010
The HTC Tattoo wants to redefine smart in smartphone. This affordable little thing was among the first droids to go mass-market. But run-of-the-mill specs don’t mean a boring personality. The HTC Tattoo wears its heart on the sleeve and a shirt...

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  • AnonD-646030

One of my favorite phone I have ever use

  • hamidreza1338

Please new software for download .

  • peggy

I want to know if the htc tattoo upgrade is out.

  • Ink Brother

I love how my phone shows my personality. I design my own phone from the cover till the wallpaper i have. I'm ordering ink supplies online for cheaper prices of different ink to use on my phone housing designs.

  • BabyS

HTC is great ....try out this chat site for mobile

  • malaysia

tis week reli wont come out the updated android 2.1 for htc tattoo ?if like tis i dun but tis phone i5700 better than tis 1 android 2.1 adi...

  • 5800

Seems that it will not have the Éclair upgrade after all. :(

  • Gr@m NL

Great review!! except that you missed the part of the FM-radio...
Witch hasn't got that great receiver

  • Blastalot

Anonymous, 13 Mar iphone rip of.thats why Apple sues HTC for copy e... moreIf that was the case, every company, no matter what they produce could sue each other. Which would mean that a bicycle company could so a different one for also having a steer or saddle. What's next, sueing some phone provider for also having the possibility to send texts?

  • icyfire

well done by htc

  • Florin

I have one for 3 days now. I can honestly say that I'm really pleased with this small PDA, which offers much for few money.

Please check it out on my blog:

  • Lucas

Anonymous, 13 Mar 2010changeable back AND frontcovers. cant you read exactly? and... moreThis is a nice feature. I'm a professional photographer and I designed and bought some covers from the tatoomyhtc site. It's a nice touch... everyone smile when they see my pictures on the phone... and a different one once in a while!

Nice option.

  • Anonymous

Damn camera is so bad it makes my 5530 seem good

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 Mar 2010I agree, mine also have flash support.I think flash support has been specifically added by HTC on top of the original android browser as the native one does not support flash. Also other third party Android browsers such as Dolphin, Steel and Opera do not seem to support flash!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 Mar 2010The review says "No Flash support for the web browser&... moreI agree, mine also have flash support.

  • Anonymous

The review says "No Flash support for the web browser". I have the UK version and the browser does support flash. Not sure which version they reviewed?

  • milestone

Anonymous, 13 Mar iphone rip of.thats why Apple sues HTC for copy e... morewhy would anyone copy ipone Fixed battery & no front camera? that's surely disadvantages! unless u'r being sarcastic

  • Connie

Thank you GSM Arena for eventually reviewing the HTC Tattoo, and as always this is the best review of the Tattoo on the web. If you look for value for money smart phones there are only 2 choices BlackBerry 8520 and HTC Tattoo. There is nothing more expensive smart phones can do that the aforementioned can't.

  • Anonymous

changeable back AND frontcovers. cant you read exactly? and i dont see any similars to an iphone!

  • Anonymous

this is good for mothers cause of the resistive touchscreen, some mothers have problems adapting to the capacitive methods and they don't care about all that pinch to zoom showcase

and its a budget Android with Sense, great gift for them

Thanks GSMarena, great review like always, gonna pick one up for my mum!